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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells the group that with Maya as his partner Rick’s leadership has proved worthy. The profits are up despite it being a team effort with him as CEO. He admits that Rick can do better with his bedside manner and will work on that. Maya emphasizes again that she needs to go to a photo shoot but she expects Nicole to be gone when she returns. She can spend the night on the dorm couch for one night and they will go apartment hunting tomorrow. Nicole smiles and says no need, she is beginning to like this place, high on the hill and she is not leaving. It is starting to feel like home. Maya tells her it is time that she spread her wings and she will help her. Eric tells them that Rick’s divorce came through today so they should all give him some respect. Rick tells Carter that he was not the one who ended things but this is for the best and he is not changing his mind. He pours himself and Carter a drink and makes a toast…..may they find more happiness apart than together. He doesn’t regret their marriage but they both made mistakes to get here. Carter says he married them and he can not believe Rick is going to throw that all away. Rick muses that he still believes in marriage with the right person but that was not Caroline. He drags in his mother again and watching her time and time again bow to Ridge and that will not happen with Maya. He believes in her.

Maya tells Nicole this is her house and she decides who gets to live or stay here. She wants to be closer to Nicole but that won’t happen if they are constantly at each other’s throats. Nicole says she is not a complication and she won’t be in the way. Ivy and Aly have boyfriends and may move out eventually so in time so may she but not now. She just moved in. She tells Maya she might as well get used to it; little sister is here to stay. Oliver says he is all for the company to be doing so well but he can’t be the only one to want Rick to go forward. Ridge says no matter what Rick does to act out his dad still trusts him more. And it does not look like it will change anytime soon. Maya tells Nicole that she is doing her best. They have reconnected and Nicole has moved in and she could be more grateful. Nicole says she would like more than grateful, how about more welcoming? Maya says Rick already knows about her jail time and that is in the past and does not bother him. Nicole reminds her that her secret is much more than that, so better wise up and accept Nicole living there as she does not intend to go anywhere. Rick sits and ponders over the papers and his life so far with Caroline when they met and married. Maya tells Nicole there is no secrets and Nicole needs to leave before they both say something they will regret. Nicole says she knows how hard Maya has worked to get all of this but that doesn’t give her the right to treat Nicole like garbage. She knows the secret that Rick does not know because he does not know the real Maya. With fire and tears in her eyes Maya demands that Nicole say nothing to anyone.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas invited Paul in Willís apartment so they could talk.  Will wanted to talk to Tori.  He let her know that Paul was trying to break up his marriage.  He also told her how sheís been to Salem before.  Paige told Eve that JJ wants her back.  Eve didnít think Paige should take him back.  JJ talked to Jennifer about not telling Paige the truth.  She believed he should have told the truth.  Chad was excited about scheming against Kate.  Victor and Kate celebrated her signing the contract.  Paige told Eve that she wasnít getting back together with JJ.  JJ decided to keep Paige in the dark about sleeping with Eve.  Lucas wanted to know why Paul was staying in Salem.  Lucas brought Arianna out to meet him.  Will questioned why Tori stayed out of Salem.  He showed her a picture she took years ago.  Will wanted to know why Tori didnít want Paul to know she was in Salem.  She asked what did he want from her.

JJ and Paige were in the music showcase together.  Lucas kicked Paul out after he met Arianna.  Will wanted Tori to get Paul out of Salem.  If she didnít, he would tell Paul where her picture was taken.  Chad made Kate think that he was working with her.  When Will went home, he was excited to tell Lucas that Paul was leaving town.  Lucas told Will that Paul was leaving town.  Eve went to see Jennifer to see if she would keep her secret.  Paige was upset that JJ was in the showcase with her.  Lucas told Will that he thought he got through to Paul.  Eve and Jennifer argued over Paige and JJ.  Paul told Tori that Lucas introduced him to Arianna.  He decided to leave Salem.  Jennifer decided to keep Eveís secret.  During a conference meeting, Kate thought she was meeting Mr. Chin.  It turned out to be Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Julian decides that Duke’s death is long overdue, but they have to do it right because they don’t need Federal Agent Anna Devane becoming a problem. Anna goes to Sloan’s hotel room with a warrant for anything she can find that might be related to election tampering. He tells her that if there was any evidence, he wouldn’t keep it in his hotel room. She tells him that her warrant also covers his office. He drops his towel and invites her to search all she wants. When she finds nothing, he suggests that she expend her energy on a real criminal like her ex-boyfriend, Duke. She says she is. He asks her if she is still using her undercover informant. She tells him that her investigation is none of his concern. He says it doesn’t matter because he has his own undercover operative. He tells her that they should stop bickering and join forces to bring down the Corinthoses and Jeromes.

Shawn joins Jordan and TJ for lunch. TJ says he hates their chosen profession, but he is glad they are on the same side. Shawn asks Jordan if they are indeed on the same side. She says she already told him that they are. He says he believes her, but what matters is that Duke does. She observes that the only reason she would have to worry about Duke is if Shawn went to him with his concerns. Duke tells Sonny that if Jordan is working with Anna, they will have to take her out. Sonny agrees but laments what it will do to Molly and TJ. He is also concerned about how Shawn will react. Sonny says they have to have proof before they inadvertently eliminate a loyal asset. Sonny and Duke agree that they will have to test her. Sonny says he is out of it because he is just a civilian until he gets his daughter back.

Elizabeth reluctantly wishes Jake luck in finding employment with Julian Jerome. Ric tries to smooth things over with Elizabeth, but she blows him off. He tells her that he deserves an answer to his question about her feelings for Jake. She admits that she still does have feelings for Jake and that she thinks it is over between her and Ric. Carly takes Jake to her place to stay until he gets on his feet. Carly interrogates Jake about his relationship with Elizabeth. He says he has no idea what is going on with Elizabeth or Ric. Carly tells Jake about Elizabeth’s propensity for pitting men against each other for her affections. Sam gets Julian to agree to give Jake a job. Sonny tells Duke that he isn’t happy about Carly spending time with Jake. He observes that in spite of mind control, Jake has the skills of a professional and the fact that he is trying to conceal it makes him a threat.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The group from the cabin is shocked as they watch videos of Austin's documentary which is an expose on the Abbotts and the Newmans. Summer and Abby both feel hurt and used by Austin and they question if he really loved them at all. Billy and Jack both feel that Chelsea and Phyllis don't want to marry them, but both women assure them that they do; they just need time to plan the wedding properly. Sage advises Adam to tell Chelsea the truth, so he can be with the woman he loves, and she can try and have a relationship with Nick. Abby tells Stitch everything that happened the night Austin was murdered, and he promises not to tell Victoria and help her find the person who killed Austin. Adam gets drunk at Billy and Chelsea's engagement party and decides to make a toast, because there is something Chelsea needs to know before she gets married.

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