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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Deacon that please reconsider, she will not let him marry Quinn. He understands her concern. But it would be nice to have hr blessing. She says that will never happen. He’s in recovery and he should be focusing on that. Quinn asks Rick if he received her invitation……she and Deacon are getting married tomorrow. Rick tries to be polite but makes excuses that he can’t go. She thanks him for giving her a second chance at work. Bill tries to ally Katie’s fears about being a better way to go about this other than using Wyatt. Bill says Nicole knows something and if that can help them take over Forrester then they need to find that out. They need to get little Ricky out of there. And Wyatt is their best shot and hopefully he is doing that right now. Wyatt tells Nicole that Rick and Maya seem pretty solid; what is her take on those two? Maya is successful and gorgeous but nobody’s life is perfect….bet she has the window to the real Maya. He tells her that he can definitely relate as he did not know he had a brother until just a couple of years ago.

Brooke asks Deacon if he wants Hope in his life and if so then how can he marry Quinn the one who took the one joy from her. Deacon said he told her and she did not read him the riot act. He thinks she will be okay with it. Brooke says Hope will never be okay with his and Deacon is only being self destructive. She begs him again not to marry Quinn. Quinn comes in and tells her enough is enough, stop badmouthing her right now. She rants at Brooke that no one is forcing her to come to this wedding but it is not her choice to try and stop it. Deacon tells them to stop bickering. Quinn says it is one thing for Brooke not to come to the wedding but another for Brooke to try and guilt trip Deacon into not marrying her. They will marry tomorrow and it will be better without Brooke there. Katie retorts to Bill that she is not sure she wants to know all the details. She worries how Brooke will feel when Katie says she knew in advance. She knows Rick has been a total jerk; Bill says more than that, total abusive. Nicole admits she likes Rick; he really talks to her. Wyatt says he never had that good a rapport with him. She says funny that she gets along better with Rick than Maya. Think Nicole gets wise and says she needs to go someplace but nice meeting Wyatt. She tells Maya that she just met Wyatt and he was very nice to her. Maya says he is a Spencer and comes from a very powerful family….used to be married to Hope but that didn’t work out so that is why he is not that close to Rick. Rick explains to Maya that it is one thing to invite Quinn back into the company for her designs, but in no way is he going to be her friend or support her marriage so they will not go. Wyatt goes back to Bill and says he made headway with Nicole and even dropped the word secret to her to see how she would react. She suddenly found other things to do and left. She and Maya definitely share a secret and it is up to them to find it out what it is. Deacon tells Quinn that he was proud of her and finally maybe Brooke is getting it and she will leave them alone. Tomorrow Quinn is going to make him the luckiest man in the world. Brooke gets on the phone and tells someone that she needs them to help her stop Deacon from marrying Quinn tomorrow.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady realized that Melanie was right about Kristen and his baby.  Melanie thought Kristen could have had the baby by now.  Daniel talked to Victor about Nicole.  Daniel wanted to know if Victor brought Xander to Salem to get to Nicole.  Xander stopped Theresa and Nicole from fighting.  Dr. Mandrake didnít want Theresa to be a donor, but Kristen didnít care because Theresa was a match for the baby.  Victor denied having anything to do with Xander coming to Salem.  Brady and Melanie tried to figure out what Kristen did with the baby.  Victor and Daniel continued to talk about Xander.  

