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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Wyatt listening behind a partially opened door, Maya tells Nicole they have a bigger stake in this than their agenda. If this secret gets out it could really hurt Rick and FC. Nicole agrees that she is not the one who would want to cause that. Bill tells Liam that he likes his little ball of hyper energy that Katie has become at the office. She teases him and says as much as she is flattered Liam is right. This is inappropriate conversation for the office. Bill says okay, what they need to do is get on with FC and focus on the takeover and all be on the same page. He can’t believe that Rick rolled out the red carpet for loony Quinn. Liam says if it helps their cause then Quinn can do her worst. Quinn sits on a couch with Deacon and explains that she sent out e-vites to everyone they know. Maybe they will not come but some will as she has changed and some will take notice. She says she got him, he got her, no one else matters. Brooke comes in and says she did not realize they were here. Quinn says she is there for a meeting with Rick. She inquires if Brooke got her e-vite. Brooke says yes but do not expect her to attend, she does not support this marriage. And she would not expect Hope to either even if her daddy is Deacon. And she tells Deacon that he still has time to bail. Quinn reminds her that she is standing right there and that is so disrespectful and they do not need that kind of negativity. And if that is what she is bringing then she can just stay home……or feel free to adjust her attitude and change her mind. Nicole tells Maya that she never wanted to blow her out of the water. She just wanted to be treated like family and now Maya has. They are really sisters and she has this fabulous house and a budding modeling career. There is no way she would want to jeopardize that. She will keep her transgender story a secret. Carter knocks but comes on in and agrees this could be a public relations firestorm. He just thinks Rick needs to know the truth. They look like deer in the headlights when Rick comes in and asks what is going on. The energy seems off in here. Maya quickly says that she and Carter just had another disagreement but all is fine. Pam comes in and reminds Rick that he has a meeting with that viper Quinn. Rick says that door swings both ways and anyone who wants to can just leave. Rick tells Nicole that he ought to cut Carter some slack. He came in here after losing the most incredible woman in the world and if it were him he doubt he would handle it as well. Quinn calls Carter into her office and while it catches him off guard and his first tendency is to say no, he agrees to marry her and Deacon. Nicole and Maya end up talking old movies and making popcorn and Rick takes credit for being right and getting the sisters together. Liam tells Bill that it gets more and more intolerable every day at FC and he wishes they could move now. Wyatt rushes in and says he may have something on Rick. He is not sure what it is as he had to leave but he did hear Maya and Nicole discussing some epic secret. They said it would send shockwaves throughout the company and Rick could be out as CEO. Liam tells Wyatt that if this secret is that explosive then they must have it. But Katie speaks up and says they need to slow down. Perhaps there is another way to get what they want out of Rick. Liam says no, he would just take it out on Ivy and Caroline. They have to surprise Rick and that means Wyatt the only one with the inside track. Bill tells Wyatt to use it. Wyatt bolts out and says he knows exactly where to start. Katie tells Bill that she is quiet because she is Rick’s aunt and is conflicted. This will affect Brooke and she does not want to cause her more problems. And Katie thinks it ironic that Bill is going after someone for being a tyrant. Bill scoffs that he has been more than warm and fuzzy since he got his Katie back. She replies that yes he has been downright squishy.

Back at FC, Wyatt catches up with Nicole and introduces himself. She says she is just starting out but her sister, Maya, is helping her. It blows her mind every time she thinks how far she has come and what she had to overcome. Wyatt says yeah, from ex-con to Queen of the manor, quite a climb. Some people may see her as manipulative and a gold-digger but he sees a woman who knew what she wanted and went after it and got it. Nicole agrees things were a little bumpy at first and they had some adjusting to do but all is fine now. Wyatt says he finds her very interesting and would like to know her better. Quinn tells Deacon that they have Carter now so maybe others will come around. She tries one more time even a glutton for punishment to convince Brooke to come to the wedding. When she goes to her meeting she tells Deacon to keep working on the guest list. Brooke tells Deacon that Quinn was right. They will always share time with each other for their daughter and because of AA when she was lost. Now he is the one who is lost. She will always be in his corner and she cares for him, but she is not going to accept this. She will not let him marry Quinn.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ went to see Eve about keeping the coat.  Melanie wanted to tell Brady the truth.  Kristen wanted to know if Brady or Theresa were a match for the baby.  Daniel and Xander turned out to know each other.  Daniel figured out that Nicole met him.  Theresa was a match for the baby.  Melanie told Brady that he has a child with Theresa.  Eve told JJ that she told Paige she wasnít seeing the guy with the jacket, but he still wanted to know why she had it.  Melanie told Brady about Theresa being pregnant.  Kristen wanted Clint to go back to Salem to finish the job he started.  JJ thought Eve was going to use the jacket to come between him and Paige.

