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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya asks Nicole to forgive her and to understand why she was not there for her growing up. She says she knows it is hard to understand but she had to do what she did. Rick calls a meeting but Carter and Ridge are late apparently after an afternoon tennis match. Rick says it is okay; he had company while he was waiting. He tells Ridge that one of his exes was here – Katie and she and Bill had a fabulous honeymoon. Ridge asks why are they here at this meeting. Carter wants to wait for Caroline but Rick says no they are not going to twiddle their thumbs while Caroline takes selfies. He asks Pam to go get Ivy. Then he tells Ridge he has one issue with his sketches he is seeing. Ivy is trying to sketch but Liam keeps nibbling on her neck. He says somebody needs to pull that rug out from under Rick at Forrester and by someone he means himself. Pam tells Ivy that Rick wants to see her and it probably won’t be good. Liam says he is going with her. Rick tries to stop him at the door but he declares that his dad owns a part of this company now. Rick says he can stay because it is so easy to forget that he is even in the room. He tells Ivy that he knows she has a problem with him but he also has a problem with her designs. Before he can say more Liam raises his hand and asks Rick what is his expertise in women’s jewelry. Rick replies that it was actually a woman who brought this to his attention. Ivy figures she knows just who that woman is.

Nicole tells Maya there is one thing she does not understand. What about her baby girl. Maya admits it was her boyfriend’s baby and when he got in trouble she became the guardian and raised it as her own. Then she died in a car accident. Her life has changed so much. She is living here now, in love with Rick and living a life she never dreamed she would be living. She is almost crying when she says she does not want to lose Rick; they will work out. Rick asks Carter to refresh his memory and explain the contract with Ivy. Liam pops off again just what is this exercise for. Carter reminds him that she is a sub contractor and is not an employee. Rick asks if she can be terminated. Liam objects again. Rick says he is only trying to figure out what their obligations are to each other. Rick tells Ivy that she is good, very good but he needs more. Her items are timid and understated. They need to see something gutsier like Quinn used to dream up. Ivy says that is great. It will be more fun for her. She thought this is what Rick wanted. Rick responds that he thinks the whole designing team should design with Maya in mind. They need to capitalize on her look, her style, her femininity. Nicole reminds Maya that she was born a male so how can she treat this so caviler. Maya says plenty of people are born without arms or legs, have a clef palate or other deformities. And someday Nicole may have to tell people that she is not the person they want her to be. That is why Maya left home. People ask questions but she does not owe them that information. People look at her now and see a woman, end of story. Nicole says yes but she wants to marry a guy when she knows she can never have children. Carter hates being the evil lawyer and is glad he has a phone call to attend to. Pam has a conversation with Ridge and compares him to Stephanie who she had rounds with but Stephanie always had her back. She wonders if Ridge could be a better big brother. Ridge is sure it would make life easier but says they are not brothers in any meaningful sense. Ivy thinks Rick’s comments were just direction. Liam sees it as a full hit on her self esteem and reminds her that she does not have to stay at home and take that from him there too. He pulls out a key to his place that Caroline returned and gives it to Ivy with or without Aly. Maya says she gets that Nicole thinks she has something over Maya but she will tell Rick before Nicole can. She just wants to live her life and she does not know if Rick even wants to get married again. If not, she will just be his woman for as long as he wants. And if he proposes then she will tell him why she can not have children. She is just asking Nicole to let her live her life and it run its normal course. She is done being ashamed. Rick walks in and Maya looks worried. She tells Rick that she lost track of time just talking with Nicole and has not made their martinis. He jokes that she is so out of this house now. But he goes on that nobody can be as happy as he is and he has found a woman like no other. Again Maya looks frightened while Nicole watches the two of them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Clint slipped something in Theresa's drink.  Nicole was upset that Daniel didn't tell her about Brady being in the hospital.  Melanie wanted to find out what happened to Brady.  Kate and Chad talked about him double crossing her.  Nicole bragged to Victor about getting closer to Daniel, but Victor wasn't convinced.  Daniel told Brady about his blood work.  Melanie wanted to know why Brady had two puncture wounds in his arms.  Daniel said the new nurse didn't do it.  Clint talked Theresa out of going to work.  Nicole let it slip to Victor that Brady was in the hospital.  Victor went to the hospital and wanted to know what happened.