Melanie wanted to help Brady find Kristen, but he didnít want her to help him.  He thought it would be too dangerous for her to help him.  Melanie agreed to leave it alone until he left.  She decided to help anyway.  Dr. Mandrake was convinced Theresa would be trouble, but Kristen still wanted Clint to get her.  JJ talked to Paige about Eve trying to break them up.  He warned Paige that Eve hated him.  He admitted to hating Eve too.  Brady needed Victorís help to find Kristen.  Paige was determined not to let Eve break up her and JJ.  The two ended up making love for the first time.  Victor knew where Kristen was, but he was hesitant to tell Brady.  Brady convinced Victor to tell him where Kristen was.  Brady didnít want John to know what he was doing.  Victor agreed to keep quiet.  Dr. Mandrake thought Theresa would remember what everything that happened and would tell the police.  Kristen implied that Theresa wouldnít be going home.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kiki confides to Julian that she and Morgan switched Michael’s allergy medication with a date rape drug that interacts badly with alcohol. Julian informs her that drugging someone is a crime. Michael causes a scene at the Metro Court. Franco goes to the Quartermaine mansion and insists that he be included in their meeting about the family business because he owns Ned’s 11.5 percent of ELQ stock. Alexis thinks Franco is still suffering the effects of the LSD overdose. Ned and Olivia try to prevent Franco from telling Alexis about the baby’s paternity. Julian calls Alexis and tells her to go to the Metro Court to deal with Michael. Ned gives Franco the shares and warns him that if the blackmail doesn’t end, Franco will regret it.

Liesl Obrecht accuses Nina of kidnapping baby Avery. She says Nina is damaged and that she is dragging Franco down with her. Nina suggests that Obrecht has feelings for Franco. Obrecht says she only has eyes for Faison. Nina wonders how, if that is the case, she had Victor Cassadine’s baby. She suggests that Victor isn’t really Nathan’s father. Obrecht warns Nina that if she goes digging into her past, she will reveal Nina’s dirty laundry that Nina doesn’t know about herself. Nathan goes to New York City to question Silas about Avery. Silas doesn’t tell Ava that her daughter was kidnapped. Silas administers the drug to Ava that he stole from General Hospital.

Lucy informs Duke that they are going to perform a number at the Nurses’ Ball. He says the only talent he has is dancing the tango. When they give it a trial run, he flashes back to dancing with Anna. Lucy insists that he go tell Anna that he wants her back. Kyle Sloane tells Anna that his informant overheard Julian and Carlos planning a hit on one of the major players in the Corinthos organization. She goes out, leaving Sloane in her room to take a shower because his is broken. Duke knocks on Anna’s door. Sloane answers.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the courthouse, an officer brings Sharon in handcuffs and sits her down on a bench outside of the courtroom. Dylan joins her. Sharon and Dylan start to talk but the guard has to remind them a number of times, "No talking.” Sharon whispers for Dylan to get her a lawyer. At the hospital, Joe watches Avery as she sleeps in a chair next to his bed. Avery insists to him that she wants to be here just in case. Joe tells her that there is no feeling in his legs. At the Coffeehouse, Michael and Lauren have coffee and talk. Lauren suggests a short trip for them to get their minds off of things, but Michael refuses on the grounds that she must have work piled up on her. Cane walks up and joins them and lets Michael know that is why he is here. Gabriel and Billy get into a fight in the dining room of the Athletic Club over some remarks that Gabriel said about Billy leaving Chelsea alone to deal with Connor’s eye appointment. Ben rushes in and separates them. He picks up the urn with Kelly’s ashes. Ben accuses Billy of pushing Kelly around while she was living and now he is doing it again. Chelsea walks into the Athletic Club and sees Billy and Victoria sitting on a sofa kissing. She promptly walks out.

Gabriel looks over Chelsea’s designs but his mind is far away. Lauren and Cane discuss her love for Michael and his doctor’s appointments. Cane assures her that Michael will come through this. Michael defends Sharon in court. Everyone is taken aback when Michael agrees to live with Sharon to keep her from leaving town. Ben and Abby cannot believe their ears. Sharon thanks Michael for what he is doing for her. Abby insists that Sharon should be returned to jail. Abby wants her and Ben to go their separate ways, but Ben insists that he will stay with her at the club until the real killer is found. Billy apologizes to Victoria for kissing her, but she doesn’t mind him. Chelsea goes straight to Gabriel and tells him to kiss her. When Gabriel has reservations, Chelsea asks him if that isn’t what he wants. Gabriel and Chelsea kiss and undress each other. They lie down on the floor kissing. Billy lets Victoria know that he cannot lose Chelsea.

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