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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that ego is a terrible monster. He knows she is here because she hates being alone. She is mad at him and at Caroline because he is not pining away for Brooke and she can not stand it. She states that is laughable as she could have Ridge if she wanted him just like that – she snaps her fingers as she is famous for doing so often. Ridge says they have had this conversation before with the Aunt Caroline. Brooke says they have had some great times and she does not regret any of them. She just wishes their family could be stronger now and she would not be so alone. She does not think Ridge takes Caroline seriously. He will move on with his life someday. And that is one reason she does not encourage RJ to come home to see his father and see him in that relationship and be disillusioned. Nicole is energetic and models but Oliver has to tell her to slow it down some. Modeling is different than just dancing around. Carter walks in and says no need to explain, he knows Maya and Rick okayed this. Carter snarls that it sure pays to have Maya behind you these days. Nicole takes a break when a dress rips a bit. Aly says she sure isn’t shy before the camera. Nicole is delighted to see the results and thanks Oliver and Aly for being so sweet. Carter tells Nicole she will have to get out of those clothes as they do not belong to her. She snaps back that she is not a thief.

Rick tells Maya that he wants to hear all her hopes and fears and never hold anything back. She promises she won’t. Ridge says they were not much more than children when they fell in love. They had the best of times but the worst of times. They always found a way to forgive each other and move on. She says she suspects they will find that again. She thinks it will be a huge sacrifice for Ridge to let Caroline go, but sooner or later he will find things about her that he does not like. She may be greedy or needy or not give him children …… if he even wants more children since he has two families already. Maya tells Rick that his mother was so sweet and accepting of her today and she’d like to do something, buy her something to thank her. She knocks over her purse as she sits on the desk. A pill bottle falls out. Carter blasts to Nicole that Maya lied to him and now she is lying to Rick and he deserves to know. But perhaps he pushed as he knew she was on the rebound from Rick the first time. Brooke tells Ridge that she is back at work full time at Rick’s instance. She wonders what is keeping Caroline in New York for so long. She tells him to say hi to her when he hears from her. He makes it clear that neither he nor Caroline know each other’s favorites. But that is better than remembering twenty five years ago. They work best when left alone so maybe Brooke can do that right now. Rick tells Maya not to feel sorry for him. She thinks maybe that is how Caroline felt. He says he loves Maya and what a lucky man he is. As Maya is leaving, Rick reaches down and picks up the pill bottle and asks what she is doing with estrogen pills.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny told Paul that Tori has been in Salem before, but Paul didn't believe him.  Paul wanted to know what else he wanted to say about his mother.  Tori told Marlena about Paul's father, but Marlena didn't believe him.  Will talked to John about his affair with Paul.  Will thought John knew something about Paul that he wasn't telling.  Adrienne told Lucas about her concerns about their affair.  John told Will that Paul was trying to come on to Sonny.  Will was furious about it.  Tori didn't want Marlena to tell John anything about Paul.  Tori wanted Marlena and Will to leave her and Paul alone.  Sonny told Paul that a picture Will had of Tori was taken nine months before he was born.  Adrienne was still upset about the affair.  Lucas asked her if she would have slept with him if Justin didn't cheat and she said she wouldn't have cheated.  Lucas wondered if she was using him and she reassured him that she wasn't.  Paul didn't believe that Tori lied to him.  Paul blamed Will for what Sonny found, but Sonny let him know that Will didn't do anything.

