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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Deacon tells Brooke that he is right. Brooke says he is with Quinn so other than that it could happen. He is very special to her and the many times they shared. But there are other things to think about. And he should go. He does but as she gives him a hug, Katie sees it. She calls out to Brooke and asks what is going on. Quinn tells Wyatt that Rick is not going to give her a free ride. Rick will be watching over her but at least she does not have to suck up to Ivy. Liam says no; Rick has made a lot of questionable decisions but this one makes no sense. Quinn has not changed that much. Her picture still should have an X on it. He says another zero on the bottom line is too much a risk. Ivy says Quinn seemed very happy so perhaps Deacon has had a change on her. Liam says no matter what she says, Quinn Fuller is dangerous. Brooke tells Katie she is going to the office. Deacon just came by as he has been there for her….with her drinking. She explains that it started with one drink and then two and then….alone and the house empty and she was not happy. Deacon helped fix that. He understands her. She did not want to bother Katie. Katie said she should have; anybody but Deacon.

Deacon goes to FC to see Quinn. She calls him her good luck charm. He’s flabbergasted that she has been asked back at FC and wants to celebrate right now. She smells perfume on him and asks about it. She says he smells like a bouquet of flowers. She guesses that the one from AA must be a woman with good taste. He says yes and he will tell her more if she wants. She says no. She is not the jealous type and she hopes the lady is grateful that she has Deacon on her side. Brooke tells Katie that Deacon is part of the AA program and he can come over any time to remind her that she does not need a drink. He understands what she is going through. In fact he got rid of all the bottles she had on hand. He is a lifeline, so generous and kind and amazing. Katie asks if she is starting to have feelings for him. Brooke says it is an intense attraction. He is a gentleman, kind and supportive. No lines have been crossed. And as long as he is with Quinn nothing can happen between then. She has it under control. And now she is going back to work and stay positive. Liam tells Ivy that she will always have to grovel to Quinn now. Ivy says not everything she has done has ended in disaster. They were together because of Quinn. Quinn tells Deacon that if she were his friend she would want to be helped by him. He has pulled her back from the edge of disaster and now she is back with her son at FC making jewelry again. And when she goes home tonight she will not be alone. She will have this wonderful man. She knows the good he can do and would never stop him form doing that ……just do not come home smelling like perfume again. Brooke walks in and does not believe Quinn is working there again and threatens to go find out from Rick. Quinn chastises her and says she has a right to a second chance. Then Quinn smells her perfume and guesses it is Brooke who is the AA patron that Deacon is helping.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny went to see Paul, Nicole wanted Daniel to tell her what was going on between him and Jennifer.  He refused to tell her what was going on.  They ended up arguing over their relationship.  Rafe went to see Will and noticed something was wrong.  Sonny wanted to know why Paul didn't tell him that he saved his life.  Nicole was ready to call it quits with Daniel when it looked as if he didn't believe she would ever get over Eric.  Daniel agreed with her.  When JJ showed up, Nicole left.  Will told Rafe that he wouldn't let anyone ruin his family.  Paul told Sonny how he saved his life.  Tori showed up in Paul's room while Sonny was there.

Sonny told Tori that Paul saved his life.  Sonny ended up leaving.  Abby told Ben about her relationship with Chad.  Ben wanted to know if Chad was the reason why she wouldn't move in with him.  Daniel wanted to talk to JJ about his jacket and Eve.  Daniel wanted JJ to tell him what he did.  JJ confessed to sleeping with Eve.  Abby reminded Ben how he hurt her by throwing EJ in her face.  When Sonny went home, he told Will that he went to see Paul.  JJ continued to tell Daniel about what he did with Eve.  JJ told Daniel about what he did with Eve.  JJ told Daniel that Jennifer knew about him and Eve and made it possible for him to be back with Paige.  Daniel warned JJ not to trust Eve.  Tori warned Paul that Sonny and Will love each other.  Paul wondered if Tori met Will.  Will wanted to take responsibility for his actions.  Sonny told Will that Paul saved his life.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco and Nina blackmail Olivia into giving them a suite at the Metro Court. Olivia tells Carly that she can’t stop her from giving a room to whomever she chooses. When Carly gets Olivia alone, she demands to know what she was thinking. Luke plans to shoot Bobbie, Tracy, Lulu, and Patricia in Patricia’s room at Oak Hill Convalescent Hospital. Lulu informs him that Dante has already called the police. Tracy observes that Luke has been waving his gun around for a while and hasn’t shot anyone yet so she predicts that he isn’t going to. The other Luke comes out and doesn’t know where he is or why he has a gun. He is surprised to see his long lost sister Patricia. The police arrive. Tracy talks to them outside in the hallway and assures them that everything is fine. Luke escapes through the window.

Alexis wonders how much Patrick saw when he and Sam walked in on Julian and her. He tells her that he asked Sam to move in with him so that they can avoid that sort of thing. Alexis thinks it is the logical next step for Patrick and Sam. Julian tells Sam that he asked Alexis to move in with him, but that she declined. Sam tells him that she received the same offer from Patrick but she hasn’t given him an answer yet. She observes that it will make her, Danny, Patrick, and Emma a family. Julian says he understands that her chance to have a family with Jason and Danny was cut short, but she has a chance for a long happy life with Patrick now. He reveals that he saw her looking at her wedding ring when he arrived. She tells him that she wasn’t thinking about Jason; she was thinking about Jake saying there was only one ring just before he went into surgery. Sam goes to the hospital and tells Patrick that she will move in with him.

Hayden calls Ric and tells him that Jake left to get coffee and never came back. Ric tells Hayden that unless she gets Jake to move to Beecher’s Corners, the deal is off and he will want a refund. Elizabeth runs into Ric. He tells her that things don’t’ have to be weird between them just because she broke things off. He tells her that he has been investigating online dating. She tells him that she is not going to pursue anything with Jake because he has a wife. Ric asks Elizabeth to consider taking him back. Jake arrives at the hotel room with the coffee. He tell Hayden that eh stopped to talk to Carly and predicts that Hayden will like Carly once she gets to know her. Hayden says she isn’t going to get to know Carly because they are going back to their home in Beecher’s Corners. He tells her that the life in Beecher’s Corners that she is trying to drag him to is not a life that he remembers. He says Port Charles is his only point of reference and he is starting a new job tomorrow. She agrees to stay with him in Port Charles. While Jake is in the bathroom, Hayden calls Ric to tell him that they have a problem that is much more serious than coffee.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Dylan promises to protect Sharon. He tells Summer, Kyle, Noah, and Courtney that he knows all about the threatening messages and Austin's murder. He advises them to put it all behind them so he can clean up the mess their lies caused. Ruining Chelsea and Billy's breakfast plans, Gabe informs them that the Jabot mainframe was hacked. He asks Billy to talk to Victoria about it because he thinks Victor is behind it. Nick confronts Victor about the night Sandra broke her neck. Victor doesn't deny his involvement and he doesn't apologize for it. Later, Victor drops an envelope off at the confessional but it is retrieved by Nikki, who finds a paper of fingerprints inside. Noah and Courtney go to Crimson Lights where he proposes and she accepts.

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