Tuesday 4/14/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/14/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Maya that she is keeping something from him and is insecure or they would not be having this conversation. He says everyone makes mistakes and nothing she says can make him change how he feels about her. He hates to see her in torture like this. She is the woman before him and what she was in the past does not matter. It makes her the person he loves today. Wyatt tells Ivy that the fact that Rick hates her is not the reason that Rick hired Quinn back. But Rick has got to go. Liam says ok but what is Rick and Forrester’s Achilles heel. Oliver introduces Nicole to Othello and she wants to get in on that action too. Oliver doesn’t want to get caught in the middle again by going through Maya to get approval. Nicole sings a range and Othello likes what he hears. Wyatt says Rick is at the top of his game so this won’t be easy. And once he marries Maya they will be Mr. and Mrs. CEO and no way to stop them or get him to step down. Liam says this will be their first joint adventure and they need to divide and conquer with Rick and Maya. Nicole tells Othello she does not hate her sister but they do see things differently. Nicole says she needs to go find Maya and talk to her.

Rick cuddles with Maya and asks if she feels better. He wants to say again that he is committed to her and nothing else matters. And he realizes that is only words and he needs to back it up with action. He knows her life has not been easy but she stood by him when he needed someone so badly. Nicole comes in and apologizes but Rick tells her to come on in. What he’d like Maya and her to know that while he can not speak of marriage right now but one day he will when his divorce is final. Othello tells Oliver that maybe if Maya and Rick get together it will stabilize FC and be better than Ridge stirring up the hornet’s nest. Nicole tells Maya that she is happy for her and she can wait a little while. Maya says Rick knows she is hiding something. Nicole says she certainly did not tell him and just how long is she going to wait before she tells Rick. Liam tells Wyatt that Eric is never going to replace Rick so they have to try something else besides stocks. Rick walks in and suspects something with the wolf in the hen house. He tells Wyatt that just because he re-hired his mother doesn’t mean that he is not going to be keeping his eye on him too. Wyatt says he is with Ivy, he doesn’t understand just what Rick wants. Rick tells them to talk to Maya as she knows exactly what he wants. Liam asks Rick why he is running this company like this. If he ever starts treating his houseguests as servants is the day he quits. Rick tells Ivy that he will stop when she stops….scheming with Liam and Wyatt. Maya has been steadfast and he trusts Maya implicitly. Nicole tells Maya that Rick is in love with her and it is only a matter of time before he proposes. Maya says then she will tell Rick the truth. There will never be another Rick in her life. She can not lose that. Maya says but Rick does not know her and he will be stunned when he finds out. Nicole says he will be but in the end it won’t be a game changer. Maya says she is still scared how this will turn out. She is still going to wait until Rick proposes. She trusts Rick but with this she is not sure. He loves her for her but she has to be the one to give him this information when the time is right. They both agree that if this gets into the wrong hands it could mean the fall of FC. Wyatt is outside and door and hears this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John met Sonny to talk about Paul.  Marlena went to check on Will.  Serena was upset that Xander was staying in Salem.  John told Sonny that he argued with Paul.  Marlena was upset with Will for saying bad things about Paul to John.  Marlena didn't want Will to turn into Sami.  Theresa tried to cause problems for Daniel and Nicole.  Theresa told Daniel that Nicole was on a date with another man.  Will was upset with Marlena for comparing him to Sami.  He was proud to be like Sami.  Melanie got the results of Theresa's plasma.  She found out that Theresa was pregnant.

