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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole tells Maya that she knows her secret and if she doesn’t watch it she will go straight to Rick. Maya says she is not afraid of her. She wants her to pack her bags and leave. She came into her home making accusations but she doesn’t know what the problem is. The photo shoot is underway but no Maya. Rick says he has texted her twice but he is sure she will be here soon. Finally she rushes in just as the others had nothing else to do. Katie drops in on Ridge and they discuss her honeymoon. She says Aspen because she wanted to own that place after it being Bill and Brooke’s place. She’s happy now. She’s glad he has Caroline too. Then she spots the nude Caroline portrait. Finally she tells Ridge that she is here because of Brooke, because she is worried about her. Nicole shows up at FC and is told that Maya is at a photo shoot at the Sky Lounge. Maya is before the camera when she spots Nicole and ends up frowning. Rick calls for a quick break to regroup. Rick introduces her to Carter and Oliver, and Nicole says she wanted to see her sister in action. She takes a position on the sidelines but Maya can’t get focused and loses her expressions so they call it a quick wrap. Rick tells Nicole she is welcome anytime. She is family, but Maya can’t wait to get rid of Nicole. Her sister tells her she is not interested in being an intern. She wants to be a model and all Maya has to do is talk to Rick and make it happen.

Katie tells Ridge that her sister seems aloof, all alone. She wonders if she is checking in at the office. Katie says that Brooke was there for her most of her life and now she wants to be there for her. She and Ridge hug. Aly tells Carter and Oliver that she picked up that Nicole and Maya do not like each other and it is more than just the age difference. She showed up at the house and now she is showing up at work. Maya is astounded that Nicole wants her to find her work here. Nicole says if Maya can model so can she. Maya says here’s the deal. She does not want Nicole working here or even living in her house. Nicole accuses her again of being less than welcoming and warns her that she knows her secret and is not afraid to use it. Rick sees them sparring and asks what is up. Maya puts on a stiff upper lip.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer stopped Eve from going to the showcase.  Paige stopped Theresa from yelling at JJ.  Kate was surprised to see Stefano at the meeting.  Kate reminded Stefano of his tax evasion charges.  She asked Chad if he knew that Stefano was going to be there.  He said he didnít.  She didnít think it changed anything.  Eve and Jennifer ended up in an argument over JJ and Paige.  JJ wanted to talk to Paige.  He told her how much he loved her.  She didnít want to hear what he had to say.  Victor gave Hope his blessing for being with Aiden.  Clint showed up at Theresaís apartment.  She asked him about Dr. Mandrake.

Paige told JJ that she was done with him for good.  Hope told Victor she would find Sonnyís attacker.  Abe called her and told her about Stefano.  Kate said she would take DiMera Enterprises to the top during the meeting.  She said she bought a company that surprised everyone.  Abe and Hope talked about Stefano facing tax evasion charges.  The people t the business meeting were upset that Kate bought the company.  Stefano knew what needed to be done.  Kate found out she bought Mr. Shinís company.  She realized she was set up.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna tells Nathan that he had no idea that Sloane had an undercover operative. Jake tells Sloane that he got a job with Julian Jerome. Julian asks Sam if she has feelings for Jake. She assures him that she is only interested in Patrick. Elizabeth tells Patrick that she broke up with Ric because she likes Jake. Ric goes to the Metro Court for a drink, only to find that Carly is the bartender. She accuses him of being paranoid about Jake. He tells her that it isn’t paranoia if it is true and informs her that Elizabeth dumped him because of Jake. Ric accuses Carly of wanting Jake too. She asks him where he got such an idea. He says he got it from Sonny.

Elizabeth tells Patrick that Sam is getting Jake a job with her father. They are both surprised that Carly is encouraging Jake to work for Sonny’s rival. Sam tells Julian all about Jason. She asks him to keep Jake on the legitimate side of the business so he can stay out of trouble. Sonny goes to Carly’s house and finds Jake there alone. Sonny accuses Jake of wanting to be with Carly. Jake tells Sonny that he likes someone, but it isn’t Carly. Sonny says he heard about Elizabeth from his brother, Ric. Jake tells Sonny that he won’t be in Carly’s house for long because he just got a job with Julian Jerome. Sonny tells him that he just made it personal. Jake says it is just a job. Carly arrives home and sees Sonny telling Jake that he is his enemy. Ric tells himself that Elizabeth will come around, he just has to get Jake out of the way.

Carlos tells Sabrina that the police are going to question her about his case. He encourages her to tell the truth because anything she says will be hearsay. She says Julian knows Carlos killed Ava so his testimony will be more damning. Carlos tells her that Julian isn’t going to testify against him. She tells him that she got a job working for Michael Quartermaine taking care of Ava’s daughter. He cautions her not to let her job get her on the wrong side of Sonny Corinthos. She gives him the same advice. Duke orders Jordan to kill Julian. She tells him that she knows Shawn thinks she is a mole and asks Duke if he is testing her. He tells her that he is her boss and she will do what she is told. She says she will kill Julian. Anna tells Nathan that she is worried about Jordan. Nathan suggests that Anna pull Jordan and put her in Witness Protection. Anna doesn’t want to lose all the progress that Jordan had made. Nathan asks her if she wants to get back at Duke so badly that she is willing to risk Jordan’s life. Jordan goes to Anna and tells her that Duke wants her to kill Julian. Julian tells Carlos to follow Duke and if the opportunity presents itself, kill him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack prevents Adam from telling Chelsea his true identity, because he thinks it isn't the right time to tell Chelsea the truth. Adam is happy when he hears Chelsea telling Sage that her wedding to Billy will have to wait, because Jack and Phyllis have decided to get married next month. Victor tells Kelly that he will get her out on bail soon and then she must act like a fragile wounded bird so that Jack will feel sorry for her. Then she must make Jack think that losing him made her go crazy. Avery calls Phyllis to let her know that Kelly is out on bail. Phyllis goes to Kelly's suite at the Athletic Club to confront her, because she thinks Kelly made a false confession to the police. Kelly denies it. Phyllis sees the eticket on Kelly's phone and decides to call the police. Kelly hits Phyllis on the head with an ice bucket to keep her from making the phone call. Victor tells his accomplice that once Kelly leaves town, their plan will begin to fall into place.

The cabin group begin to consider Stitch as a suspect in Austin's murder when he lies to them about doing an interview for Austin's documentary. Later Kevin finds a video on Austin's laptop of an interview with Stitch. Abby is startled when she arrives at Victoria's house and the lights go out. Stitch arrives later and fixes the lights, but he and Abby see a message written in lipstick on the mirror next to the closet.

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