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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Carter that he doesn’t think he knows a damn thing about Maya. But if he does, spit it out and then leave. Maya asks why is he doing this to them. They just want to be happy. Rick thinks Carter is jealous but Carter denies that. Rick says he knows Maya better than most couples know each other. Carter stops short of telling what he knows but tells Rick that he better get the full story from Maya. Rick informs Carter that this is not helping his job security. And he knows he can trust Maya and she has been loyal to him and that is all that matters. And he demands that Carter give Maya the proper respect that she deserves. Rick needs to take a phone call so he leaves Maya and Carter alone. Oliver tells Ridge that he needs to take some pictures for the new structure of the company and Ivy will be next. That suits her fine so she can stay away from Maya and Rick. But they all wonder when Nicole waltzes in and wants her chance at a photo shoot. Ridge sees a chance and gives Nicole the okay for Oliver to do that. She is green as a gourd and doesn’t even know that she, like all models, has a good side. Deacon tells Wyatt that he went about this the wrong way by telling Quinn about Brooke. Wyatt defends himself by saying he was only looking out for his mother. They both hope that Quinn won’t go after Brooke now. Brooke tells Quinn that she doesn’t know why she is here. She does not need a man in her life right now. She just wants to focus on her family and sobriety. But she does tell Quinn that she doesn’t think her marrying Deacon is a good idea and nothing Quinn can say will change how she feels. Quinn says Brooke’s opinion means nothing to her but just stay the hell out of her life. Carter tells Maya not to thank him just yet because he did not tell Rick today. Maya says she doesn’t think he will. And she will tell him herself when Rick proposes. But with his divorce and all the dissention here in the office he may not ever propose. Carter says he knows that Maya thinks this is her life and hers to tell but if she is going to then she better do it soon.

Quinn comes back home and try as he might Deacon can not get her in a good mood and she plays standoffish with him. She does say she is surprised that Brooke has not called him yet to say that Quinn had been by. She informs Deacon that Brooke will no longer be his AA partner. Deacon does not want to talk about that but about them. He guesses that Quinn told Brooke to back off so that must mean she is not finished with him yet. And Brooke will not interfere. Brooke talks to Rick on the phone and tells him that she will be at work in the morning if he really wants her there. Nicole walks into Rick’s office to tell Maya something but only finds Carter there. He tells her that he was there earlier when he heard Nicole tell Maya that she was dying to tell Maya’s secret and would tell everyone. He closes the door and says they are the only two people there that know that Maya used to be a Myron. Maya is worried but at home she tells Rick that nothing is wrong and she will agree to pizza and a Kings game. Quinn tells Deacon to stop trying to use his charms on her. He says he will if she stops acting like an idiot. He will argue all night with her if he has to. He reminds her he could be with Brooke right now but he is with Quinn, the one he wants to be with and spend a lifetime with. She does not say no. Ridge gets a phone call from Caroline in New York just as he is thinking about her and painting her picture. She says she has been thinking about him all day…….and he better not be painting without her. They both say they miss each other and love one another. Rick is happy that Maya will watch a hockey game with him. He brings up when they first met and she thought he was a waiter. He says that he spent his whole life looking for the right woman but he was let down so many times before he met her. She has been so great for him and he does not want her to ever feel ashamed of anything. She is a woman of integrity and that means everything to him. They hug but Maya silently cries.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve wondered what Daniel was going to do about her sleeping with JJ.  Daniel asked how she could sleep with JJ.  JJ almost let it slip that he was with Eve.  One of Victorís goons brought Will to Victor.  Daniel accused Eve of seducing JJ.  Paige told JJ that she found the jacket he was wearing in the closet.  Paige talked to JJ about the guy who was with Eve.  Daniel went down memory lane with Eve about the guys she went after to get back at Jennifer.  Zoe went to Willís place to thank him for the scoop.  JJ talked Paige out of talking about the guy Eve was with before.  Daniel and Eve argued over her sleeping with JJ.  She wanted to know if he was going to keep her secret.

Zoe argued with Sonny and Marlena over the scoop of the century.  Victor ripped into Will for being selfish and for hurting Sonny.  Daniel told Eve that he was cheated on so he knew how Paige felt.  Eve thought the truth would destroy Paige.  Eve was sure that he wouldnít want Paige or Jenniferís family to be hurt.  He warned her to stay way from JJ.  Victor warned Will not to hurt Sonny again or else.  Paige confronted Eve about the jacket.  Sonny wanted to know what article Will was working on.  He found Willís tablet.  Will ran into Marlena and told her not to tell John the truth about Paul.  He said it would have been her fault if she told John the truth and Paul stayed in Salem.  Sonny found the article Will wrote outing Daniel as a DiMera.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Valerie wants to get even with Luke. He tells her that she has every right to want him dead. Dante and Lulu find Valerie with a scalpel to Luke’s throat. Luke says he wants her to kill him. Dante talks her down and takes the scalpel. Valerie thanks Dante for stopping her. Luke tells Lulu that the world would be a better place without him. She says it wouldn’t be for the people who love him. He observes that he wouldn’t be with them anyway since he will be spending the rest of his life in prison.

Morgan wants to discuss getting back together with Kiki. A reporter films Michael’s drunken tirade at Sonny. Michael pushes Sonny away and in the process knocks over Avery’s stroller. Kiki is horrified when she sees the footage of the stroller falling over. Olivia wonders which of her bartenders let Michael get so drunk. She and Sonny ask Morgan and Kiki if they saw whatever set Michael off. They tell them that it didn’t help that Michael saw them together, but that Michael had already been drinking before he confronted them. Michael tells Sabrina that he feels weird. She wonders if working too much and the lack of food and sleep is the reason the drinks went straight to his head. Michael wonders what will happen if Sonny tells his lawyer, Ric, about it.

Elizabeth considers taking Ric back on the condition that he swears on his life that he won’t pull any more stunts. He promises that he will never do anything to make her doubt him again. She agrees to try their relationship again. Jake rushes off the phone when Carly goes into the garage. She says he can tell her whatever he said to the commissioner. He tells her that he isn’t Sonny’s mole; he works for the police. She says she understands but hopes he would warn her if he hears something that would harm Sonny. Carly tells Jake that she hired Spinelli to investigate Hayden. Jake tells her that she should focus less on his wife and more on her man. Hayden tells Nikolas that she doesn’t know Helena, but that she knows that Nikolas knows who Jake really is. She admits that she isn’t really Jake’s wife and predicts that Nikolas isn’t going to do anything about it. She gets him into her bed. Afterwards, he asks her who recruited her to pretend to be Jake’s wife. She says she’s rather keep it her secret and that he keep his secret to himself too. Jake wonders why Hayden is in bed when he arrives in their hotel room. Carly sees Nikolas leaving the Metro Court with lipstick on his shirt.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Paul wants Dylan to back off the murder case but Dylan thinks he can help. Jack, Ashley, and Phyllis wonder what Victor has up his sleeve and if it's personal. Jack brings up Ashley's paternity. Noah asks Sharon if she had anything to do with Courtney's death. Nick hears this and, for Noah's sake, sticks up for Sharon. Stitch and Abby grow closer as they become more involved in the murder cases. Ashley realizes that Stitch cares about Abby.

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