Tori implied that she wanted to take Paul out of Salem because he and Sonny would be together if he stayed.  Marlena knew that was a lie.  Marlena thought Tori wanted Paul out of Salem so he wouldn't find out who his father is.  They talked until Marlena left.  Paul called Tori to meet him at TBD.  Paul wanted Will to meet them so he could straighten things out.  Kate confronted Lucas about Adrienne.  Tori showed up to meet Paul and thought he was ready to leave Salem.  He wasn't ready.  He wanted to talk.  Will showed up at TBD with John.  Will and John ran into Marlena and she ended up in there too.  Paul wanted Tori to tell him the truth.  Kate figured out that Lucas and Adrienne slept together.  When John noticed Tori, he was surprised that she was with Paul.  Marlena told John that Tori is Paul's mother. Paul questioned Tori about his father.  John realized that Paul is his son.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Child Protective Services takes Avery from Michael and returns her to Kiki. Morgan, Kiki, and the woman from Child Protective Services arrive at General Hospital to have Avery checked out. Nina is there apologizing to Silas about her behavior when she arrived in Port Charles. Silas is there because he came to steal drugs to help Ava end her life. Nina attempts to offer Kiki condolences for Ava’s death. Kiki accuses Nina of planning to use Ava’s death to find a way to kidnap Avery again. Nina say she is sorry for Kiki’s loss, but that Ava was a home wrecking whore who had a baby that should have been Nina’s. Kiki attacks Nina. Nina tells Nathan to arrest Kiki. Kiki tells Nathan to arrest Nina for drugging Ava and kidnapping Avery. Nathan and Silas agree that no one needs to be arrested. Silas takes Kiki away. Lucas doesn’t have time to check out Avery. Silas offers to do it. While they are alone, he takes pictures of Avery for Ava. After examining Avery, Silas goes to tell Kiki that as soon as Avery’s blood work comes back, she can go home. Morgan tells Kiki that he told Sonny that Avery is going home with them. Michael disappears from the Quartermaine mansion.

Nathan asks Nina why she hasn’t returned any of his calls. She say she figured he wouldn’t approve of her living with Franco instead of him. He doesn’t approve. Franco discovers that Nina has left their suite. Julian observes that Franco is staying at the Metro Court and heard Ned mentioning protecting the baby from Franco so he offers Olivia the kind of protection that Ned can’t provide. She tells him that he has nothing to do with her baby and that if she wanted his kind of protection, she would ask Sonny. Ned goes up to Franco’s room and orders him to stop blackmailing Olivia. Franco says he will be a gentleman and leave Olivia out of it. He says he will bleed Ned dry instead. He demands Ned’s shares of ELQ. Ned assures Olivia that he has everything taken care of. Franco wonders where Nina could be all this time. Nina sees that Avery is in an exam room unattended. Someone goes into the room that Avery is in.

Maxie and Spinelli get back together. After both Lucas and Nina tell him not to give up on Maxie, Nathan goes to Maxie’s place and says he wants them to give it another chance.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack wonders why he has gotten three phone calls and the person has hung up after he answered it. Victor talks to someone on the phone asking if the person has made the phone calls to Jack. Kyle continues to be a supportive friend to Summer. When Kyle brings Summer home from the Better Days Foundation benefit they make love. Jack and Phyllis leave the benefit early so they can take a plane to a romantic island and get married. Dylan and Avery continue to fight over Sharon, because Dylan goes to help Sharon when she thinks someone is trying to break into her house, and Dylan misses the benefit in honor of Avery. Joe tells Avery that since Gabriel is getting a divorce, all of Constance's fortune will be released to the Better Days Foundation. Joe and Avery celebrate the news. He tells her that she has made him a better man and asks for another chance. Joe and Avery kiss twice before she pushes him away. When he falls and doesn't get back up, Avery is worried that he may be dead.

Paul turns out to be the person Sharon thought was an intruder, and he questions her about the night Austin died. She says she was with Dylan when both murders happened. Dylan arrives to back up Sharon's story although it isn't really the whole truth. The tests that Avery had run on the tire iron reveal that it has Austin's blood and Sharon's fingerprints. Chelsea fears that Connor might be rejecting his cornea transplant and is scared. Gabriel drives her to the hospital and stays with her. They are both relieved when the doctor tells them that Connor isn't rejecting his transplant; he just has conjunctivitis. Michael encourages Lauren to accept Cane's proposal to become her second in command at Fenmore's, so she hires Cane for the job. Michael doesn't feel when he is at the benefit, but he doesn't want to worry Lauren so he tells her that a client needs him and asks Cane to make sure Lauren gets home safely.

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