Wednesday 3/25/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 3/25/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Nicole is glaring at Maya, Rick sips his martini and tells Nicole that he will tell her what he loves about her sister. Besides being loyal and honest she is so self accepting and does not care what others think about her. Maya looks uncomfortable. Ridge thinks he must be dreaming when he opens his door to find Bill. And the first thing Bill does is notice the nude portrait of Caroline and shows his disdain. Bill assumes he is having a midlife crisis and going Bohemian being so artistic. Bill says Ridge’s infatuation is disgusting and it is just some sick imagination. Eventually they get around to the real reason Bill is here to discuss Liam’s hostile takeover of FC. Ridge says he does not think it will happen without Steffy as they don’t have enough stock. He knows his dad will give him the job back when Rick’s year of terror is over. Bill scoffs if there is a company left then. Ridge isn’t eager to get in bed with Bill just yet. Ridge says he will talk again with Liam but he thinks he is otherwise occupied. Bill asks Ridge how much for the painting who replies that it is not for sale. Bill says everything is for sale and he would like this out of here and free of Ridge. Ridge reminds him that Caroline is a free agent now, but Bill says she still could change her mind in the six month’s waiting period. She deserves to be in a healthy relationship. Alone Ridge thinks back of his times with Caroline....working with her, holding her hand and guiding it.....smelling her hair and painting her and kissing her.

Ivy walks into Liam’s house still grousing a little of how Rick is always complaining about her work. Liam tells her that he has a special evening planned to take her mind off of all of that. They kiss and then he hands her a glass of wine. He also tells her just to start spending as little time as she can at work. He halfheartedly tells her that she can set up her shop there at his home, clutter and all. The doorbell rings and Liam thinks his surprise is here. Ivy tells him he is a great cook and he replies yeah he is good wit the phone for takeout. She makes a toast and says she hopes tomorrow is just as bad so it can end this way too. Liam laughs and says she could always kiss up to Maya. Nicole tells Rick that Maya really lucked out. He says not really. He’s never known anyone like her and she is everything she appears to be. Maya is uncomfortable and tries to change the subject by asking about his day at the office. He says all is okay except he had to talk to Ivy about her work and he does not like her attitude toward Maya. Nicole is surprised to her this. She says Ivy seems just fine to her. Maya says that she too does not like the way Ivy treats Rick. Rick adds that Ivy thinks Maya is a gold digger and pretending to be something she is not. But it was Caroline who kept secrets and everyone knows that Maya is real upfront. Nicole suggests that perhaps she could talk to Ivy but Maya nixes that right away. In fact she would like to speak with Rick alone and asks Nicole to give them a few minutes. Rick realizes it has something to do with Nicole and wants Maya to tell him. She has been there for him and he wants to be there for her. Maya starts off that she is not perfect. Rick says none of them are. They have all done things they regret. Maya remarks that she does not regret anything that she did. She regrets nothing to end up being the woman she is now sitting in front of him. He assures her he would not want it any other way either so this must be about Nicole. Maya has always been honest with him so she can tell him what it is about. He understands having a sibling that you can’t stand. Maya says she love that he wants them to bond. He thinks he has his answer and asks if she would feel better if they got Nicole a place closer to UCLA. Nicole walks back in and asks Maya if she is going to answer Rick. He trusts and respects her. Does Maya want Nicole to leave?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melanie saw the vials that Clint dropped and wanted to know where Theresa was.  Jennifer told Eve that JJ and Paige were back together.  Jennifer wanted to know what she was going to do.  When Eve wouldn't tell her, she said she knew what she was going to do.  Clint threatened Melanie.  Melanie refused to drop the subject and wanted to know why he had the vials.  Paige wanted to tell JJ about her conversation with Eve.  Jennifer wanted Eve to keep her mouth shut about her affair with JJ.  If Eve didn't leave JJ alone, Jennifer was going to tell Paige about the affair.  When Clint didn't tell Melanie anything, she called out to Theresa.  He stopped her from calling out to Theresa.  Theresa ended up walking in on them.  Theresa threw Melanie out of her apartment.  Theresa wanted Clint to tell her what was going on.  

