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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole tells Maya that if she isn’t ashamed of anything then she can tell her the truth. Maya is defensive and says why should she when Nicole has not been truthful. She told them she was a college student and played on Rick’s sympathy for a place to stay. She says Nicole is her little sister and she’d like them to be close but not if she is going to be controlling and threatening. Maya tells her it is time to go but Nicole says she is not going anywhere until she knows the truth. Katie stops in to see Rick and says she is worried about Brooke and asks when Rick has last seen or talked to her. Rick replies that he is giving her a cooling off period since coming back from Milan. She was not happy that he broke up with Caroline and she is not thrilled about Maya. Wyatt walks into the loft and finds Quinn flipping through a bridal magazine. She jokes these are nothing like her. Perhaps she will choose black. Wyatt just wants her to slack of a bit and not be in a big hurry to marry. She still has plenty of time. She knows he still has concerns about Deacon. Meanwhile Deacon is trying to talk Brooke out of having another drink. She doesn’t want to talk; she just wants to block it all out. He says he will stay as long as she needs him to. Brooke says one drink is not the end of the world but Deacon says it can be. One can simply lead to another. She says she is not an alcoholic but he reminds her that she went to an AA meeting so do not let this beat her. They made a pact that they will lean on each other should she fall off the ladder, so they can do this together.

Wyatt asks Quinn where Mr. Trustworthy is right now and she explains he is out helping a friend and she is so proud of him. She says she does not keep Deacon on a lease and that is all Wyatt needs to know. He wonders who this person is but Quinn doesn’t seem concerned. She appreciates his concern but thinks this friend is the lucky one. Deacon tells Brooke that he knows Brooke stepped aside so Bill and Katie could get back together and she should be proud of that. He grabs a large trash can and starts to pick up about ten bottles of booze and pours the contents out and makes sure that is all. Nicole says she does not want to cause problems but she won’t let Maya just throw her out of her house. Maya says no more games. Nicole can not go blabbing to Rick when there is no secret. So spill it or leave. Nicole says she wrote and tried to stay in touch with Maya but she was never there and the parents dismissed her too. She always wondered why but now she thinks she knows. She stumbled across something that might be the answer. Nicole has done her research; her parents kept it hidden. Maya is not really Maya at all, but Myron, her brother!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas wanted to know what was going on with Will, Sonny, and Paul.  John went to see Paul.  Brady denied using drugs.  Daniel got a call about Brady's blood work.  Daniel called Maggie to check on Brady.  Melanie thought Theresa was the reason why he could have been on drugs.  Will told Lucas that Paul was leaving town.  Lucas was suspicious about Will not being focused on saving his marriage.  Roman showed up to help Will.  John wanted Paul to help with the charity baseball game.  Tori was listening outside of the door.  Will questioned Roman about the island Tori was on in the picture.  Justin and Adrienne got into an argument over Sonny.  She didn't want to talk about Sonny's marriage until they talked about their own.  Lucas was upset that Will was concerned about his career and not his marriage.  

Tori was upset that Paul decided to stay in Salem.  Melanie went to Theresa's apartment to confront her about Brady.  Justin and Adrienne talked about his affair.  When John went to Will's apartment, Will found out Paul was still in Salem.  Will had to leave and was going to get Tori.  Daniel told Brady that he was hit with a tranquilizer.  Daniel also told Brady that he had blood drawn from both arms.  While Theresa and Melanie were arguing, Theresa found out something happened to Brady.  Melanie noticed Clint in Theresa's apartment.  Will confronted Tori about Paul not leaving town.  Abe questioned Brady about what happened to him.  Adrienne wanted Justin to leave Salem.  Will wanted Tori to try harder to get Paul out of Salem.  If she didn't, he would tell Paul why she didn't want to be in Salem.  He said that she met Paul's father in Salem.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ric tells Molly that he and Elizabeth broke up because she has feelings for Jake Doe. Molly thinks Jake is a project that Elizabeth is trying to fix. She suggests that he get online to find his real Ms. Right. Ric isn’t interested, but he gets multiple hits on the online dating profile that Molly set up for him. Elizabeth tells Cameron that she and Ric broke up. Cameron says he needs Ric to be his lawyer. He admits that he started the fire at Wyndemere that burned Spencer. She assures him that he won’t go to jail because of an accident. Spencer’s hospital room is filled with balloons and teddy bears from well-wishers, but Spencer is still depressed because he fears he will be hideously disfigured for the rest of his life. Sam, Patrick, and Emma go to Shriners Hospital to visit Spencer. Emma tells Spencer that it doesn’t matter what he looks like on the outside because she likes the person on the inside. Sam asks Nikolas if he remembers what he was going to tell her about Jake the last time they talked. He remembers that he was going to tell her that Jake is Jason, but he tells her that he forgot. Elizabeth calls Nikolas and tells him that Cameron thinks he started the fire. Patrick, Emma, and Spencer overhear when Nikolas relays the information to Sam.

Sonny takes out his frustration about Jake on a heavy bag at Volonino’s boxing gym. Jake tells Carly that both Sonny and Julian think their friendship is disloyal so they should end their friendship. Cary refuses to stop being his friend. She tells him that Ric and Elizabeth broke up so he is free to make his move. Jake goes to Elizabeth’s house.

Nathan tells Maxie again that he is in love with her and wants to know if she returns his feelings. She says she has loved him since Miscavige, but she loves Spinelli too, albeit not in the same way. He tells her that she has to choose. Spinelli goes to the gym to punch the heavy bag. He tells Sonny that he mistook Jake for Jason. Sonny says he misses Jason too. Spinelli says the last time he was at the gym, Jason gave him love advice and now he is in need of advice again. Sonny advises Spinelli to go home to Ellie. Spinelli thinks he has to neutralize Nathan so he can make his move with Maxie. Nathan goes to the gym to blow off steam and finds Spinelli there. He tells Spinelli to go back to Portland.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle tells Victoria about Stitch's video interview for Austin's documentary and that Stitch got very violent when asked a question. Kyle casts doubts in Victoria's mind as to whether she and Abby are safe with Stitch. Victoria heads to see Abby at the Athletic Club since Abby took a room there, because she didn't want to be home alone. Victoria walks into Abby's hotel room and sees Stitch holding her. The cabin group continues to suspect Stitch and adds Sharon to the list when they see her taking Austin's computer. Joe asks Avery to help him because he needs a lawyer to help a foundation for domestic abuse victims that doesn't have any monetary support since the foundation's benefactor Constance Bingham died. Avery agrees to help Joe which causes another argument between Dolan and Avery, because Dylan thinks Joe is using the charity as an excuse to get close to Avery. Faith is upset that Nick is getting closer to Sage and acts rudely toward her when she stops by to talk to Nick. Nick apologizes to Sage for Faith's behavior and assures her that he is ready to start a new relationship and that Faith will just have to get used to him not being with Sharon.

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