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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick and Maya exchange kisses when Quinn barges in. Pam tries to stop her but Quinn presents Rick with the letter opener that she made for the new CEO. Ridge barges in and Rick asks if he has a problem. Ridge says yes he does as long as Rick is behind that desk. Brooke shows up for work and chastises Ridge for speaking in that tone to the CEO of this company. Ivy gives Wyatt a compliment but not so much for her working with his mother. She is a little intimated. Quinn walks up and hears her talking smack already before they even start. Quinn says she is really excited about working with Ivy and she wishes she would get past that crazy part as she is a new woman now. Wyatt tells her to prove it and Ivy wants to see that in writing. Ridge continues to badger Ricky boy and Brooke keeps defending him as being better to the staff. Ridge has no time for this and leaves. Rick thanks Brooke for coming to his defense and says that makes two women on his side. Pam tells Ridge there is no way any of this would be happening if Stephanie were here. She would not let Rick run roughshod over those she loves. She begs Ridge to hang in there; he is his mother’s son. Ridge says he is not changing anything on his designs. They are fine the way they are. And Brooke is okay even though she is siding with her son. Pam tells Ridge not to lose faith as he will be CEO himself once this is over.

Rick says it might not be Ridge but something is working against him but he and Maya are trying to work past that. Brooke says he does not need her; he is working just fine on his own. He is still hoping he can count on her and she says yes full time if that is what he needs. He calls in a statement to the press and says Brooke is already kicking butt. She laughs and says everything is under control and she is even looking forward to the next man she will have in her life….and she is very happy for him and Maya. Pam comes in and Rick says his mother is back full time so run tell Ridge. He is sure he will be as thrilled as she obviously is. Brooke looks in on Ridge and says she is worried about him. She says he raised that boy off and on for years and now he is so offensive. Ridge asks if that is why she is here, to prop up Rick. Wyatt and Quinn and Ivy sit around and discuss Maya as Rick keeps saying to design pieces that play up to her femininity and beauty. Quinn suggests that Carter was engaged to her so he could probably shed some light on her. Carter shrugs it by saying no one is exactly what they seem to be. Ridge asks Brooke when she started drinking the Maya juice. He figures she wants something from Ridge but he can’t give it. Rick tells Maya that it is good to have his mother back and on his side. He knows he and Maya are still discovering new things about each other but she knows how much he values honesty and she will always be honest with him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melanie had to bring Theresaís vile back to the hospital.  When Brady left, she wanted to go back to investigating Theresa and Bradyís baby.  Stefano told Chad that Ben was up to something in Florida.  Sonny questioned Will about the article he was writing.  Will lied to Sonny about the article.  Will ended up slipping and mentioned how Paul and his mother were leaving town.  Sonny called him out on it.  Paul met with John instead of Aiden.  John was cold to him.  Jorge wanted to report Melanie for stealing Theresaís vile, but Melanie tried to talk him out of it.  Will lied to Sonny about meeting Tom.  Sonny left to go to the club.  Sonny realized that Will was lying to him.

John and Paul got into an argument over Paulís affair.  Paul called John out for the way he treated him.  Paul got a text from Sonny so they could meet.  Marlena went to see Tori.  Theresa tried to deny being in love with Brady to Anne, but Anne didnít believe her.  Jorge decided not to tell on Melanie.  Melanie needed another vile because she broke the other one.  John went to see Will to see how he was.  John told Will that Paul was leaving town.  John wondered if Paul donating his blood to Sonny made them closer.  Will told John that Sonny proposed to Paul years ago.  Will told John how Paul seduced him.  Sonny and Paul met each other.  Marlena confronted Tori about being in Salem before.  Tori told Marlena about working for Stefano.  Marlena told Tori that she was involved with John.  Will talked to John about Paul.  Sonny wanted to talk to Paul about his mother.  Marlena confronted Tori about having Johnís child.  Sonny warned Paul that his mother hasnít been honest with him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Access Port Charles airs the video of Michael knocking over Avery’s stroller. Julian tells Alexis that even a judge in the Quartermaine pocket won’t let Michael keep Avery after seeing the video of Michael. Kiki admits to Julian that she and Morgan helped to facilitate Michael’s drunkenness. Julian concludes that Kiki inherited her mother’s ruthlessness and invention and he is proud of her. Ava tells Silas that she needs to get to Port Charles to get her baby away from Michael. Silas forbids her to go. She says Silas will have to go in her place to make sure that Avery is ok and that when he comes back and reports that Avery really is ok, then she will be ready to let go and die. She says she is too tired to try to fight the cancer any longer and asks him to help her die. He says he can’t do that. She begs him to let her die with what dignity she has left. He finally agrees.

Ned tells Michael that one would think he’d have learned from his father when enough alcohol was enough. Sabrina wonders if Michael’s medication made his symptoms worse, but looking at the label, she determines that if there was an interaction, it would only have made him feel drowsy. Olivia tells Ned that her waitress swears that she only served Michael two drinks. Morgan tells Sonny that they need to call Child Protective Services and report Michael. Carly forbids it. She says they need to reach out to Michael because he is obviously in pain. Morgan says Michael is acting just like his father. Sonny agrees that he needs to get his daughter back and that they need to stop enabling Michael. He asks Carly to stand by him on the matter. He says they all love Michael, but Avery is a baby and she needs to be protected. He assures Carly that they will get through to Michael and protect him too. Morgan calls Kiki and tells her that Sonny called Child Protective Services and that he will keep her informed. Alexis tells Michael that the final decision about AJ is not up to Judge Walters; Child Protective Services can intervene. Ric tells Sonny that Michael has been deemed unfit to be Avery’s guardian, but that Judge Walters’ determination that Sonny is unfit stands, too. Carly wonders who will get Avery. Morgan and Kiki go with Child Protective Services to the Quartermaine estate.

An employee asks Olivia about a $500 room service bill. Olivia approves it. Ned wonders why Olivia would pay for Franco and Nina’s room service. She tells him that Franco and Nina are blackmailing her with the truth about Julian being her baby’s father. Franco thinks the video is hilarious. Nina worries about the baby and accidentally calls her Jamie. Franco asks her if she really thinks the baby is Jamie. Nina says she misspoke and that she isn’t crazy. She says Franco is the crazy one for thinking a stroller falling over is funny. Franco apologizes and asks her to forgive him. She does. They kiss. Things begin to heat up too fast for Nina so she tell Franco that she wants to slow down and take their time with their relationship. Nina goes to get dressed and doesn’t come back. Ned goes up to Franco and Nina’s room.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Leslie questions Nikki about the night of Neil's accident. Victor thinks she will try to make Nikki look bad in court. Nikki lashes out at Victor but they agree not to fight at the fundraiser they are going to that evening. Jack pressures Kyle to make decisions about his future. Kyle agrees to go to the fundraiser, even though he doesn't want to. Later, Summer agrees to accompany him. Summer tells Phyllis not to delay her plans to marry Jack. Sage tells Mr. Tipton that her marriage is a sham and she wants a divorce. Chelsea tells Anita about Gabe. Later, Gabe comes by to tell Chelsea that Sage asked for a divorce and Chelsea breaks down. The doctor has bad news about Connor. Devon talks to Winston, the prosecuting attorney, but it doesn't help Neil's case. Hilary seduces Winston. Nikki urges Neil to stop drinking, so he can be the man he once was.

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