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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

When she confronts Brooke, Quinn realizes she is wearing the same perfume she smelt on Deacon. She asks Deacon if Brooke is his friend from AA. Deacon admits she is and he could not just leave her in her hour of need. He went to the meeting alone and had no idea Brooke would be there. He realized her story was worse than he originally thought it was and they made a pact to help each other in times of need. He hopes Quinn can get over this as Brooke is doing good now and has not had another drink since that meeting. She says she can not believe him. She has been telling him and everyone else at FC that she is a different Quinn, a more likeable Quinn and she could not be prouder of Deacon. He is trying to be a good man and improve himself and he reached out to help a friend. She doesn’t want there to be secrets between them though and she wishes he had told her it was Brooke. She gets a phone call and has to go attend to some paperwork concerning her being back at work. She says she knows she will be seeing a lot more of Brooke and she will not disappoint. Deacon has to believe that Quinn is right and she is different now. Brooke says if she is it is because she with Deacon now. She reminds him the last time Quinn was at FC it almost cost Ridge his life. Deacon reminds her that it was Bill that threw him into the Gulf. Brooke is still shocked that Deacon will marry Quinn. He repeats they are good for each other and Brooke will always be that untamable Logan woman. They hug and Deacon leaves and closes the door.

Bill plays with Will at the office and tells Katie that she is VP and does not have to run everything past him. It is the President that needs to suck up if he wants to keep his job. He is driving Ivy back to FC where there is plenty of drama today as they have hired Quinn back. Rick said the public was demanding Quinn’s work but he knows it is really just to stick it to Ivy. And that is not right and one more reason to take the company out of Rick’s hands. Maya has a lot on her mind with thinking of her conversation with Nicole about being Myron. Rick comes in and tells her that he re-hired Quinn. Nicole walks in and gushes about wanting a tour of the place and especially to see a photo shoot. Rick encourages Maya to do that for her sister. And to be sure and introduce her to everyone as they will be seeing a lot more of Nicole. Maya forgets that she has a fitting downstairs. Nicole seems okay to stay and talk to Rick. Maya doesn’t want that and says Rick is too busy for that. She invites Nicole to come to the fitting and they can start the tour there. Katie leaves a text for Brooke and confides to Bill that she is worried about her. She tried to stop by and see her and she is worried who she is spending her time with. Bill thinks it is Ridge but Katie says even worse. Bill can not believe Brooke would turn to a convict and a loser and one coupled with Quinn and that will set her over the edge again. Rick tells Maya that he was looking forward to spending a little more time with Nicole and maybe he’d find out a few things he did not know about Maya. Maya suddenly says she can reschedule the fitting it does not have to be today. Even Nicole says she will not tell Rick anything that he doesn’t want to know. Maya leaves long enough to leave Rick with Nicole and he fills her in on some of his past history, about his sister, Bridget, and how honesty is so important to him and why his past relationships with Amber and Caroline did not work out. They could not be less alike except that they kept things from him. But with Maya, she tells the truth and holds nothing back. Nicole smiles at that and says it was not always that way. Maya charges in and tells Nicole that is enough, say no more. With Deacon having left, Quinn slips into Brooke’s office and she calls Brooke a pathetic lush. She says this is a new low even for Brooke, and who in the hell does she thinks she is?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will told Lucas that Paul is a DiMera.  Lucas tried to convince Will not to expose Paul, but Will was determined to get his way.  Will also told Lucas that Adrienne knew about his affair.  Stefano talked to Chad about the plan he had.  Paul wanted to know how Tori knew Will.  Melanie and Theresa argued over Melanie butting in Theresa’s business.  Tori told Paul that Will wanted to work on his marriage.  She wanted him to move on with his life.  He agreed to leave Salem.  Adrienne warned Abby not to get too close to Chad.  Will implied to Lucas that Adrienne wanted Paul with Sonny.  Lucas went to confront Adrienne about Paul.  

