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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick asks Maya what is going on. Maya says it is just sister stuff, nothing he has to get into. Nicole says she is being treated fine. With perks like this she will never leave. Alone Maya tells her she does not know who she is dealing with. She won’t get what she wants by making threats like she has. Bill and Katie stop by Brooke’s and explain that the honeymoon is over and they just wondered if anything happened while they were gone. Brooke says not everybody listens to her advice but Deacon got engaged to Quinn. Katie tells her they went to Aspen because she wanted to stay closer to home. Brooke gasps but says good choice. Brooke says she is not where she would like to be at this point in her life but she is trying to get out and about. And Katie does not have to check up on her. Will has his family back together and she is very happy about that. She wishes her and Bill a very successful life. Maya fills Carter in on her sister and wants him to run a background check, ASAP, whatever he can find out about her. Nicole asks Pam if she might speak with Rick. Then him that he asked about Maya and her before so she thinks he deserves to know. She admits there has been tension between the two of them. They have been apart but she knows her more than Rick does. She says she does not want to make trouble. Rick says she won’t. Maya knows how much he values honesty and he would not be with her if she wasn’t.

Maya walks in before Nicole can say more. Rick tells Nicole that Caroline kept secrets from him but Maya never has. Pam overhears Maya and Nicole arguing when Rick leaves. Brooke heads for the Vodka when Bill and Katie leave but then thinks better of it and puts it down. She calls Deacon who tells her not to open the bottle; he will be right over. He starts to tell Quinn but she says that should be confidential if he is going to help a friend. Maya checks back in with Carter who relays that Nicole quit at UCLA and only took extension courses. Maya has no clue what she is doing now but she hopes she has enjoyed her last day at Forrester Manor. Deacon gets to Brooke’s as quickly as he can. She apologizes and says she over-reacted. She did not want to be alone and the drink would make her feel better. She does not want to feel like this anymore. He reminds her that she called him and she does not have to feel like this anymore; he is there to help. Pam adds fuel to the flame to Rick about Maya and Nicole, like they were sizing each other up. He is hoping they can learn how to be sisters again like she and Stephanie did. Maya comes home and says she thought she and Nicole should talk in private. She does not want things to go this way. She feels bad that they haven’t stayed in touch. But now she feels like she is being manipulated. There is no reason for Nicole to be here. She is not at UCLA so she lied to Maya and tricked Rick to give her a space to stay. She came to L.A. with her own agenda. Nicole points out the surroundings and it is Maya who has an agenda. Maya says she has nothing to be ashamed of or to hide. Nicole says she better get used to losing this as this could come tumbling down if Nicole said only one little word.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate realized Stefano used Victor to trick her.  The people at the meeting were upset that she worked with an enemy.  Abe and Hope searched Stefanoís house until Harold caught them.  JJ told Eve he was going to get Paige back.  Kate figured out how Stefano tricked her.  The board members blamed her and were furious.  Eve warned JJ that Paige wasnít going to take her back.  Paige was listening to them.  Abe came up with an excuse for why he and Hope were in the mansion.  Kate came up with a way to figure out a way out of the mess she caused, but it didnít work.  A board member wanted Stefano back in charge.  Melanie and Theresa argued over Brady.  Clint shot a needle in the back of Bradyís neck.  Paige wanted to talk to JJ alone.  They talked about him wanting her back.  Harold threw Hope and Abe out of the DiMera mansion.  She knew where to find Stefano.  

Kate said she couldnít be kicked out as CEO of DiMera Enterprises without Mr. Shinís vote.  One of the members had Mr. Shinís proxy and voted her out.  Everyone voted to reinstate Stefano as CEO.  Daniel talked to Melanie about arguing with Theresa.  She tried to get out of the conversation by saying she wanted to go see Brady, but Daniel ended up going with her.  Clint took Bradyís money and stabbed him with another needle.  Stefano said he would be able to reverse the mistake Kate made.  A guard showed up to escort Kate out of the meeting.  She vowed to get her revenge.  Chad found out that Stefano was going to be CEO alone.  Daniel and Melanie found Brady on the floor.  Abe and Hope got Victor to talk to the judge about Stefano.  Kate showed up and said she knew where to find Stefano.  Stefano told Chad he didnít trust him.  Chad was upset until Stefano told him that he was being groomed as the head of the family.  Daniel suspected that Brady was on drugs, but Melanie didnít believe he was.  When Brady woke up, Daniel asked him what happened.  Brady told Daniel what happened.  When Hope and Abe got to the meeting, Stefano was gone.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jordan tells Anna that Duke ordered her to kill Julian. Nathan says it is too late for Jordan to go into witness protection now. Nathan suggests that Jordan go back to Duke wearing a wire so they can arrest him. Michael antagonizes Duke about still answering to Sonny and says Sonny can stop hiding behind Duke because he has already lost his daughter. Duke says Michael stole the child by bringing in a corrupt judge. Michael blasts Duke for keeping quiet about AJ’s murder when AJ was supposed to be his friend. Lucy and Sabrina interrupt them. Lucy tells Duke that she will step aside if he wants to try to work it out with Anna. He says he can’t go back to the way things were with Anna, but he can move forward with Lucy if she’d like that.

Carly sees Sonny telling Jake that he is his enemy. Sonny is shocked to discover that Carly knew Jake was going to work for Julian. Jake leaves. Carly tells Sonny that Jake didn’t have another employment choice. She says Sam told Julian to keep Jake in his legal businesses. Sonny doesn’t think that will last. Julian tells Carlos that he has Jake Doe. Carlos is adamantly against it. Julian tells him to get over it. When Jake arrives, Julian says Carlos said Jake has a problem with him. Jake says he doesn’t have a problem with Carlos, he had a problem with his female friend being manhandled by Carlos. Carlos tells Julian that Jake’s friendship with Sonny’s ex-wife/girlfriend is a conflict of interest. Jake tells Julian that he just met Sonny today and they already can’t stand each other.

Carly asks Sonny about his appeal. He says he doubts that the courts will fast-track his case. He tells her that it is imperative that Morgan and Kiki stay out of it. Morgan and Kiki hatch a plan to present Michael as an unfit parent by calling attention to his affection for alcohol and making it look like the Quartermaine family substance abuse gene is strong in Michael. After his argument with Duke, Michael tosses back the drinks. Sabrina advises him to tone it down before he meets with his contact about the clinic.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Hilary tries to talk to Devon, but he wants nothing to do with her. Cane realizes that Hilary is pretending, that she really loves Devon. Hilary denies it, but later admits it to a stranger in a bar. Lily can't believe Cane is still believing Hilary's lies. Cane says he loves Lily, but he can't spend the rest of their marriage apologizing. Lily forgives him. After knocking Phyllis out with a bottle, Kelly slinks away with a suitcase in hand. Phyllis manages to call Jack who rushes to Kelly's hotel room to find Phyllis. Kelly goes to Victor to tell him what happened. Victor assures her everything will be fine if she sticks to the plan. She calls Jack to play the damsel in distress, and he buys it. He promises to get a lawyer for her if she returns. Phyllis thinks Jack might think she fabricated the whole thing.

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