Victor was upset that Brady and Daniel didn't tell him about what happened to Brady.  The drug Clint gave Theresa made her feel weird.  Daniel tried to explain to Victor that it was something he did that caused Brady to; get hurt.  Melanie wanted to get Brady home.  When they were home, Brady told Victor that he was the one who didn't want him to know that he was hurt.  Victor intimated that what happened to Brady and Sonny were related.  While Theresa was knocked out, Clint injected her and took her blood.  When he was about to leave, he bumped into Melanie.  The vials fell out of his bag and she noticed something on the floor.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jake tells Elizabeth that nothing about Hayden felt familiar. They both agree that Hayden’s story seemed a bit too neat and too complete, and she never explained why she thought she would find Jake at Elizabeth’s house. Jake wonders why Hayden would want to pretend to be his wife when he has nothing to offer. Jake and Elizabeth both hope that Jake isn’t really married. Jake says he looked into Hayden’s eyes and felt nothing. He says Elizabeth is the only woman he feels anything for and he kisses her. Elizabeth knows that if Hayden is really Jake’s wife, he will honor his responsibility. Hayden reports to Ric that Elizabeth and Jake bought her story. Ric gives her an envelope full of money and says it will keep coming until Elizabeth completely gives up on Jake. Ric gives Hayden a folder with official-looking documents to prove that Jake is who Hayden says he is.

Julian tells Alexis that he still isn’t sure that he is not the father of Olivia’s baby. Olivia tells Ned that Julian still suspects that she might be carrying his baby. Ned asks Olivia if she is changing her mind about concealing the baby’s true paternity. She says she has no intention of telling Julian that he is the baby’s father, it’s just that lying isn’t her strong suit. He assures her that she is only lying to protect her child and says he is prepared to keep up the lie for the rest of his life. He tells her that his entire family is looking forward to the baby. Patrick and Sam walk in on Julian and Alexis making out in the living room. Patrick asks Sam to move in with him. She wants to think about it for a while. Julian asks Alexis to move in with him. Alexis doesn’t want to force Molly to live at Julian’s penthouse and she doesn’t want to allow Molly to live with Ric so she says she is going to stay at Sam’s place and they will just have to restrict sex to the bedroom.

Tracy and Lulu hear Luke make a noise in Valerie’s closet. Valerie says it was her cat and rushes Tracy and Lulu off. Tracy doesn’t believe any part of Valerie’s story, not even the part about having a cat. Valerie tells Luke to leave. He says he isn’t going anywhere until Valerie tells him where Patricia is or shows him proof that she is dead.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Neil apologizes to Christine, but she says she will never forgive him, and he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Hilary offers to help by telling the judge that Neil was out of his mind because of her. Neil wants nothing to do with her. Cane asks Michael to get him out of his contract, because he was under duress when he signed it. Now he wants to be in charge. Michael doesn't feel comfortable with it, because Jill is his sister-in-law. He snaps at Cane then apologizes, explaining the radiation makes him cranky. Cane is reminded of when Lily had cancer. He asks her if he can move back into the bedroom with her. She agrees. Meanwhile, Lauren tries to convince Michael that he will always be the man she loves no matter what the disease does to him. Phyllis confronts Victor about wanting to buy Jabot. Victor says it's for profit, just business. He admits he knows what happened to Kelly. She committed suicide. Phyllis obtains a picture of Kelly, who does appear to be dead. She shows it to Jack, and he feels guilty, because he did nothing to stop it.

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