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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole comes back for her earbuds and can’t help but overhear what Maya said about wanting Nicole to leave. She asks where she stands as she thought they were just starting to know each other. Rick answers by saying he wanted them to get close but perhaps he spoke before thinking it through. He can see there is tension so while he is not kicking her out perhaps he can secure a place nearby for her. Nicole thinks they can get to know each other better under the same roof. Maya says Rick is a wonderful man; kind and considerate and just looking out for her. She would like to be sisters and get to know Nicole better. She’d like her sister to be able to look up to her as a big sister so she may stay here if she likes. Nicole pretends that she doesn’t want to force herself into a situation where she is not wanted. Rick says it is settled, she will stay and he goes upstairs. Maya says again that she does want Nicole to stay. Nicole is happy and says she did not come here to pressure or blackmail Maya. She is proud of what her sister has accomplished and she wants them to be close, but she does have expectations. Brooke and Katie share takeout at her house and she mentions it is good to have Bill back home for Katie. Katie pours them both a glass of wine and Brooke looks a little worried. She is still looking at the wine when Katie asks her about things over at FC. Brooke replies that Rick is now in charge and doing a wonderful job and she doesn’t want to stand over his shoulder and mess that up. She also feels like the world passed her by while she was in Milan and she is trying to figure out now just what to do with herself. Brooke doesn’t want Katie to worry about her as she will be fine. She just wants Katie to focus on her newly found family. Katie is not sure she will go back to work just yet but they both agree they will be there for each other when needed. Brooke adores Katie but says she needs to do this on her own; going back and being a strong, independent person. She was always defined by the relationship she was in. She needs to be that single Brooke Logan again. She doesn’t know how but she will figure it out.

Quinn keeps staring at her engagement ring and assures Deacon she would not want a bigger one for her finger. And she would not want to re-design one. She likes it because he picked it out. When she comes back from the bedroom Deacon is smiling as she is holding a whip and dressed in sexy black. She calls him sexy Deacon. He says she looks sexy hot. She says he ought to be scared. She whispers for him to come closer and turn around and she puts a blindfold on him. She demands that he get down on his knees. He is soon out of breath and laughing and wonders how she always knows exactly what to do. She coos that she pays attention and more importantly she knows what feels good to her. She wants to get it in writing when he says he has never met a woman like her. And Brooke will not stop them. He says he feels like a train off the tracks going who knows where but it will be one hell of a ride and she is along for that ride. Quinn passes on the wine and says water is just fine. She is not going to do anything to make life difficult for him. She brings up the wedding and wonders who will be there besides Wyatt. She thinks perhaps Deacon can invite his new AA friend. He thinks that might defeat the purpose of being anonymous. She shows him a picture of her wedding dress, different but sexy and she wants the ceremony at night with lots of candles. He says again he can not believe he caught her. She pulls his hair back and kisses him before saying that no one catches her. Brooke starts to clean up. She picks up the glass of wine and holds it dearly while smelling it and walks out on the front porch with the entire bottle in her hand. She cries as she contemplates drinking it but finally pours all into the bushes. Maya asks Nicole what she means by expectations. Nicole says she really wants to be treated like a sister, not just some package that landed on her doorsteps. Maya says she does care. Nicole suggests they share the wealth….well maybe that is not the right word but Maya has plenty and right now Nicole needs a car. Maya says she has no control over the Forrester cars, but Nicole is right she has not been that welcoming and she would like to treat her like family. But she wants one thing. She wants Nicole to allow her to deal with her past as she sees fit. Rick can not find out she is transgendered until and if he proposes. Nicole agrees that if Maya takes care of her then she will take care of Maya too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel realized that JJ was with Eve.  Paige noticed something wrong with him.  Jennifer stopped Eve from talking to JJ.  Will thought Sonny was trying to avoid him.  Will wanted to talk things out, but Sonny didnít want to talk yet.  Sonny also dropped the bomb that he came back to Salem for the club and not to talk things out.  Paige talked to Daniel about the night she thought Eve slept with someone.  Jennifer was going to tell Paige the truth if Eve wasnít going to honor the deal.  Sonny told Will why he wanted to come back for the club.  Will wanted to try to work things out, but Sonny wanted to wait.  Eve didnít want JJ to ruin Paigeís life.  Jennifer took that to mean that Eve didnít want to honor the deal and was done with her.  Jennifer called Paige.

