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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Quinn to stay away from her. Quinn says she has pushed her to her limit and it is she that needs to stay away from Deacon. She knows what can happen. Brooke scoffs yes a slap in the face. Quinn says no that was last week. Brooke wonders if maybe strangulation is more her speed this week. Quinn tells her that she knows where Brooke is coming from. Wyatt wants to talk to Carter about his mom’s contract. Carter says he turned it over to someone else as he thinks it is wrong. Carter says Quinn is good so he is right about that part, but he’s heard the stories about her. Deacon shows up and asks if they know where Quinn is. He would like to take her out to celebrate. Wyatt tells him to go home. No one around here is going to throw her a welcome home party. He admits that his mother is doing better but one little mistake by Deacon could send her over the edge. He’d like to know that he and Brooke are continents away from each other. He better be committed to his mother and he knows what that means. So Deacon better not rip her off or he will rip him a new one. Maya jumps on Nicole for starting to tell Rick something private about her. Rick says he thinks Maya is perfect and they don’t keep secrets so Nicole is free to say what she wants. Nicole is evasive but says she knows Maya has not told him everything. She did not keep her secret to Nicole. She was little when Maya left but when she came back to visit she promised they would stay in touch and then she didn’t. But that is okay as they are now.

Quinn tells Brooke that Deacon does not want her so she should bow out. Deacon comes in and asks what is going on. Quinn says she is just about ready to go sign her contract and she just stopped by to say hello to Brooke. She leaves and tells Deacon that she will see him at home. Carter tells Wyatt that he was pretty rough on Deacon and he is the key to Quinn bring happy or not. He better keep his eye on him. Brooke tells Deacon that she is not going to enable Quinn’s insanity and she can not believe he is considering marrying someone like that. Rick has to go attend to business and Maya jumps Nicole again about saying nothing about the transgender woman. She says if Rick proposes and wants children obviously she will have to tell him. She tells Nicole that she is asking for help, sounding an awful lot like blackmail. Nicole says call it what she will. It is that simple. If Maya helps her, she will help Maya keep her secret. Quinn is in the workshop making and sharpening a brand new knife/dagger. Carter catches Maya in deep thought about being Myron. He tells her that he just saw Nicole and she seems pretty intense and worried about lying about being enrolled at UCLA. Maya says she does not trust Nicole and does not want to talk about her. Carter says it is classic sister rivalry and she should ease up. Maya lashes out that it is more than that. Carter says she can tell him anything. Brooke tells Deacon that there may be reasons for her to want to go back to the bottle but Quinn will not be that reason. She is only worrying about him with that woman and what could make her snap again. Deacon keeps saying that Quinn is good to him and for him. She thinks he can find someone else besides that lunatic. She feels he is living in harm’s way. On the other side of the partly open door Wyatt overhears their conversation with Deacon saying how good he and Brooke could be good together too. Wyatt comes in and says aha, he knew it. This has been going on all along.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will warned Tori that he would expose her if Paul didnít leave town.  John recognized Tori.  Adrienne stopped herself from being with Lucas.  When John left, Will wanted to know what was going on.  Adrienne changed her mind and wanted to be with Lucas.  Sonny told Rafe that he knew Paul.  Will questioned Tori and realized that John is Paulís father.  Tori told Will that Paulís father died.  Will thought Tori misled John.  She didnít want John to know that sheís Paulís mother.  Will warned Tori to get Paul out of town so no one would know who Paulís father was.  Lucas and Adrienne made love.  Will ran into Marlena and told her he deleted the story on Paul.

Lucas and Adrienne didnít regret being together, but she said they couldnít go on.  Rafe pumped Marlena about whatís going on between Sonny and Will.  She said she would keep an eye on them. Rafe said he would step in if their problems affected Arianna.  Will was upset when he saw Sonny and Paul taking a picture together.  Adrienne was worried about the example she and Lucas were setting for Sonny and Will.  She didnít want anyone to know about their affair.  John told Marlena that he was involved with Tori.  Sonny took Paul to his office to get an extra shirt.  Marlena wanted Will to tell her what was going on.  Marlena figured out that Will knew that Paul is Johnís son.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

While he is sleeping, Jason has memories of time he spent with Sam in the past. He thinks it was a dream. Carly calls Spinelli to ask him to prove that the woman claiming to be Jake’s wife is a fraud. Carly tells Lucas about Hayden. He thinks she is being dramatic. Elizabeth tells Patrick that Jake’s wife appeared at her door in the middle of her first date with Jake. She tells him that Ric wants her back. Hayden tells Ric that Jake refuses to go to Beecher’s Corners because Sam helped him get a job in Port Charles. Sam arrives home and finds Ric in her apartment talking about her on the phone. They argue about her helping Jake and he accuses her of having feelings for him. She informs him that she is moving in with Patrick. Patrick tells Elizabeth Sam is moving in with him and that he hopes Elizabeth finds that kind of happiness. Hayden suggests that she and Jake have sex. He wants to wait until he gets to know her.

Valerie goes to the convalescent home and is horrified to learn that her mother went to find Luke. Luke doesn’t know how he will ever be able to live with the fact that he killed both of his parents. Patricia takes responsibility for Luke’s mental break, because when she realized that Luke was in shock and didn’t remember what he had done. She is the one who decided to cover it up then send Bobbie and Luke to live with Aunt Ruby. Luke tells Patricia that Ruby ran a whore house. Patricia didn’t know. She says she put the house on Elm Street in Bill’s name, sold their father’s car, and went to Philadelphia. She says she was afraid that if Luke saw her, he would remember. She tells Luke that he was trying to protect their mother when he accidentally hit her. Dante, Lulu, and Valerie go to the old house, so do Carly and Lucas. Luke apologizes to Lucas and tells Carly that she resembles his mother. Dante wants to arrest Luke, but Lulu convinces him that her dad needs help. As Patricia loses consciousness, Lucas tries to help but realizes that her heart just gave out. Carly tells Valerie that she isn’t alone because she has her newfound family.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Nikki takes the fingerprints to Paul, but he refuses to help her. She confronts Victor, who tells her he left them for his private investigator because there was a breach at Newman Enterprises. When Nikki leaves, Victor calls someone and says the fingerprints are vital for the next step of their plan. Kevin announces that he found footage of surveillance of Jack Abbott in Chancellor park. He tries to recover more of the footage but sets off an alarm. Paul suspends him. Michael and Lauren plan to go out for dinner to celebrate Michael nearing the end of radiation. Kevin shows up and Michael tells him that he won't be bailing him out if Kevin gets in trouble again. While Dylan visits Sharon to check on her, Noah and Courtney announce their engagement. Sharon is thrilled. Noah tells Sharon that Austin was murdered and Dylan thinks Sharon did it. Sharon tells Dylan to leave. Cane tells Jill he thinks Chancellor needs to be restructured. Jill thinks Cane is just stressed because his marriage is on the rocks. Colin tells Cane to move on to another company but Cane says he isn't going anywhere. Lauren finds herself waiting at the bar for Michael while Cane is waiting for Lily. Michael walks in to find the two laughing and having a good time. He texts Lauren to tell her he can't make it to dinner. Cane asks Lauren if she'd like to join him.

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