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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Carter is listening at the door when he hears Maya say this is her private business and she is proud of who she is. But Nicole counters that maybe but not who she was – Myron. Carter comes back when Nicole leaves and confronts Maya who knows he must have heard. Wyatt startles Quinn when she comes out of her daydream that she stabbed Brooke and told her look what she had forced her to do. Wyatt knows that look on her face means she is in some bad place. He feels like it is the calm before the storm since he just told her some pretty shocking news about Deacon. He had gone nuts and said he could have another chance with Brooke if it weren’t for Quinn. He does not trust him. She says he may be right and they will find out soon. She says she won’t do anything stupid. She is just going to stay here and ask Deacon about it, if he still has feelings for Brooke. Brooke finds Katie and Rick at the Skytop roof and she joins them. Rick says he is making progress with Caroline and trying to work things out with their working relationship. He tells her that her opinions are important to him and he’d like to see her around more. She brings up Quinn and why Rick re-hired her. Carter tells Maya this is crazy. They were involved and he would have known if she had been born a boy. She asks him to listen with an open mind. She never felt like a boy. She always liked pretty dresses and dolls but her dad wanted a boy so by God she was a boy. But in the core of her being she was a woman….and later she had surgery when she was with Jesse. The baby girl was his bio daughter but she was the mother in every sense of the word. Carter is livid that they slept together and she never told him. She admits she should have told him. He says their whole relationship was a lie and would have continued if they had not broken up. And now what about Rick…..does he know. She begs him to promise not to say anything to anyone. Brooke tells Rick that he can not re-hire Quinn…never mind that she is completely out of her mind and dangerous. She is still unpredictable and volatile. Rick says she is changed and that is why Wyatt is still here to keep an eye on her.

Deacon comes in and tries to defend himself to Wyatt. He tells his mother to call him if she needs him. Quinn says she trusted Deacon. She committed herself to him so is Brooke now going to be a problem? She says she is not interested in being second choice – either his or anyone else’s. Deacon says he is trying to keep this honest and above board but it is not easy. She says he still has not given her an answer of how he feels about Brooke. He is there all the time and helps her and she even forbids them from getting married. He says she is the mother of his daughter and he will always care for her but she is not the one he wants to confide in and come home to. So Quinn needs to find her calendar and pick a date right now. Nicole states to Oliver that her sister will be happy for her to join in being a model and both of them will be happy then so it’s just a matter of time. Rick tells Brooke that he holds on to his pain but it was the lies by Caroline he could not accept. But they can continue as friends now. She says he is mighty forgiving. Maya tells Carter that one of the reasons she never told him was this right now, people not understanding of what she went through to be who she is now. She learned from that and she will tell Rick when and if he proposes. Carter says he proposed and she did not tell him. She says it is not Carter’s right to tell Rick. She is still the same woman he has always known. Carter says Maya played him for a fool and she will not do the same to Rick. And she knows how seriously Rick holds for people to tell him the truth. Rick walks in and hears the loud voices and wants to know what is going on. Carter snarls at him that he is single and the only loyalty he has is to FC. He was coming to find Rick and tell him something important he thinks he needs to know. Rick doesn’t know the entire truth. Fear is on Maya’s face as Carter tells Rick that they have a lot in common and he will never believe what it is.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ told Jennifer that Daniel knows what he did with Eve.  Daniel wondered why Melanie was doing research on pregnancy.  Nicole told Brady about the story on Will, Sonny, and Paul.  Melanie lied about the research she was doing.  Theresa noticed something bother Eve.  Theresa suspected it had something to do with Jennifer.  Jennifer wanted to know why JJ told Daniel and he told her.  Jennifer was upset about Daniel knowing the truth.  JJ thought she wanted him to tell Paige the truth.  Nicole talked to Brady about the gift he got for Melanie.  Nicole also opened up to him about her problems with Daniel.  Jennifer went to see Daniel.  She confronted him about knowing the truth about JJ and Eve.  Maxine talked to Melanie about Theresa.  Cole tricked Paige into tutoring him.  Daniel didn't approve of Jennifer not telling Paige the truth.

