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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Looking radiant Quinn gets ready for her wedding. Deacon paces and remembers what Brooke said that she will not allow them to get married. Brooke drops in on Katie and asks if she has time for her big sis. Brooke says she feels like she has turned a corner going to the AA meetings and now focusing on her family. Maya asks Nicole what is up with Wyatt and why is she looking for him. Maya tries to explain not all like Quinn. But she is back at FC and Wyatt is heading up the jewelry department with sales and publicity. Ivy tells Liam that she can not move in with him as that would mean leaving Aly by herself with Rick and Maya. He tells her they may have something on Rick to end his reign at FC….something so scandalous that it would send shockwaves thru the building. They are out to find what that is. This could be a game changer. And Wyatt is working on it now with Nicole to charm her out of some information.

Wyatt wants Deacon to do right by his mother. Katie is surprised that Brooke is worried or even thinking about Deacon. Quinn is the reason that Hope lost the baby and is now in Milan so best to leave that alone. Katie picks up on the word IF Deacon marries Quinn. She wants to now what she means by that. Wyatt tells Quinn that today is her wedding day and Deacon is not his first choice. But she is a handful on a good day so if Deacon is that someone he is happy for the both of them. Carter tells Deacon that Maya ditched him for another man but now he is glad she did. She did not turn out to be who he thought she was. Katie tells Brooke that she knows Deacon is Hope’s father and they went to AA together but love is blind so she should leave this alone. Brooke says if he goes ahead with this wedding, it will be disaster. She needs a few more days to stop it. Nicole tells Maya they are sisters and she wants to be sisters and she wishes Maya did not freeze up every time she mentions talking to Rick as if she is going to spill the secret. Nicole says she wants her and Rick to work out. With Liam listening at the door, Maya rants that no one can find out about this before Rick and will tell him. Liam tells Ivy that Wyatt is not backing down, he will do what he has to do to get this secret. At Wyatt’s, he turns on the music for the ceremony and out walks a gorgeous Quinn in white wedding dress. Brooke says they still have time to stop Deacon and Katie says she better go with her so she doesn’t mess up. Brooke stops the wedding and says she can not stop Deacon but she has someone on the tablet that might. Hope speaks to Deacon that she can not believe he would marry someone who has done all the things Quinn has. She does not want him to be tied to Quinn's craziness. Please do not marry Quinn!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas went to see Adrienne.  Daniel gave in to temptation and kissed Nicole.  Eve hoped JJ was able to cover up the conversation Paige overheard.  Cole showed up at her place to look for Paige.  Xander threatened Serena about the diamonds.  Serena wondered if Xander was related to Daniel.  Xander wondered what her connection was to Daniel.  Lucas and Adrienne kissed each other.  She was worried about people finding out about them.  She told them that Kate watched them the last time they were together.  Adrienne suspected that Kate knew about them.  Victor overheard Kate talking about Lucas and Adrienne.  Kate told Victor that a reporter was going to print what was going on between Lucas and Adrienne.  Cole told Eve that Paige wasn't in class.  Eve was upset that Cole didn't go through with their plan.  Lucas told Adrienne that Kate knows about them.  When he assured her that Kate was happy for them, Adrienne wasn't worried anymore.  They kissed each other.  

Daniel wanted to go out to talk with Nicole.  Serena told Xander that the diamonds were in Daniel's apartment.  Xander came up with a plan so he and Serena could get the diamonds.  Adrienne and Lucas began to make love.  Eve explained to Cole what she wanted him to do when he's with Paige and JJ.  Xander and Serena showed up to Daniel's place before he and Nicole could go out.  Daniel invited Xander and Serena to come inside his apartment.  Rafe asked Kate why she was with Clyde.  When Daniel and Xander left the room, Nicole stayed behind with Serena so Serena couldn't get the diamonds.  When Paige went home, Eve figured out that she slept with JJ.  Kate defended her decision to be with Clyde.  Victor wanted to talk to Adrienne.  Victor ended up firing Lucas.  Eve was upset that JJ slept with Paige.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia is upset that Ned gave his ELQ shares to Franco. Ned tells Alexis that he didn’t give his shares to Franco. Franco takes the shares home to Nina. Nina supposes Franco jumped to the conclusion that she was with Avery when he found that she wasn’t at home. She tells him that her aunt Liesl accused her of stealing the baby too and says she is getting tired of people accusing her. She says Obrecht further upset her by suggesting that there is a dirty secret about her that she is unaware of. Franco offers to talk to Obrecht and promises that he doesn’t think Nina took Avery. Ned admits his feelings for Olivia. Ned tells Olivia that he will get the ELQ shares back from Franco, but that for now he just wants to focus on their budding romance.

