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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

A new episode did not air today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will told Tori that she met Paul's father in Salem.  She tried to deny it, but it didn't work.  John introduced Sonny to Paul.  Nicole confronted Serena about dropping the elephant statues.  Abby talked to Daniel about JJ.  Serena tried to avoid talking about the elephants and left for her date.  Jennifer didn't want JJ to tell Daniel or Abby about his affair with Eve.  Will wanted to know what lies Tori told Paul.  Sonny and Paul talked about Sonny's marriage.  Will wanted Tori to make sure Paul left town.

JJ and Paige met at the park.  He apologized for hurting her.  She was still upset about him hurting her.  She wondered why he didn't want her to talk to Roxanne.  Paul told Sonny that he needs to work things out with Will.  Will warned Tori that he would expose Paul's father if Paul didn't leave town.  Will told Tori that Paul's father is a DiMera.  When Sonny went home, he saw the information about Paul laying around.  JJ told Paige that he loved her and wanted to be with her.  When Paul went back to Tori's hotel, he told her Sonny was home.  Tori told Paul to stay away from Sonny.  Paul agreed to stay away.  Sonny wanted Will to tell him what was going on when he had the information about Paul lying around.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spencer wants Cameron arrested. Nikolas says no one is getting arrested for an accident. Elizabeth tells Jake that Cameron got in trouble with fire a few years ago when he set the house on fire and his little brother Jake was trapped. She makes use of the shoulder Jake offers. He tells her that he heard she and Ric broke up. He tells her that he hopes she didn’t end things on his account. She says she kind of did. He asks him if she thinks they have a chance. She says she hopes so. They kiss.

Morgan wants to enlist Rosalie to get Michael drunk. Kiki confronts Sabrina when she sees her with Avery. Morgan concludes to Kiki that they should take a page from Sabrina’s book and switch Michael’s medication to something that reacts badly with alcohol so the next time Michael tosses back the drinks, it will look especially bad for him. Michael wonders who Rosalie is on the phone with when she is leaving a message for Nikolas. He asks her why she stayed late at the office last night. Tracy arrives and interrupts. Rosalie eavesdrops while Tracy tells Michael that Luke sweet-talked Skye out of her ELQ shares, bringing the total of shares outside of Quartermaine control to 32 percent, possibly in Cassadine hands. Rosalie calls Nikolas and tells him that Michael and Tracy know about Skye’s shares. Nikolas is certain they won’t be able to trace the shares to him. Sabrina goes to ELQ. Rosalie tells her that she can’t go into Michael’s office because he is in a meeting. After Tracy leaves, Rosalie eavesdrops as Sabrina tells Michael that his receptionist was hostile. She says she heard Rosalie call someone on the phone “boss.”

Maxie tells Lulu that she loves both Nathan and Spinelli. Lulu advises Maxie to search her heart and make a decision. Spinelli challenges Nathan to a boxing match in which the loser leaves town. Nathan says he doesn’t want to hurt Spinelli. Spinelli says Nathan is a coward. Nathan reluctantly agrees to meet Spinelli at the gym in an hour. Spinelli asks Sonny to teach him to box. Tracy finds Lulu and tells her that the postmaster general was able find out where Patricia Spencer’s mail went after she moved from the address that they have. Anna asks Olivia if Duke asks for the tea box every time he comes in for his Monday and Wednesday tea reservation. Olivia confirms it. Anna confides that she thinks Duke is using the tea box as a cash box and asks Olivia to do nothing to stop Duke from continuing to use the box because they will need it as evidence to arrest him.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

A new episode did not air today.

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