Everyone got ready for the charity benefit.  When Will showed up at the town square, Marlena saw the article he wrote on Paul.  She wanted to know if it was true and he said it was.  Theresa and Melanie continued to argue.  Lucas and Adrienne argued over Sonny and Will.  Marlena was upset about what Will did.  Before he could tell her about it, Paul showed up.  Theresa warned Melanie to stay out of her business.  Will pulled Marlena aside and told her why he wanted Paul out of town.  She told him it was wrong to destroy Paul.  Paul told Tori he was staying in town longer, but she was upset.  She told Will that Paul wanted to stay, but Will was furious.  Lucas and Adrienne kissed each other.  While Will was yelling at Tori, John came over to them. John recognized Tori.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patricia tells Bobbie that it is fitting that the truth come out on the anniversary of the most traumatic event in her life or Luke’s on April 1, 1963. Bobbie recognizes the anniversary of the day their mother died and their father walked out. Patricia recalls her father bullying her, Luke, and their mother, Lena. Patricia remembers her mother lying on the floor bleeding from an injury to the head. Against Tim’s wishes, Patricia takes Lena to General Hospital in Tim’s precious car. Lena lies to Dr. Phil Brewer that she had an accident on her basement stairs, because she had neglected to change a light bulb. Dr. Steve Hardy recognizes Lena and instructs Nurse Jessie Brewer to contact the brother, Frederick Eckert, instead of the abusive husband, Tim Spencer. After a while, Dr. Hardy comes out of the emergency room cubicle and informs Patricia that her mother didn’t make it because the swelling in her brain was more severe than they thought, and she never regained consciousness. When the Eckerts arrive, Patricia meets her cousin, Bill, for the first time. Bill insists on going with Patricia to get Luke and Barbara Jean away from Tim. When Bill and Patricia arrive at the house, Tim is dead on the floor and Luke is sitting on the floor crying.

Lucas calls Bobbie and tells her that a neighbor saw someone go into the Elm Street house with a key. Bobbie tells the other women that Luke went to the old house. Patricia concludes that Luke is trying to remember. Luke watches himself as he remembers the events of that night. He remembers Tim receiving a phone call and then informing him that Lena is dead. He remembers arguing with his father, telling him that it is his fault that Lena is dead. He remembers Tim saying he is going to leave and let the State take care of the kids.

Luke picks up the bat on the floor and concludes that he killed his father, but then he decides that can’t be right, because he remembers that his father ran off. Patricia, Bobbie, and Tracy go to the house on Elm Street. Patricia says they are there to get Luke out of there. Luke tells Patricia that he can’t remember what happened after he picked up the bat and asks her to tell him what happened next. Patricia says that they figured out that Luke blacked out, so she and Bill put Tim’s body in the wall in the basement so that no one would ever know what happened. She says that is why she signed over the house to Bill. Luke says that isn’t possible, because he didn’t even know Bill existed until years later. Then he remembers that as he was dying, Bill told him that he had to forgive himself for what he did to his mother. Luke remembers that when he confronted his father with the baseball bat, he accidentally hit his mother and that is why she was on the floor when Patricia had to take her to the hospital. He remembers Tim yelling at him, saying that they are alike and that Luke killed his own mother. Luke remembers swinging the bat again, killing Tim. Luke collapses on the floor, crying, realizing that he killed both of his parents that night.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin finds footage on Austin's computer which he took of Jack at Chancellor Park. The cabin group wonders why Austin felt he needed to follow Jack. Kevin tells the group that the police department has cameras in the park so he and Courtney break into the police computer to try to find more footage but Kevin is caught by Paul who accuses him of using the police computer for personal reasons. Courtney decides that she has to try and get the footage from the police computer which leads to an argument with Noah because they just got engaged, and Courtney is going to risk her job and her life to catch Austin's killer. Summer tells Kyle she trusts him and despite what the others in the group say, she knows he didn't kill Austin. Kyle kisses her and tells her he never stopped thinking about her, and she is the reason he returned to town but he was heartbroken to learn that she married Austin.

Billy and Chelsea argue when he admits to Chelsea that he and Victoria almost kissed yesterday, but he assures her nothing happened because Victoria is with Stitch and he is with her. Billy also points out to Chelsea that he doesn't get jealous because of her close working relationship with Gabriel. Stitch tells Victoria he has to leave town to pick up Kelly's ashes and he doesn't want her to go with him. Victoria doesn't want Stitch to be alone, so she tells him to take Abby with him. Nikki wants to ask Paul to run the fingerprints she found at the church to find out what Victor is planning, but Paul tells her he won't put her above Christine again and asks her to go through proper channels and leave his office. Gabriel confronts Victor when he finds him in Jack's office, and he makes Victor suspicious when he mentions Adam. Gabriel tells Victor that he went to school with Nick who told him about Adam. Victor tells Jack and Ashley that the Newman computers were also hacked and they should team up to catch the hacker. Jack and Ashley don't believe him and neither does Nikki. When she confronts him about the fingerprints, he tells her that they are the fingerprints the hacker left when the person broke into the company computer. Victor calls his accomplice and says they have to find another place to meet because Nikki got the fingerprints which are very important to the next phase of their plan.

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