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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt walks on into the room and says he knew it. He just heard Deacon say that he and Brooke had another shot if he was not engaged to his mother. Does that sound like a guy who wants to get married? Oliver gives the potential models a pep talk and then Nicole joins in and wants to submit herself for the job. Oliver tells her that he is pretty swamped today so she will have to run this past Maya or even Rick. Carter is worried. He knows something is bothering Maya and assures her that she can tell him. Deacon tells Wyatt that he has nothing to worry about. He is in love with his mother. Brooke speaks up and says yes at one time Deacon thought he had a chance with Brooke but then she went to Milan and Deacon fell for Quinn so that was the end of it. Katie tracks Rick down while he is working out. She scoffs that he is newly divorced so he should be going out and getting fat. Nicole interrupts Carter and Maya with Carter saying they are in the middle of something. Nicole smirks that she doesn’t mind talking in front of Carter if Maya doesn’t. Wyatt tells Deacon that the fact they are even talking about it means he should not be marrying his mother. He has never gotten over Brooke and he just admitted it to her. Deacon says he would not have even proposed if he still had feelings for Brooke.

With Carter gone, Maya tells Nicole that she does not appreciate this, Nicole thinking she can come talk to her any time when she is busy. Nicole proceeds that Maya can do her a sisterly favor by making sure she can get on that runway today as a model….again helping each other. Quinn sharpens her dagger just as Wyatt walks in. She calls it a letter opener for Rick to replace the plastic one on his desk. Wyatt says it looks more like a…….then he ends up telling Quinn that he walked by Rick’s office and saw Brooke and Deacon. Brooke had said that there could be a chance for them if he were not engaged to Quinn. He heard Deacon say this bothered him. Quinn thinks about it and accidentally cuts her hand when squeezing it too tightly. Wyatt says they denied it but the first thing she needs to do is not talk to Brooke but give Deacon’s ring back and give him what he wants. Deacon goes back to Brooke and says as unlikely as it seems he is going to remain with Quinn, and Brooke will always be the unobtainable Brooke Logan. Maya tells Nicole that she can not snap her fingers and make her a model. Nicole says Maya surely is not saying no as she would not want to do that. Oliver tells Carter that something is going on between Nicole and Maya that he doesn’t like. Aly even had to give up her room at Eric’s because of Maya giving it to Nicole and yet they can’t stand to be in the same room together. Carter confides in Oliver that Nicole does not go to UCLA after all so that is why she is hanging around Forrester now. Katie tells Rick that it seems to be getting easier for him to move on. He admits that Caroline lied to him and kept secrets the one thing that he can not tolerate, but she can’t stay with Ridge forever and he is sure in time they can still work together at FC. Nicole tells Maya that she was gone for years and now she wants to be a big sister so start acting like it. She wants a part of this life so give her a chance. They are bantering back and forth when Carter is outside the door and about to walk in and hears the harping. Maya ends by saying she will tell Rick eventually. Nicole says she needs to tell Rick right now that she is Myron, her brother, not Maya. Carter walks in with shock written all over his face. Brooke is working alone in her office and turns around suddenly to find Quinn lunging at her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will told Marlena that Paul is Johnís son.  Paul apologized for ruining Sonnyís marriage.  Paul was holding out hope that he could be with Sonny, but Sonny shot him down.  Will stopped Marlena from telling John the truth.  Clyde wanted Victor to give Kate a job.  Will didnít want Marlena to tell John the truth because he thought Paul would stay in Salem.  He wanted her to let it go so he could have a chance to save his marriage.  Paul and Sonny talked about how they met.  Paul said he should have accepted Sonnyís proposal.  Will told Marlena about his insecurities about Paul and begged her not to tell John the truth.

Ben and Chad argued over Abby.  She overheard Chad tell Ben that her family warned him to stay away from her.  She wanted to know who wanted him to stay away from her and he told her.  John wanted to celebrate Sonny and Willís anniversary.  During the celebration, a reporter named Davis interrupted to ask Sonny and Will personal questions.  He asked Paul personal questions too.  Davis ended up exposing Will and Paulís affair.  Will tried to deny the accusation, but the reporter said he had proof.  Victor was upset and wanted to make Will pay.  John was upset with Paul and wanted him to leave Salem.  When Will and Sonny got home, Will apologized to him.  Adrienne regretted having her affair with Lucas.  She felt like a hypocrite and was afraid of what Victor was going to do when he found out.  Sonny was upset with Will for being more concerned with work instead of him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Hayden tells Ric that Jake wouldn’t have sex with her and that he won’t go with her to Beecher’s Corners. Jake tells Elizabeth that he and Hayden are staying in Port Charles and says he would like to remain friends. She tells him that she is thinking about working things out with Ric. Ric asks Hayden to help him get Elizabeth. Cameron sees Hayden leaving Ric’s hotel room. Ric says she is a client. Hayden finds Elizabeth at General Hospital and tells her to stay away from Jake. She tells Elizabeth that she and Jake rekindled their sex life. She suggests that Elizabeth get back with her ex if he is still available. Elizabeth wants to know how Hayden even knows about Ric. She says Jake told her about him.

Cameron asks Ric to protect him from Spencer Cassadine. Spencer has a flashback of the fire. Chandler gives Nikolas the ring that was found in the laundry. Nikolas puts it in the safe. Sonny gives Spencer a new boxing robe to replace the one that burned in the fire and tells Spencer not to ever forget that things can be replaced so he should never value a thing above his life again. Spencer accuses Cameron of setting the fire to kill him so he can get Emma back and observes that it must be working because Emma isn’t there to welcome him home. Spencer tells Sonny that he is going to give Emma Britt’s engagement ring. Ric tells Elizabeth about Cameron’s visit. Nikolas runs into Elizabeth at General Hospital. She tells him that Jake’s wife found him. Spencer finds Jason’s wedding ring in the safe.

Patrick tells Emma that he invited Sam and Danny to move in with them. Emma wonders if Patrick and Sam will get married. Sam and Alexis discuss he sudden appearance of Jake’s wife. Jake instinctively protects Julian from Shawn’s associates at Johnny’s garage. Jake observes that his skill set might be useful to Julian. Julian says his plan was to have Jake run the garage, but that he will think about it. Jake calls the commissioner to report that he is making headway in getting into Julian’s organization. Shawn tells Sonny about Jake’s intervention. Jake sees a motorcycle in the garage and has a flashback of himself kissing Sam by a motorcycle. Sam goes to the garage because her car doesn’t sound right.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil refuses to let Leslie use mental anguish over Devon's affair with Hilary as a defense for him to let him go free of the charges for the accident. Hilary accepts a dinner invitation from the Assistant District Attorney prosecuting Neil's case. The ADA doesn't know who she is, because she tells him her name is Ann Turner. Dylan and Avery argue over her fixation with Joe and his friendship with Sharon. Sharon tells Dylan she stopped near the cabin the night Austin was killed, and she saw a car driving away. Now she worries that the person who killed Austin will try to frame her for the murder. Lily and Joe decide to have a fundraising benefit for the Better Days foundation and honor Avery for her charity work. Noah and Courtney get ready for their wedding, but Courtney is late because she stops by the police station to pick up something she forgot. Courtney hacks into the police computer and finds some evidence that she thinks is confusing. Noah gets a text from Courtney asking him to postpone the wedding and go to the cabin with the rest of the group.

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