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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya tells Nicole that she is not having this conversation. Nicole says all she wants to know is the truth – does she have a big brother or a big sister. She saw a birth certificate that says Myron so Maya needs to tell the truth. Maya says seeing that birth certificate is impossible. Nicole says her mother had an old book that she only brought out once and after Maya left home Nicole found it and learned about Myron. She thought it was a baby that had died. Maya admits that she had her name changed. Deacon throws away all of Brooke’s alcohol and she thanks him. She asks what does Quinn know about this. He says she thinks he is with a friend from AA and they will go again tonight. Deacon returns home and Quinn loves his text of ILU. Deacon says yes he loves her and she makes him happy. He hopes she thinks about him in that way too. Rick tells Katie that if he can not trust a person on every level then he’d rather be alone. He says he can not rely on Katie because she was with Ridge at the time and now he has Maya who he can turn to and admit everything. Nicole calls Maya a freak. Maya says her parents called her that too. She had to leave and go to California as they had things she needed and even then not until she was 21. She could not come home although she wanted to. Katie asks how does Rick’s relationship shape up with Maya. Do they want children like he and Caroline did. Maya tells her sister that she can’t just put on an outfit and make herself be that. Every girl has some work and procedures done to make her more attractive. She was told lots of little boys play with dolls but they were only making excuses for her. At a certain point she stopped panicking and feeling like a freak. She is her older sister and that is who she will always be.

Deacon tells Quinn that he really thinks he helped his friend and he now needs to back that up by not grabbing for a beer and alcohol himself. She tells him she is going down to the shop and close up and will be right back. Deacon calls Brooke. She says she is taking the bottles out to the garage and he helped a lot and now he is checking up on her. She hopes he has a good day. Rick says yes when the time is right they will want kids. Maya had a daughter that died and she never got over that. Maya tells Nicole that she never told a lie to Rick, not one. She dated another in the beginning. She admits she had a medical problem that needed corrected and for the first time she loves herself and that had to happen before someone else could love her. She wants to be there for Nicole if she will let her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny told Will that he saw Paul.  Will didnít like that he saw him.  Tori didnít want Paul around Sonny, but Paul wanted to see Sonny.  Will was upset that Sonny saw Paul first until Sonny reminded him about cheating.  Chad talked to Abe about not telling Theo that he tried to arrest Stefano.  While Eric and Nicole were talking about Serena, Roman told them that Brady was in the hospital.  Paul couldnít take arguing with Tori and left the hotel.  Will wanted to know why Sonny saw Paul first.  Sonny told him what happened when he saw Paul.  Sonny also told Will that Paul agreed not to see him anymore. 

Will thought Paul was still after Sonny.  Sonny told Will that he was thinking about him while he was gone.  He wanted Will to think about what he wanted.  Until he did, Sonny was done talking to him.  Roman didnít want Eric and Nicole to talk about Brady.  Will saw Paul and asked if he was trying to go after his husband.  Adrienne went to see Sonny.  She wanted to comfort him about Will cheating on him.  While Will was yelling at him, Paul put Will in his place about being with him instead of Sonny.  Sonny blamed himself for Willís affair.  Adrienne asked if Sonny had feelings for Paul.  Paul and Will argued over who Sonny wanted.  Sonny declared his love for Will to Adrienne.  Adrienne assured him that he didnít do anything wrong.  Will wanted Paul to leave town or he would be sorry.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ava asks Silas to help her die. She tells him that if he won’t help her, then she will kill herself. He says he can’t do it. Julian tells Kiki that he has decided to help her fight for Ava’s baby. Kiki says she and Morgan have hatched a plan so they might not need help after all. He tell her that her mother would be proud of her. Morgan replaces Michael’s allergy medication with something stronger that has side effects when taken with alcohol. He tells Kiki that if Michael drinks while taking it, Child Services will take Avery away from him in no time. Kiki is afraid that Michael will do something to endanger Avery. Morgan assures her that no harm will come to Avery. Michael and Ned drink to Michael getting custody of Sonny’s daughter, even though it took pulling serious strings to make it happen. When Michael mentions Ned producing another Quartermaine heir, he is surprised that Ned seemed to be caught off guard. Ned says he just never thought of Olivia’s baby in those terms. Michael jokingly asks him if he is sure he is the father. Ned assures Michael that he is the father of Olivia’s baby. Olivia runs into Julian. Julian asks her if he may touch her stomach to feel her baby kicking since he didn’t know his children until they were adults. She doesn’t want to. He asks her if she is sure he isn’t the father. She says she is sure. Ned shows up and plays the part of doting daddy.