Eve agreed not to be alone with JJ because she didnít want to lose her daughter.  When Eve left, Jennifer wanted to know what Eve wanted with JJ.  He said he was worried that Eve would tell Paige, but Jennifer said she wouldnít.  When JJ went to see Daniel, Daniel pumped him about the other girl he was seeing.  Paul went to see Sonny.  Paul wanted to talk to Sonny.  Eve wanted to come up with a way to keep JJ and Paige apart.  Daniel wanted to talk about who JJ hooked up with before.  JJ didnít want to talk about it.  Daniel wanted to know why JJ didnít want the jacket.  Cole warned Paige that JJ would break her heart.  She didnít want to listen.  JJ stormed out of Danielís place and called Jennifer.  JJ told her that Daniel knew everything.  Sonny and Paul talked about Will cheating with Paul.  Eve wanted to work with Cole so he could get Paige back.  Jennifer went to Daniel to leave JJ alone.  He called her out for knowing what was going on with JJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante tells Lulu that his last lead was a bust so he doesn’t have any idea where Luke is. Lulu tells Dante about Valerie the suspicious noise in her apartment. Luke has Valerie tied to a chair, but she is secretly able untie herself. Valerie refuses to tell Luke were her mother is because she knows he intends to kill her. Lulu ties to call Valerie, but Luke has unplugged the phone. Luke and Valerie both try to get to Luke’s gun. Dante and Lulu go to Valerie’s apartment. When Valerie doesn’t answer the door, Dante breaks it in. Lulu is shocked by what she sees inside.

At Nina’s competency hearing, Alexis tells the judge that Nina faked her last breakdown so that she could stand by her friend in ShadyBrook. At Franco’s hearing, Scott testifies that Franco injected himself with LSD and faked the long-term effects to avoid going back to Pentonville. The judge determines that Franco’s trial may proceed. While Franco’s attorney, Sullivan, is addressing he judge, Scott clues Franco in on his strategy. He says Franco’s best chance at freedom is to show that Heather was the one who kidnapped Shawn and Carly and that Franco didn’t know that the baby Nina had with her had been kidnapped until he was already in Canada, which is out of this court’s jurisdiction. Sullivan is able to sell that scenario to the judge. The charges are dropped. Franco goes to Nina’s courtroom just before she ruins her own case by faking another break. Nina’s judge declares Nina free to go.

Carly and Elizabeth go into Hayden’s hotel room with Carly’s key. Carly confronts Hayden. She says anyone can get a ring, that doesn’t make it Jake’s wedding ring. Elizabeth looks at the medical records that Hayden gives her and determines that they are real when she sees that there had been a brain surgery. Jake tells Elizabeth that he still doesn’t remember anything about Hayden and that his feelings are for Elizabeth. Pete, the model that is supposed to be Jake in the “before” pictures, demands more money from Ric and threatens to find Elizabeth and tell her everything if Ric doesn’t pay. Sam wonders if Jake was talking about her ring in the canister when he mentioned to her that there was only one ring. Patrick wonders why Jake mentioned the rings when he was being wheeled into brain surgery. Danny asks Patrick if he is his daddy now. Sam explains that Danny only has one daddy. Patrick tells Danny that they can be buddies. Patrick continues to try to convince Sam to move in with him.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

While Kevin tries to encrypt Sharon's interview files, Summer, Noah, and Mariah argue about whether or not Sharon is capable of murder. Dylan convinces Sharon to tell Nick she did an incriminating interview with Austin. Sharon goes to "The Underground" and finds Nick and Sage fresh from having sex. Nick and Sharon argue. Sharon goes home, with Dylan following. Sharon discovers a message written on the mirror, "I know what happened and so do you". Stranded in a Jabot car, Chelsea and "Gabe" talk about Adam. Chelsea feels that "Gabe" asks too many questions and tries to leave but "Gabe" stops her. Later, "Gabe" tells Sage he feels he's getting close to getting Chelsea back while Chelsea is at home telling Billy that "Gabe" just reminded her that Billy is the only man she wants to be with.

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