Nikolas ponders whose shares to acquire next. Hayden finds Nikolas at Wyndemere. They are about to have sex on his desk when Alexis stops by to ask Nikolas if he knows anything about the ELQ stock that Helena has. He claims that he doesn’t know anything about it. Nikolas puts his ELQ related paperwork in the safe. He notices that Jason’s ring is missing. Jake delivers Sam’s car to her at Patrick’s house and helps Patrick bring in Sam’s things. He recognizes Robin in a picture. Patrick says it isn’t possible for Jake to know Robin because she left Port Charles long before he arrived. Sam thinks Jake probably saw pictures of Robin at Elizabeth’s house. Jake looks under the couch to retrieve Sam’s keys and sees a ring.

Spinelli tells Carly that he and Maxie are back together. He tells her that he discovered that Hayden Barnes recently came into a large amount of money. Carly concludes that someone paid Hayden to claim to be Jake’s wife. Pete, the model that posed as pre-accident Jake in the photos with Hayden, follows Ric to Elizabeth’s house and demands more money or else he will tell Elizabeth what Ric is doing to Jake. Ric tells Pete to lay low and that he will contact him. Ric promises Elizabeth that things will be different this time. When Hayden goes into her room, Pete is waiting there in the dark. He extorts money out of her. Carly gives Spinelli a key to Hayden’s room so that he can search for evidence. Spinelli takes a picture of Hayden and Pete shaking hands in front of her hotel room.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy arrives home and yells for Chelsea but she's not there. Gabriel and Chelsea are getting dressed from making love. Chelsea regrets their lovemaking. Nick is on the computer watching the press conference that was held after Sharon’s arraignment. Sage walks in and upon hearing of Sharon’s arraignment, she gives him a choice about changing his mind about their mixing business with pleasure. Before Nick can give her an answer, Noah walks in and asks to talk to him. At the Coffeehouse, Ben, Abby, Summer, Kyle, and Dylan watch the press conference and cannot believe that Sharon was released. Dylan and Ben talk about Sharon being set up. At Sharon’s home, she stands looking out the door with Michael sitting on the sofa. Michael urges her to help him to help her get out of this mess. Sharon says it's no use; she is guilty and her life is over. Noah and Nick discuss how Noah was cleaning out Courtney’s closet and giving away her things to charity. Nick worries how all this will affect Faith. Michael tells Sharon that all the evidence that the police has against her is circumstantial and they cannot prove a thing. Abby tells Summer that Ben will remain with her for the time being. Chelsea comes home just as Billy comes downstairs. Billy tells Chelsea that he kissed Victoria but he regrets it because he wants a life with Chelsea. Chelsea is reminded of the lovemaking between her and Gabriel and forgives Billy right away for his actions. Chelsea agrees with Billy that they should get married right away. Dylan visits Sharon and urges her not to give up. Michael gets a call that the police have obtained a search warrant for Sharon’s home. Michael, Dylan, and Sharon start their own search of the house to see if the real killer planted any incriminating evidence.

Noah lashes out at Kyle, Summer, Ben, and Abby over the fact that he had to make funeral arrangements for Courtney. Michael, Dylan, and Sharon continue to search her home and car. Dylan finds a necklace in the trunk of Sharon’s car and asks her about it. Sharon has never seen it before. She is holding it in her hand when Noah walks in and asks her where she got that. Noah lets her know that he bought that necklace for Courtney to wear at their wedding. Sharon denies killing Courtney. Sage comes home to find Gabriel overjoyed and that he already signed the divorce papers. Gabriel orders her to get her things and move out now. Outside the door as Sage leaves, she sees Chelsea and once again issues her a warning about Gabriel. Chelsea tells Gabriel that she and Billy are getting married. Gabriel tries to talk her out of it, but she insists that the wedding will be soon. As Chelsea is leaving Gabriel’s apartment, she runs into Billy, who asks what's going on. Chelsea says she told Gabriel that she and Billy were going to be married as soon as possible. Sharon tries to make Noah understand that she did not have anything to do with Courtney’s death. Just then the police knock on the door and tells them to open up; they have a search warrant for the premises. Sharon begs Noah not to say anything.

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