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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Carter tells Rick that he won’t believe this. Maya tries to stop him and Carter says if she doesn’t tell him he will. He needs to know. Brooke pours Wyatt a lemonade and he says he could not live with himself if he had not told his mother about Deacon. He still does not trust him. He owes his mother the truth if he is still in love with Brooke. Quinn tells Deacon that she thinks Deacon is panicking. He declares what he said to Brooke meant nothing. She says okay then now is the time for him to be a big boy and say it to her face how he really feels about old Quinn. There is no way in hell that she is going to marry him if there is the slightest doubt he still loves Brooke. Bill tells Katie that maybe Rick is having second thoughts about Caroline and she wants him back over Ridge. Maya breaks up a shouting match between Rick and Carter with Carter saying he will not shut up. Rick has the right to know this. Ridge hears and comes in. No Rick will not hear this. He wants Carter out and accuses him of still pining away for Maya. Rick tells Carter to get out and find his own woman. He won’t find one like Maya but he is free to look. He apologizes to Maya for her having to put up with that.

Wyatt tells Brooke that he is not trying to start something here. Brooke tells him that his mother is highly unstable and Deacon should not be marrying her. Deacon pleads his case to Quinn and says what he feels for Brooke is not even close to what he has with Quinn. He begs her to pick a date and let them do this. Instead she leaves. Maya flies into Carter’s office and says she will not let him talk to Rick. It is not his business. She is a woman even though her body said she was once a man. She’s lived with this crap all her life and she will not put up with it from Carter. Bill tells Liam and Katie that Caroline will be fine, it is Brooke they should be worried about. She is hitting the bottle and has turned to Deacon. And that is the last person she should be messing with. Deacon visits Wyatt and says he just had to put his nose in it and now Quinn may do something they will all regret. Quinn recalls her daydream about stabbing Brooke in the tummy. Then she knocks on Brooke’s door and tells her she should have known by now not to mess with her. Brooke is not scared but Quinn says she ought to be. Maya tells Carter that she will not be bullied. She will tell Rick when she is ready and that is when he proposes. Carter offers that she has not told him for all these months so he does not believe she will now. Ridge realizes Rick is not listening to him at all and says he has no time for this. Rick rants that he is really mad at Carter and for saying that he knows Maya better than Rick does. Quinn tells Brooke that she is engaged to Deacon and they are going to be married and there is nothing Brooke can do to stop that. She takes her relationships seriously. Deacon is taken. She can find herself another new AA partner, understood? Rick asks why Ridge even cares. None of them like Maya but Carter is jealous and on some sort of tirade. He is going to set him straight right now. Carter tells Maya that she is naïve. All have been duped. Rick will not risk losing his country club rights and prestige around the world for Maya’s secret. She tells him if he tells Rick that she will have him fired. Carter says go ahead as when he tells Rick, she will have no power. Rick charges in and tells them to stop. He wants to hear it all right now, whatever it is.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady wanted to know why Melanie was in the blood bank.  Theresa confronted Eve about stealing the jacket from the clothes drive.  Jennifer wanted to know if Daniel was going to tell JJís secret.  Before he could answer, Paige was there.  Jennifer wanted to know what Paige heard.  Eve denied taking the jacket.  Theresa wanted to know why Eve left.  Paige didnít hear why Daniel and Jennifer were arguing.  When Paige was about to leave, Jennifer stopped her.  Brady wanted to know what Melanie was up to, but she lied to him.  Eve lied to Theresa about leaving.  Jennifer wanted to talk to Paige alone.  When Paige left, Jennifer wanted Daniel to promise not to tell about JJ and Eve.  Daniel couldnít promise not to say anything.  He said he wasnít going to lie to Paige.  They ended up arguing and she ended their friendship.

Eve obsessed over the jacket.  She kept thinking about JJ.  She put the jacket in the closet.  Paige met with Jennifer at the pub.  Jennifer asked Paige about JJ.  Jennifer thanked Paige for giving JJ another chance.  Paige thanked Jennifer for her help.  Brady had a surprise for Melanie.  Paige suspected that Jennifer lied to her.  Eve was determined to get JJ out of Paigeís life.  Jorge noticed that someone was on his computer.  He figured out it was Melanie.  When Paige talked to JJ, she warned him that Jennifer and Daniel were arguing.  Eve overheard Paigeís conversation and knew what had to be done.  When Jennifer got home, she told JJ that Daniel would most likely keep JJís secret unless provoked.  Eve went to see Daniel.  When Paige looked in the closet and found Danielís jacket.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy tells Luke that Patricia died. He blames himself. Dante talks Valerie out of confronting Luke, but once she is alone, she goes to Luke’s room. Ric tells Sonny that the judicial board is going to hear his complaint about Judge Walters’ bias so they should be able to get a new custody hearing soon. Morgan and Kiki pretend to be a loving couple to annoy Michel enough to make him drink. They still have chemistry. Michael confronts them and makes a scene. A reporter records it with his phone. Sabrina runs into Sonny and lets him talk to Avery. Michael sees it and transfers his rant to Sonny.

Ric tells Sonny that he is hopeful that he and Elizabeth will get back together because Jake’s wife found him. Sonny tells Ric that Jake went to work for the Jerome organization and that he is already making trouble. Ric reminds Sonny that he can’t be involved in any criminal organization because of the custody battle. He tells Sonny that with any luck, Jake will be leaving town with his wife. Nikolas goes to Hayden’s hotel room to confront her. He thinks Helena is behind her pretense. He tells her that her arrival is only arousing suspicion and making people dig into Jake’s past. She tells him that she doesn’t know his grandmother, but now she knows that he knows who Jake really is. Patrick is concerned about Sam spending time with Jake. Jake assures Julian that he isn’t interested in Sam.

Carlos tells Julian to cut Jake loose. Julian tells Carlos that Jake came to his aid when Shawn and his two associates were preparing to take him to the marshlands for a beat down over a stolen shipment that he had no knowledge of. Carlos confirms that he saw an opportunity and took it. Julian tells Carlos that they shouldn’t be creating reasons to be watched when they are planning a hit on one of the key Corinthos people. Jake calls the commissioner.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

The police arrive at the Abbott cabin and Paul finds out the truth about the murders. He interviews each person involved. Noah tells him that Dylan also knows the truth. Dylan questions Sharon about her whereabouts after the wedding was postponed, but Sharon just wants to get to Noah and has no answer for him. At the police station, Sage arrives to support Nick. When Sharon gets there, she is annoyed that Sage is there. Eventually, everyone is allowed to go home, because Paul doesn't want the killer to know that GCPD is treating this as a homicide. Sage tells Chelsea that Gabe has orchestrated every move they've made to get closer to Chelsea. At first, Chelsea refuses to see it. Later, she confronts Gabe, who admits he has feelings for her.

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