Friday 3/27/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 3/27/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke wakes up to a phone call from Deacon who asks if she is going to the AA meeting this morning or needs a ride. She says she is going and she will make it on her own. Katie calls too and Brooke has to turn her down for a play date with Will, another time. Quinn tells Deacon that she is proud of him so go do his thing. She will find a way to reward him. Rick calls Quinn and says he has a proposition for her if she can drop by. She needs to check her schedule but says she can squeeze him in. He tells Pam to cancel, not re-schedule, Ivy’s appointment. Then Wyatt comes in and Rick says his timing is impeccable, come on in. Pam is shocked when Quinn shows up and storms past her into Rick’s office. Wyatt wonders what is up. Rick asks if her old job came up would she be interested. She says absolutely. Rick says they will see if they can make that happen.

Deacon and Brooke notice each other at the meeting and sit down. Various ones tell their story. Brooke says she has not had a drink lately. She does not like being drunk but she also does not like being alone and right now she is very lonely. Her children are gone and her sister just got re-married and she suddenly was terribly alone. The drinking blocked all of that out and made her feel better. But then a friend, a fellow alcoholic, stepped up to help her. She admits that she has not been that good to him but she knows if she calls he will always be there for her. Without calling names, Deacon speaks up and says that is the way it should be. Meeting over Deacon tells Brooke that he meant what he said….all she has to do day or night is pick up the phone and call him. Rick tells Quinn that she has been missed and lots have called about her work. He does not like the way she treated his sister but he’s willing to take a chance on her returning to work if she can promise her craziness won’t be a liability. Wyatt vouches for her that she is doing better. Rick shakes her hand and tells her welcome back. She will have the same salary but longer hours since their first quarter was so good and this will be better. He just hopes that she won’t make him regret this. Rick wants to call a meeting and re-introduce her again. She tells Rick she can separate her personal and work life so she will make him proud of her. Deacon shows up soon after the meeting at Brooke’s. He says he could not stop thinking about the meeting. He wants to be sure she meant what she said earlier in the meeting. He wants her to call on him anytime. She does have not to be lonely. He loves Quinn but he still has feelings for Brooke and wonders if there is any chance for them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will talked to T about his problems with Sonny.  Will opened up to T about his affair.  Sonny and Paul talked about Paul's affair with Will.  Theresa told Brady about the text she sent him.  Theresa implied that Melanie deleted the text.  Maxine tried to warn Melanie to stay out of Theresa's business.  Daniel advised Jennifer to tell Paige the truth about JJ's affair with Eve.  Daniel didn't want Jennifer to shut him out, but she wanted to leave.

Melanie opened up to Maxine about Clint and what he did to Brady.  Maxine advised her to tell Brady the truth because he had a right to know.  Eve agreed to work with Cole so he could get Paige back.  Before Jennifer could leave Daniel's place, Nicole was there.  Nicole wanted to know what was going on.  T tried to make Will feel better about his affair.  Paul tried to get Sonny to forgive Will for the affair.  Paul implied that Sonny only wanted him because he was a star.  Sonny said he didn't know who Paul was when he met him.  Daniel wanted Nicole to leave so he and Jennifer could finish talking.  Jennifer didn't want to talk.  She wanted him to let her and her family move on.  Nicole was listening to them and thought that Daniel was trying to get back together with Jennifer.  Will went to look for Sonny and Paul.  Sonny and Paul talked about their relationship.  Brady and Melanie argued over the text Theresa sent him.  Daniel and Nicole argued over Jennifer.  Jennifer warned JJ that Daniel knows about him and Eve.  Will caught Sonny and Paul together.  Brady and Melanie argued over Theresa.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Bobbie tells Tracy that she didn’t find Luke in Florida. Tracy tells Bobbie that she and Lulu tracked down her sister, Patricia but that she is dead. Tracy tells Bobbie that Patricia’s daughter, Valerie gave her the name of a cemetery that apparently doesn’t exist. Dante breaks in Valerie’s door and finds her unconscious on the floor. Valerie tells Dante and Lulu that her mother isn’t really dead and that Lulu’s father forced her to tell him where her mother is. Bobbie figures out that Oak Hill is a convalescent hospital and calls to find out if Patricia is there. She and Tracy go to Oak Hill and find Luke in Patricia’s room with a gun.

Shawn tells Sonny that he thinks he was wrong about Jordan when he accused her of being a police informant. Sonny tells Shawn that Duke is testing Jordan, but that Duke didn’t say what the test is. Anna outfits Jordan with a wire to entrap Duke. Julian intercepts the roll of cash that Duke expected to find in the tea box at the Metro Court restaurant, just to make a point. He returns the money because it is too small an amount to be bothered with. Commissioner Sloan arrives at Anna’s hotel room with a fake warrant just to pull her chain. He says he doesn’t need to search her room to find the identity of her operative because his former boss, Bob, already told him that it is Jordan Ashford. Jordan tries to record Duke saying he wants her to kill Julian, but Duke tells her that if anything happens to Julian, the police will know exactly who is responsible. He says Jordan’s willingness to do it is sufficient to prove her loyalty. Duke tells Sonny and Shawn that he is confident that Jordan is not reporting to Anna. Sonny hopes Shawn and Jordan can resume their romantic relationship. Duke’s bodyguard wonders why Duke didn’t tell Sonny that Jordan was wearing a wire. Sloan is still in Ann’s room when Jordan gets there.

Julian apologizes to Olivia for wanting to touch her belly and for badgering her about the paternity of her baby. He tells her that he and Alexis will both drop the subject and accept that Ned is the father. Alexis tells Julian and Olivia that Franco and Nina have been released from ShadyBrook. Franco invites Nina to live with him in the luxury suite that he is going to blackmail Olivia into giving him. He tells Olivia that if she doesn’t give them a suite, he is going to tell Julian that he is her baby’s father.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Stitch has a slip of the tongue and tells Abby that the last time he got drunk, he took a shower to get sober and had sex with Ashley. He asks Abby not to tell anyone, because he and Ashley promised to keep it a secret. Kevin manages to see Sharon's interview video and the cabin group discovers that after Nick committed a crime, Victor paid a lot of money to keep Nick out of jail. Sharon gets a message in lipstick on the mirror at her house that says "I know the truth and so do you." Dylan encourages Sharon to tell him the truth about the night Austin died. Sharon tells Dylan that she already told him everything, and she isn't hiding anything from him. Dylan sees the message on the mirror and sends a text to Noah so they can talk. Noah tells Dylan that Sharon and Abby are being stalked and that they can't go to the police or they will be killed.

Chelsea admits to Sage that she still loves Adam, but isn't sure if she loves Billy more. She thinks it must just be pre-wedding jitters. When Sage tells Adam about her conversation with Chelsea, he asks her to please continue to help him be with the woman he loves. Avery and Nick are both suspicious of Gabriel when he doesn't remember the name of the Better Days foundation that his grandmother Constance founded or its purpose. Gabriel signs some foundation papers for Avery. Later in her office, Avery notices some differences between Gabriel's recent signature and the one on other foundation papers. Nick goes over to Sharon's place to finish an earlier discussion and thinks that she's acting strangely, so he tells her that it's best that she not see Faith for a while. Sharon tells Nick that if he takes Faith away from her, she will tell the whole world how he broke a girl's neck.

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