Monday 4/20/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/20/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Deacon continues to talk to Hope via Skype while Brooke tells Quinn she is a very selfish woman. Surely she knows this wedding can not continue. Deacon tells Hope that Quinn has tried and is a changed woman. Hope says no, and she will never be part of her life and if he marries her, neither will he. He tells Hope that people can change; he has. He loves Quinn and he is sorry that Hope disapproves and hopes someday she will. He says they can discuss this further but not today….he loves her. Hope hangs up and Quinn charges Brooke for being so desperate that she doesn’t even care that she has hurt both Deacon and his daughter. Brooke confronts Deacon and says he is hurting her daughter. Wyatt tells them it is time for this to break up. Brooke leaves and says she can not do this. Bill tells Katie unless the wicked witch of the West comes after him or his family he does not want to know any details of the wedding. He just knows something is going on at FC and it involves Rick. Maya’s little sister indicated that something big could bring down FC and Rick and they need to find that something. Bill says he is extremely impressed with Liam. He is beginning to show flashes of his old man. Maya catches Liam listening at the door who pretends he came to ask about Nicole being the new model. Liam tells Nicole that Wyatt said she had a lot of potential.

Quinn tells Carter to start again and take all the time he needs. She only plans to marry once and make it last. Wyatt said the interruption got him to thinking and he needs to say something. Maya tells Nicole that Wyatt is a salesman and he is very good at it. Nicole wonders if Maya thinks that Wyatt is not genuine in his interest in her. Liam tells Maya, who is praising Rick, that it is good to be King, no one can knock you off your throne. Wyatt tells them that marriage is a leap of faith and he wants them to stick together. He knows Deacon will as he stood by his mom when no one else would. It’s how much love is in the room. His mom raised him alone and devoted most of her time to his happiness and he is very grateful. He wants her to experience all that happiness that she gave him and more. They hug. Brooke tells Katie that she tried but even with Hope’s Skype it did not help. Deacon is still determined to marry Quinn and spouts how she has changed. She hopes he is not picking Quinn over his own daughter, but nothing she has done has made a difference. Bill says it is like he said all along, those two losers deserve each other. Carter starts the ceremony again. Standing before each other holding both of their hands together, they exchange their vows and make promises to each other. She always thought being in a serious situation would tie her down. She never thought she would find a man who would truly appreciate her the way she is…a man she could put up with. Deacon chuckles. She says nothing is impossible since the day she met him. His turn - Deacon says pretty much everybody is against this, but he promises to prove them wrong. They have fought against the odds and they better watch out. They are gonna prove they can make each other happy. Carter hands them the rings and says it is a token of their love and faith to each other……. He pronounces them husband and wife Then he reaches into his pocket and brings out a surprise from Quinn. He straps a long silver band around their wrists and says it will bind them together always. She quips that Deacon cannot get away from her now to which he says he does not want to. They kiss. Mr. and Mrs. Deacon Sharpe.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor wanted to talk to Adrienne.  He ended up firing Lucas.  Adrienne was worried about what was going to happen.  Will wanted Sonny to talk to him.  Sonny wanted Will to stop blaming Paul for what happened.  He also told Will that he knew what he told John about Paul.  Sonny wanted Will to be honest with him.  Marlena found out through Hope that John was out of town.  Adrienne and Lucas talked to Victor about their affair.  Victor wanted tot tell them something.  Adrienne tried to justify her affair with Lucas.  Victor wanted Adrienne to tell Justin the truth within 24 hours.  He threw Adrienne out of the house.  He stopped Lucas before he could leave.  Hope wondered if Marlena and John's problems were because of Will and Paul.  Will and Sonny continued to argue over Paul until Adrienne called Sonny.  Victor told Lucas that there would be no future with him and Adrienne.  Lucas wanted to know how Victor knew he was at the mansion.  Victor called Kate so she could meet at his house.

Sonny asked Adrienne if Justin was cheating on her.  Victor offered Kate the chance to run Mad World.  He knew that she stabbed Lucas in the back to get the job.  Marlena went to see Sonny to ask about John.  Will told her that John left to bring Paul back and ruin his marriage.  Adrienne wondered how Sonny knew about Justin's affair.  She told Sonny that she knew about Justin's affair.  When she told him about Lucas, Sonny asked if she was sleeping with him.  Victor confronted Kate about stabbing Lucas in the back.  She tried to justify what she did to Lucas.  Victor let her know that Lucas was at the mansion.  Marlena tried to talk Will out of blaming Paul for his affair.  Adrienne wanted Sonny to hear about the affair from Victor or Kate.  Kate blamed Lucas for her telling about the affair.  Lucas was upset with her for selling him out.  Kate and Lucas argued over what she did.  Adrienne told Sonny what Victor did when he found out about her and Lucas.  Sonny comforted her.  Marlena tried to talk sense into Will, but it didn't do any good.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Joe finds out that he won't be able to walk, but his doctor tells him that he has gotten him into the best rehab facility so that he can learn to live with his disability until science can find a cure. Joe loses hope and tells Avery to forget him and be happy with Dylan. Avery tells Dylan she wants to be there for Joe as a friend until he can accept his disability. Dylan is upset with Paul because he arrested Sharon and is so obsessed with getting a conviction that he isn't even looking for other suspects in the murders.

Neil's trial begins and the Assistant District Attorney is surprised when the defense calls Hilary as a witness. He has been dating her but he knows her as Ann Turner.  Jack returns home with Phyllis. Billy and Ashley fill him in on the fact that Victor is planning to put him in jail for hacking the Newman computers.  Ashley, Billy, and Phyllis are worried that Jack doesn't want to fight Victor's accusations but is more than willing to make a deal with Victor.  Ashley and Billy decide they must remove Jack from his position as CEO of Jabot. The ghost of John Abbott advises the real Jack to use his head to outsmart Victor. He also tells him to concentrate and use his agility to free one of his hands from the handcuffs. Jack is able to free one hand, then takes off the rest of the restraints holding him to the bed. He opens the door to the room where he is being held by Kelly.

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