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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick holds the bottle and asks Maya why is she taking estrogen. She frowns while he continues that he thought that was just for older women who had female problems. She takes the bottle from him and says it is sort of complicated. She stammers and finally says it helps regulate her. He understands and she says she appreciates him. Nicole loves her pictures, but Carter says she needs a little more practice. She brags that luckily she has a big sister that can help her. He snarls that she is depending too much on Maya’s help. Nicole feels Maya owes her for all those times she said she would return to her and then didn’t. Carter tells Nicole that he and Maya were engaged and she never told him about her transgendering. He doubts she will tell Rick either. Nicole says that is an interesting story and she can’t believe Maya did that. She can tell Carter really cared for her and he says yes he thought he was the one but it wasn’t meant to be. He is not pining after Maya although he is hurt and angry why Maya did not tell him. He is sort of proud that she went after what she wanted and he does not want her to get hurt. Liam tells Ivy that she is the Forrester and not Quinn so she needs to rise above that and he will always be there for her. Wyatt overhears this. He goes on in and asks Liam what he is doing here. Liam says just to check up on Ivy and she denies that she is threatened by working with Quinn. Quinn comes in and hopes Liam is going to do a piece of her coming back to FC. She says she has changed and is not the same woman she used to be. She doesn’t even recognize that woman any more. Wyatt says if Ivy can forget the past and they work together this will improve everyone. Liam is skeptical. Quinn says not only Rick forgave her but so did Wyatt so she is hoping Ivy can too. Liam says he can not speak for Ivy but Quinn is asking a lot of her. She reels people in and continues to do the same. She has nothing else in her. Carter says this is a lot to process. Carter says Maya did not have to tell Rick the truth on their first date but look how far Maya let it go and to himself even when they were engaged.

Rick says he couldn’t help but jump to the worst case scenario. Maya apologizes and says she should have told him right away. He is so sweet. She is happy to be questioned by her big strong CEO, and assures him that nothing is wrong. He still feels like there is. She says she does not want to push but she would like to know where they stand or where they are going. She is not asking for a proposal but she would like to know what Rick sees in their future. Quinn tells Liam that she wishes he would believe her so she will just have to prove it by her actions. Wyatt tells them that his mother has messed up a lot of things, even for him, and he is being cautiously optimistic. Liam says he may have to forgive her because he is her son but that doesn’t include him automatically. Wyatt says Ivy and Quinn must work together but she can not do that if Liam is always in Ivy’s ear. They have to move on. Carter tells Nicole that proposal or not Maya has to tell Rick. Rick says he is only taking this moment to moment and enjoying it. Maya says so is she but if they are to move forward there are things to talk about. Rick retorts that maybe it is because she is a woman and he has been hurt before and going thru a divorce right now. She says she knows but there are things that she needs to share with him if they are going to last. He says that is fine but he wonders if there is something she is keeping from him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Tori implied that John is Paulís father. John was shocked.  Ben was suspicious of Chad not turning him in to the police.  Abby thought that Chad was trying to be with her.  Tori fainted when she yelled at Marlena and Will.  When Tori left, John asked Marlena if Paul is his son.  Will blamed Sonny when the truth came out.  Sonny called Will out for lying to him.  When Sonny left to give Tori something to eat, she wanted to know why he had to be in Paulís life.  Sonny didnít want her getting mad at Sonny.  Zoe showed up at the DiMera mansion when Abby thought Chad wanted to be with her.  Clyde warned Ben not to trust Chad.  John confronted Marlena about Paul being his son.  He didnít understand why Tori didnít tell him about Paul.  Will was upset that Sonny went through his tablet.  Sonny called him out for his lies until Will confessed that he wanted Paul out of their lives.  Paul asked Tori if John is his son.  Abby felt stupid when she realized Chad had other plans.  Marlena tried to make John feel better about Paul.  Will told Sonny how Paul is trying to be back with him.  John wanted to reach out to Paul, but Paul didnít want anything to do with him.  Paul told John that he is his father.