Michael tells Ned that Luke got Skye to give him her ELQ shares. Ned concludes that Luke, Jerry, and Helena control almost a third of ELQ stock. Luke is behind Valerie Spencer with a gun as Valerie tells Lulu and Tracy that her mother, Patricia, is dead and that she never mentioned her family. Luke hides in the coat closet when Tracy forces her way into Valerie’s apartment. Tracy and Lulu concede that Patricia may not have mentioned Luke, but they ask her if she had ever mentioned her childhood in Port Charles. Valerie says Patricia never mentioned Port Charles. While Lulu and Tracy are on their way out, Luke makes a noise.

Maxie goes to the boxing gym where Nathan and Spinelli are fighting over her. Nathan observes that Maxie couldn’t make a decision, so he and Spinelli decided to settle it between them. Spinelli hears Nathan saying Maxie loves both of them. Nathan tells Maxie to be honest with Spinelli. He tells her that she and Spinelli have history and a daughter so he is going to step aside so she can be with Spinelli. Elizabeth and Jake are ready to take their relationship to the next level when a woman claiming to be his wife rings the doorbell. Jake doesn’t feel any connection to her. Elizabeth wants to know how Hayden knew to come to her house to look for Jake. Hayden says she did research after reading about the bomb on the Haunted Star. She says Jake’s real name is Jacob Barnes, his parents are dead, and he has no siblings or children so it is just the two of them living in Beecher’s Corners. Elizabeth says General Hospital and the PCPC have also done extensive research, combing through missing persons reports from across the country to find a clue to who he could be and that it doesn’t make sense that there was no missing person’s report from so close by. Hayden says she didn’t look for him at first because she thought he had left her. Elizabeth tells Hayden that she is sure Jake will be happy to go home just as soon as she proves her story is true with pictures or other supporting documentation. Hayden says she has it at the Metro Court. Outside Elizabeth’s door, Hayden calls someone to report that it is done.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon admits to the cabin group that she was interviewed by Austin and she said some very nasty things about Nick and she begs Summer to erase the footage. The group suspects that Sharon went to the cabin that night to confront Austin and maybe something went wrong and she killed him. Noah defends Sharon and tells the group that his mother isn't capable of murder.  Sharon admits to Mariah later that she would have done anything so that Austin would erase the footage. Sharon tells Mariah that when she begged Austin to erase the footage, he refused because he said he had to look out for himself, and he didn't care that the documentary would hurt Summer's family. Ashley and Victoria both wonder if Stitch is sleeping with Abby. He denies it, but Ashley wonders what Abby and Stitch are hiding.

Phyllis has a nightmare about Kelly trying to kill her. Jack gets word from Paul that Kelly was almost arrested in Abu Dhabi, but she got away. Jack and Phyllis decide to have an intimate family wedding. Victor tells his accomplice that Kelly has done her part and now it's time for the next part of the plan. Victoria tells Jack that Jabot isn't weak and the company is stronger then ever. Victoria worries that Victor's plans to take over Jabot will hurt her family. Jack is stunned when Victor arrives at his house and tells him he wants to buy Jabot. Jack refuses, and after Victor leaves, Jack and Phyllis suspect that Victor is up to something. Ashley tells Stitch and Abby that Brash and Sassy decided to stop plans to produce their perfume and Hex is ready for shipment. Stitch tells Abby that Victor may have hired someone to kill Austin so that his documentary about the Newmans and the Abbotts would not be seen by the public.

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