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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Deacon tells Brooke that this can not just be him. Does she feel this too? She says he is very special to her. He says that is not what he means. He needs to know if there is any future for them. He admits he loves Quinn and she has made him a better man but there is still this strong connection and he has to know if she feels it too and if there is any chance of a future together. Wyatt tells Rick that his mother is making a lot of positive changes and he thinks Quinn will not let him down. Ivy and Ridge walk in and she wonders why Quinn is here. Pam and Carter soon join and Rick tells them to welcome Quinn back to FC. Liam tells Bill and Katie that things are light here at Spencer today but he can’t say the same at FC. He just got a text from Ivy and a lot is going on. Bill calls Rick a dirty little sadist. He also advises Liam to tell Katie of his plan. She is not surprised to hear that Steffy will not give her shares without Liam’s love. Liam says this is not just about Caroline. Rick is making all of them miserable. Bill agrees that Rick is a smarmy little dictator and he has to go.

Carter says bringing Quinn back is insane and a real liability. Rick tells them to calm down. He has already told Quinn that she is under scrutiny. He has had demands for her work and he is honoring it. He will run this company as he sees fit and if they don’t like it there is the door. He says he is serious. No one has to stay. Quinn is here to stay. Quinn speaks up and says she is a changed woman. She is engaged to Deacon and trying to make a better life. Rick tells them to stop their whining and accept it, get over it. Liam suspects something is wrong with Brooke and Bill and Katie fill him in that she wasn’t just being festive at Katie’s wedding. There could be more to it than that. She is always busy when they invite her over and yet she is not working or doing anything else with her life. Brooke argues with Deacon about Quinn and says she hurt their daughter and she is afraid she will hurt him too. She says he wants companionship but he doesn’t want Quinn. Quinn calls Deacon and tells him to get over to FC right away, she has good news. He in turn tells Brooke that he needs an answer from her. Ivy goes to see Rick. She says she was supposed to have a meeting with Rick but everyone was there. And now Quinn is working back at FC. Quinn tells Wyatt that she is so happy now that she has been given a second chance. Wyatt tells her that he is proud of her. She says that is all that matters. Anything else like this job is just the cherry on top. Deacon tells Brooke that he will not leave until she answers him. She tells him what he said was so kind and means the world to her at this time in her life. She does not know what she would have done without him. Life can be great and she can not help but think of those times with him when they created their beautiful baby girl. Maybe this could be their time but……there is Quinn.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne told Lucas that Will cheated on Sonny.  Will overheard Sonny talking to Paul and reminded Paul that he had to stay away from Sonny.  Sonny wanted to know what Will meant by that.  Adrienne and Lucas argued over Will cheating on Sonny.  Will wanted to know why Sonny wanted to see Paul.  Sonny said he didnít want Will to know.  While Adrienne and Lucas were arguing, Lucas wondered if she were still talking about Will and Sonnyís marriage.  When Will yelled at Paul, Paul decided to walk away.  When Paul was about to leave, John stopped him.  Melanie tried to figure out why Clint took blood from Brady and Theresa.  Brady wanted to know what was going on with Melanie.  John needed Paul, Sonny, and Will to help with the benefit.  The benefit was on Will and Sonnyís anniversary.  

Lucas told Adrienne they could still be friends despite what happened, but she walked away.  Brady didnít want to push Melanie so he backed off.  He wanted her to leave Theresa alone.  Eve comforted Theresa over Clint.  Kate told Lucas about what Stefano did to get her out o the company.  When John left, Paul brought up Will and Sonnyís anniversary.  Paul said he would leave Salem after he is gone.  When Paul left, Sonny reminded Will that he ruined their marriage.  Melanie talked to Maggie about Theresa.  Maggie told Melanie that Sarah wanted to be a surrogate for a friend.  Theresa opened up to Eve about constantly losing people.  John was upset that Brady didnít tell him what happened to him.  Chad told Sonny that Paul saved his life.  Will was determined to make Paul pay for what he did.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Valerie tells Dante and Lulu that her mother is at Oak Hill Convalescent Hospital and that Luke knows it. She reveals that her mother has Multiple Sclerosis and us unable to walk, let alone defend herself from a psychopath. Bobbie and Tracy go to Oak Hill to see Patricia, but find Luke in Patricia’s room with a gun. Patricia is tied up and gagged in her room. Luke puts Bobbie and Tracy next to Patricia and says he going to kill them all. Dante tells Lulu to stay with Valerie until the ambulance arrives. Lulu defies Dante and leaves him with Valerie while she runs off o Oak Hill alone, only to be put with Patricia, Bobbie, and Tracy in line to be shot.

Carly still doesn’t believe Hayden is Jake’s wife. Jake says he has to believe the proof that Hayden gave him and go “home” to Beecher’s Corners. Carly reminds him that he works for Sloan so he doesn’t have the choice to go. Jake concludes that his only choice is to convince Hayden to stay in Port Charles so he can report to his undercover job with Julian tomorrow. Franco tells Olivia that he will reveal that Julian is the father of her baby if she doesn’t give him and Nina a suite at the Metro Court. Olivia observes that no one would believe anything Franco or Nina might say. Franco and Nina go over to Julian and Alexis’ table. Olivia gives in.

Commissioner Sloan tells Jordan that he knows she is Anna’s undercover operative because her old boss, Bob Masicott from the DEA told him. He says Anna had a responsibility to brief him on the operation when he took over as commissioner. Anna tells Jordan that they have no choice but to trust Sloan. Jordan tells Sloan that she wore a wire to a meeting with Duke to get him to repeat his order for her to kill Julian, but instead, he called off the hit. Anna wonders if Duke is on to Jordan and is playing them. Duke’s bodyguard asks Duke why he didn’t tell Sonny that Jordan was wearing a wire. Duke explains that Sonny can’t know anything about what is going to happen to Jordan because he needs complete deniability. He says it is his responsibility to take care of the problem because he brought her into the organization.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy and Chelsea decide they are not ready to get married so they call off the wedding. Chelsea admits to Billy she still has feelings for Adam.  Billy admits he wanted to get married because he was afraid of losing her. Chelsea assures him that she will never leave him.  Sharon reminds Nick about how an underage girl who got drunk at one of his parties in high school almost broke her neck, because she was diving off the balcony into the Newman swimming pool. Sharon tells Nick that she will tell everyone what she knows if he doesn't let her spend more time with Faith. Nick tells Avery to add one day a week where Faith can be with Sharon to his custody agreement. Abby and Stitch tell Dylan about Austin's murder and the stalker, so Dylan  and Stitch team up to try to try and figure out the identity of the stalker.  Avery tells Jack about the differences in Gabriel's signature. Jack tells Adam that he needs to be more careful. Victor talks to his secret accomplice again and says that nobody must know that they know each other. 

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