Marlena felt that Tori owed John an explanation.  Tori told John that he was dead to her.  Abby told Ben that she went to see Chad.  John wanted to know why he was dead to Tori.  Tori explained what happened.  She said she came back to Salem to see John, but everything changed.  She told him that he was a priest.  Paul wanted to get Tori out of Salem, but John didnít want him out of his life.  Paul and Tori left.  Sonny tried to convince Paul to give John a chance, but Paul wanted to leave.  Marlena was upset with Will for ruining his relationship with Paul.  John didnít want Sonny and Will to tell anyone about Paul just yet.  John talked to Marlena about seeing Paul in the past.  John wondered if Marlena would have kept the truth from him forever if Paul left Salem.  Chad told Zoe that he owns her magazine.  Will didnít want Sonny to blame him for Paul knowing the truth.  Will said that John wouldnít know Paul was his father.  Sonny didnít praise him the way he expected.  Marlena told John it wasnít her place to tell him about Paul.  She told him she loved him.  Sonny yelled at Willa bout everything he has done.  When Will tried to explain, Sonny wanted him to go home.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Valerie regrets trying to kill Luke last night. Dante tells her that she is Lulu’s family and that Lulu isn’t going to hold it against her. Luke tells Lulu not to hold a grudge against Valerie because she is family and it is a waste of time. Luke thinks he sees his fathers’ tattoo on his own arm. Lulu tells him that he will await his hearing in Pentonville instead of ShadyBrook. Luke believes he belongs in prison. Luke sees Fluke who says he will always be there. Lulu finds Valerie at the loft with Rocco and accuses Valerie if being a danger to Rocco.

Nathan goes to Maxie’s apartment and tells her that he made a mistake and wants to get back together. Spinelli informs Nathan that he and Maxie are together now. Nathan wishes them the best. Maxie assures Spinelli that she is happy with her decision. Ellie arrives at Maxie’s door.

Someone takes Avery from her exam room at General Hospital. Kiki suspects Nina. Morgan suspects Michael. Franco can’t find Nina. Scott offers to let Franco stay with him for free. Franco says he has income from selling crafts he made in ShadyBrook and that Nina is easier on the eyes. He tells Scott that he likes Nina a lot, but wonders where she is. Nina returns to the suite without a baby. Franco demands that she tell him where she went. She tells him that she went to GH to clear the air with Silas. Nathan goes to Nina and Franco’s room to ask about the missing baby. Meanwhile, Sabrina can’t find Michael. Sabrina wonders if the medication in Michael’s prescription bottle is really the medication on the label. Felix takes a pill to have Brad identify it. Michael tells Sabrina that he took a drive to clear the air. Sabrina advises him not to violate the court order by trying to see Avery because it would jeopardize his chances at getting her back. Felix calls Sabrina and tells her that AJ was kidnapped just as Dante arrives to question Michael. Kiki observes to Morgan that as much as they hated the arrangement, Avery was safe when she was with Michael.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Hearing Avery scream, Lily lets herself into Joe's room to find that he has fallen off the balcony. Once Joe is taken by an ambulance, Avery takes Paul up to the room and explains what happened. At the hospital, the doctor tells Avery that Joe may not walk again. Avery calls Dylan, who is with Sharon. Dylan puts the report on the tire iron in a locked desk before he and Sharon leave. Sharon goes back to retrieve it but is taken by someone from behind. Cane drives Lauren to the hospital to see Michael, who has had a bad reaction to his radiation treatment. As they leave, Avery tells Michael what happened with Joe. Michael advises her not to talk to anyone else about it. Noah walks in on Kyle and Summer after they made love. He takes his grief out on them, then goes to Sharon's house. He finds her on the couch. When he wakes her, she doesn't know how she got there and the tire iron is on the coffee table. Summer arrives in time to hear that the tire iron was the murder weapon used to kill Austin. She believes Sharon did it and tries to call the police. Sharon tries to take the phone and they wrestle. Noah pulls Sharon off Summer, and Sharon runs out the door. She calls Dylan to say goodbye.

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