Sonny told John about his relationship with Paul.  Will was determined not to let Paul ruin his marriage.  Daniel was done with Nicole after her date with Xander.  Sonny went home and was upset with Will.  Brady confronted Theresa about the way the treats people.  Marlena ran into John and explained to him she didn't tell him the truth.  It didn't go down the way she thought because he was still upset.  Theresa let Brady know that she didn't care about him and she wanted him to leave her alone.  Will wanted to talk things out with Sonny, but Sonny wasn't ready to talk yet.  John went to see Paul, but he checked out of the hotel.  Daniel and Xander ended up knowing each other.  When Brady went to see Melanie, she wanted to tell him something about Theresa and Kristen.  Kristen was shown with a baby.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ellie unexpectedly goes to Maxie’s apartment to visit Georgie. She admits that she is having second thoughts about breaking up with Spinelli. Spinelli and Maxie tell her that they got back together a few hours ago. Maxie reveals that Nathan broke up with her first. Ellie agrees that it makes sense for Georgie’s parents to be together. Spinelli assures Maxie that Ellie’s surprise visit won’t stand in the way of their being a family.

Morgan tells Sonny and Carly that Avery is missing and accuses Michael of taking her. Dante goes to tell Michael that Avery is missing, but Sabrina tells him first. Michael denies taking the baby, but refuses to allow Dante to search the house. Sabrina wonders Michael why he wouldn’t let Dante search the house. He has a tantrum about being a suspect. He asks her to believe in him. She say she believes him and hugs him. Nathan tells Nina that Avery is missing. Franco concludes that Nathan thinks Nina took the baby. Nathan hopes he is wrong. When they are alone, Franco asks Nina if she took the baby. Nina concludes that Franco doesn’t believe in her as he says he does. Kiki tells Sonny and Carly that Nina was at the hospital. Carly goes to the Metro Court to confront Nina and Franco. Nina realizes that everyone, including Franco, thinks she took the baby.

Bobbie tries to convince Scott that Luke doesn’t belong in Pentonville. She accuses Scott of gunning for Luke ever since he lost Laura to Luke. She says Luke is sick and needs to be in a psychiatric institution. Fluke torments Luke. Luke says he created Fluke and that he doesn’t need him anymore. Fluke says Luke enjoyed being feared and that he can have that again if he wants it. Luke refuses to go to the dark side and sends Fluke away. Luke assures Bobbie that he is going to beat his illness and that she will see that he was worth saving. She tells him that Scott decided to recommend that Luke go to a mental health facility instead of Pentonville.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy lets Ashley know he found out who hacked into the Newman files. Avery sits at Joe’s bedside at the hospital and panics when he has an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. In the corridor of the hospital, Paul asks Dylan why he spent time with Sharon instead of being at the awards ceremony for Avery. The doctor rushes in and tells Avery if she wants him to save Joe’s life then she will have to move aside and let him do his job. Avery rushes outside and into Dylan’ arms. Paul gets a call from Noah that Sharon has run off. Paul arrives at Sharon’s to find out what is going on. Jack lets Phyllis know that the preacher is waiting. Phyllis remarks for them to go and get married. Jack and Phyllis walk in to their hotel room, soaked to the bone from trying to have their wedding on the beach. There is a knock on the door and it is the reverend, who has arrived to perform the wedding ceremony in their hotel room. Phyllis leaves to get freshened up leaving Jack and the reverend to talk.

Ashley lets Billy know that Jack owes them a big explanation as to what is going on. There is a knock on the door and it is Victor and Victoria, who have arrived to find out where Jack is. Billy lets them know that he and Phyllis are somewhere getting married. Victor tells them that this would be a good day for him to be arrested for hacking into the Newman files. Jack and Phyllis’ wedding ceremony begins which is a bit unusual. Jack and Phyllis are married. The doctor gives Avery good news about Joe. Avery goes in to visit Joe and lets him know what happened the night before and about him falling off the balcony. Joe will not allow her take the blame for him losing his balance. Paul learns all that Sharon did and that Dylan and the others knew all about it. Paul threatens to arrest them all but instead just arrests Sharon. Billy and Victoria argue over the fact that Billy could have been the one who hacked into Newman's files. Billy denies the accusation but Victoria doesn’t believe him and storms out. Billy and Ashley ponder their next move as do Victor and Victoria. Jack and Phyllis celebrate their wedding night. Phyllis lets them know that this is perfect. Jack struggles to get loose from the ropes that have him bound. A woman walks in and it is none other than……Kelly.

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