Eve noticed JJ's jacket while she was going through clothes for the clothes drive.  She thought about JJ.  Paige was upset about JJ telling her what to do about Cole.  Jennifer justified hwy she wanted to keep Paige in the dark.  Jennifer blurted out that Eve and JJ had an affair.  They ended up arguing over it.  He realized she was the one who wanted to keep it a secret.  Melanie snuck into a co-worker's office and looked through the computer.  She found a vile with Theresa's name on it.  Daniel thought Jennifer was trying to get back at Eve.  Brady walked in on Melanie when she had Theresa's vile.  Jennifer wanted to know if Daniel was going to stay quiet.  Before he could answer, they both saw Paige at the door.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Morgan tells Kiki that Alice mentioned that Michael lost a third of ELQ, but he promised her that he wouldn’t tell anyone. Kiki says she didn’t make any promises. Michael tells Sabrina that he thinks Helena Cassadine is trying to take over ELQ. A reporter arrives and asks for a statement. When Michael says he is too busy, the reporter says he will run the story about the lost ELQ shares the way it is. Morgan tells the reporter to hang out by the bar. Morgan and Kiki “run into” Michael. Michael tells them to leave. They tell him that he can’t order them out of a public place and that they are having a nice lunch to celebrate getting back together. Michael doesn’t take the news well. He orders a scotch. The reporter film him.

Sam takes her car to the shop and is pleasantly surprised to find that her father gave Jake a job there. Jake tells Sam that he had a flash of déjà vu about her. He tells her that he has a wife. She says it must be a relief for him to know about his previous life. He says he wanted to remember his life, not to suddenly be married to a stranger. Sam asks him if he thinks he was talking about his wedding ring when he said there was just one ring. He doesn’t know. She tells him that she thought perhaps he saw her ring in the canister next to her bed the night he broke into her house. He doesn’t remember anything about that night. She tells him that Jason’s ring is wherever his body is and that it is a family heirloom that she would have liked to hand down to Danny. Jake offers her a ride to Patrick’s on the motorcycle in the shop. For a moment, Jake reminds her of Jason. Spencer gets into the wall safe looking for Britt’s engagement ring, but finds Alan Quartermaine’s ring instead. He goes to Patrick’s house to give Emma the ring. She knows who Alan Quartermaine was and wonders why Spencer’s dad had the ring in the first place. He says he doesn’t know, but he wants use it as a symbol of their commitment. Emma says she can’t accept the ring because it isn’t Spencer’s to give. He accuses her of not accepting the ring because he is too ugly and she’d rather be with the pretty pyromaniac townie. He throws the ring and leaves. Sam arrives before Emma mentions the ring to Patrick. The ring in on the floor under the sofa.

Hayden orders lobster and champagne room service to celebrate her persuasive abilities in convincing Elizabeth that she is Jake’s wife. Hayden invites Ric to have sex with her and share the lobster afterward. Ric declines. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Jake’s wife came to claim him. Nikolas knows the woman isn’t Jake’s wife, but he can’t say anything. Elizabeth says the woman had Jake’s brain scans. Nikolas says he paid Jake’s medical bills since Helena was responsible for his condition. He suggests that the supposed wife heard about his philanthropy and came looking for more. He is determined to get answers. Elizabeth tells Nikolas who and where Hayden Barnes is. Nikolas goes to Hayden’s room to confront her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chelsea is bothered when Billy goes to the park with Victoria and the kids for the day. Adam increases her doubts about her relationship with Billy when he gets her to talk about how much she loved him. Adam also tells Chelsea that Sage is having an affair with Nick, gaining sympathy from her as well as a hug. Chelsea later confronts Sage about her affair with Nick. Sage fights back by saying that Gabriel has been conning her so that she would fall in love with him. Victoria tells Billy about Abby's stalker and that Stitch is living at the Athletic Club to protect her. The cabin group returns to the cabin and finds Courtney dead inside the closet where Austin's body was found. They also find a note from the killer in her hand. Nick catches Gabriel ordering flowers for someone, and he figures out it isn't Sage. Gabriel is angry with Nick when he is confronted and says he will make sure the Newman family pays for everything they have done. Dylan's suspicions about Sharon being Austin's killer grow when he hears a message from her mechanic saying that he will give her an estimate on repairing her car. The mechanic wonders what Sharon was doing out in the woods. Someone wearing gloves comes into the police station and puts a virus in the computer system that erases all the police files. When Avery calls him to tell him about Courtney's death, Dylan asks Sharon where she has been all day if Noah's wedding was postponed.

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