Eve agreed to keep quiet about her affair.  Eve and Jennifer ended up in an argument.  Jennifer warned Eve to keep her mouth shut and to stay away from her son before she walked away from her.  Clint put Theresa back in bed and left.  Melanie showed up at Theresa's apartment again.  When Paige went to Daniel's to babysit Parker, she told him that she thought he was sleeping with Eve.  Eve went to see JJ at school to find out how he manipulated Paige.  Paige said she saw Daniel's coat in Eve's place the night Eve had her surgery.  He said he didn't leave it there.  He realized that JJ had the jacket.  Melanie noticed a puncture wound in Theresa's arm.  She wanted to know why Clint took blood from Theresa and Brady.  Daniel realized that JJ was with Eve.  Jennifer showed up at the school and saw JJ and Eve talking to each other.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spinelli concludes to Maxie that since Nathan has stepped aside, they are free to be a family with Georgie. Maxie tells him that he is wrong about that. She asks him why she would want to be with a person who treats her like she is a useless prizefighting belt. He tells her that that want his intention. She tells him that he didn’t have to something stupid to prove his feelings for her because she has known his feelings for a decade. He asks her if he blew his chance. She doesn’t want to talk about it.

Nina tells Franco that she told Alexis that her breakdown was fake because she felt Alexis needed to know the truth in order to prepare the best defense for her. Franco says he understands and that he also told his father the truth. Nina observes that as the District Attorney, it is Scott’s job to use that information to put Franco away, whereas as Nina’s attorney, it is Alexis’ job to keep the information confidential. Judge Dawn Roth hears Nina’s competency case. She says there is no indication of improvement since Nina’s last breakdown. Alexis reveals that Nina’s last breakdown was faked.

Sam declines Patrick’s invitation to move in with him. The canister that she keeps her wedding ring falls over. She has flash of a memory of Jake saying there was only one ring. She wonder if Jake was talking about her ring. Elizabeth tells Carly about the ill-timed appearance of Jake’s wife. Carly doesn’t believe anything about the Hayden Barnes’ story. She says the woman is either a crackpot or a con artist. Jake goes to Hayden’s hotel room while Ric is there. Ric sneaks out unseen and goes to meet Molly for breakfast. Molly asks him how his experiment with online dating is going. He tells her that he met a nice woman who turned out to be married. Hayden gives Jake a phony marriage license and social security card. She shows him pictures of her with a man who is supposed to be him, before the accident. Ric had hired the man, Pete, to participate in a photo shoot with Hayden to produce lots of pictures to placate Jake. Jake tells Hayden that he can’t believe the man in the photos is him. He notices that he is wearing a wedding ring in the pictures and observes that he was obviously not wearing it when he was taken to the hospital the night of the accident because it was not among his effects. She tells him that he threw at her the night that he stormed off. She takes the ring out of the folder of keepsakes. She puts the ring on his finger and kisses him. Carly and Elizabeth walk in using Carly’s key. Pete finds Ric at Kelly’s. Ric tells him that he cannot be seen.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack tells Stitch that Kelly took her own life with an overdose of pills. Stitch is very angry with Jack and Phyllis and he gets angry at Victoria when she tries to offer comfort and sympathy. Victoria is hurt by Ben's reaction and goes home to cry over Kelly's death. Billy is hurt and disappointed when Chelsea forgets they had a meeting with a wedding venue and a caterer and schedules a meeting with a department store about her clothing line instead. He tells Chelsea it's okay that she goes to her meeting. Billy is also upset that Chelsea is going to the meeting with Gabriel. Billy stops by Victoria's house and sees her crying. She tells him about Kelly's death, and he is touched that she is mourning Kelly despite the fact that his affair with Kelly ended their marriage. Billy and Victoria realize that they can't talk to Stitch and Chelsea the way they can talk to each other because they don't know Stitch and Chelsea as well as they know each other.

Jack continues to struggle with his guilt about Kelly's death. but Phyllis wants to leave him. but Jack assures her that he loves her and wants to be with her. He just feels badly that Kelly's life ended so tragically. Adam pulls the run out of gas trick on Chelsea and asks her questions about Adam. Chelsea tells Gabriel that she sometimes feels like Adam is still there with her watching her. Gabriel tells her that Adam is there with her. Sage seeks comfort from Nick after her most recent argument with Gabriel.

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