Melanie told Brady how she figured out Theresa was pregnant.  Kristen said something was wrong with the baby.  Brady was in denial about the baby.  He thought Theresa might have miscarried because Theresa didnít hide the baby from him.  When Eve threw JJ out, Paige was at the door.  Nicole and Daniel argued over Eric and Xander.  Melanie told Brady about her investigation.  Kristen wanted Clint to get Theresa.  Melanie thought the DiMeras were involved with what happened with Theresaís baby. Brady thought about Kristen telling him that she was carrying something for him, which made him realize that Melanie was right about the baby.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Julian publishes an article alleging that Michael took baby Avery. The media descend upon Dr. Obrecht for answers about the missing baby. Nathan intervenes. Obrecht asks Nathan to find the baby and get rid of Luke Spencer so there will be no more stories for General Hospital to tell the press. He informs her that Luke is being moved today and that Nina is a suspect in the kidnapping. He reveals that he suspects Franco. She disagrees and suggests Silas Clay. Kiki calls Silas to tell him that Avery was kidnapped and that she thinks Nina is responsible. Silas shows Ava the pictures he took of Avery so that she can see that the child is happy and healthy. He doesn’t mention the kidnapping. Ava asks him if he got the drugs to help her die. He has it in his pocket. Nathan goes to New York City to question Silas.

Julian offers Olivia his protection from Franco. She tells him to leave Franco alone and leave her alone too. Nina argues with Franco about his lack of faith in her. Franco tells Nina that he threatened to tell Julian about Olivia’s baby of Ned doesn’t give him his shares of ELQ stock. Ned asks Michael to step down as CEO of ELQ temporarily while his personal life is taking precedence. Michael refuses. Michael takes his allergy medication, slams down two drinks, and storms out of the house. Tracy tells Ned to have Michael voted out. Alexis says she will talk to Nikolas to ask him to convince Helena to vote with Ned. Olivia goes to the Quartermaine mansion to talk to Ned and is surprised to see Alexis. Ned tells her that they were having a meeting about ELQ. Franco shows up and asks why he wasn’t invited. Kiki tells Julian that Michael had his public meltdown because she and Morgan drugged him. Obrecht goes to see Nina.

Sonny visits Luke. Luke apologizes to him for everything he did while he wasn’t himself. Sonny speaks to him as a survivor of childhood abuse and advises Luke to face it so that he can get past it. He says he understands what Luke is going through, but he doesn’t understand why it was him that Luke came after when they have always been friends. Luke says it was envy and that his dark side perceived Sonny as living the life that should have been Luke’s. Sonny accepts Luke’s apology and apologizes to Luke for not being here when Luke needed him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis wakes up and finds Jack gone. She gets up and starts to look for him. She finds him as he wheels in their breakfast. Phyllis tells him that she feels that she is in a dream. Jack tells her that this is no dream. Jack yells for help. A woman walks in and the woman is none other than Kelly. Jack asks Kelly what she wants. She says she wants him. At the Underground, Nick refuses to give a reporter a comment on Sharon’s arrest. Victoria walks in and she tells him what went on between her and Billy and how he used her. At the Athletic Club dining room, Billy tries to call Jack and leaves him a message. Gabriel joins them and offers his help with Jack. Sage joins them and presents Gabriel with divorce papers. Victor joins Victoria and Nick. They all discuss Sharon’s arrest for the murders of Austin and Courtney. Sage bullies Gabriel into signing the divorce papers if he ever wants Chelsea. Billy reminds Ashley of all the things he did to Victoria in the past. Ashley reveals to Billy that Ben cares for Abby. Billy and Victoria’s eyes meet across the dining room of the Athletic Club. Jack tells Kelly that he cannot give her what she wants and for her to let him go. Kelly is fixing him a cup of coffee and puts something into it to make him sleep. Victor warns Nick to keep his distance from Sharon. Sage and Victor meet as he is leaving. Sage lets Nick know that he served Gabriel with divorce papers. Ashley asks Billy what he thinks Victor will do to Jack. Billy steps aside to let Gabriel talk to Victor about Jack. Billy joins Victoria at the bar and says he has his own proof that Jack is guilty.

Kelly urges Jack to sleep but Jack dreams of Kelly and then of Phyllis. Phyllis checks Jack’s phone and finds a number of messages from Ashley, but he refuses to call her back telling Phyllis that he is concentrating on her. Billy tells Victoria all that Jack did to sabotage his own company and to make Victor look guilty. Victoria apologizes to Billy for accusing him. Victor arrives at Jack’s to talk to Ashley about Jack but Gabriel sticks his nose into it and reminds Victor of all he did to Jack and Adam in the past. Ashley urges Gabriel to leave and let her handle this. Jack tells Phyllis that he is totally devoted to her. Victoria refuses to lie to Victor but Billy convinces her not to tell Victor about this. Nick offers Sage a job as manager of his club. She has reservations at first but then agrees. When Jack mentions Phyllis’ name, Kelly slaps him and tells him not to say her name again. Gabriel reprimands Billy for his treatment of Chelsea which leads to a fight between the two.

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