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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt comes over to Quinnís. He asks if Deacon is there and she says no. She sees the manila envelope and asks if he has more papers for her. He reminds her that he had the restraining offer withdrawn. She tells him that he can put that right in the shredder if it is prenup papers. She will never ask Deacon to sign one. Rick tells Maya that his divorce papers will be final. She tells him that she will be waiting for him at home and his divorce is his business. But at least now she won’t be the other woman anymore. Ridge explains to Carter that Caroline is out of town with her mothers and her papers came today. He thinks she will be okay with that. Brooke gives a quick story of her suddenly drinking and how lost she feels. The counselor asks for more volunteers and Deacon stands. He tells his story that he has screwed up all of his life but he is going straight now and does not want to drink and mess it up again now that he is on the straight and narrow and actually helping other people. Wyatt tells Quinn not to ask questions, just put the papers in her safe as he does not want to see them. They are his divorce papers. He really wanted to wave them in her face and show her what her craziness did to him. He says but he understands now. He did the same thing. He chased Hope and he could not understand why the world would not hand her to him, the one thing he wanted so badly. He knew when Hope stayed with him that it wasn’t for him. But at least she was close. Now he understands. He is his mother’s son.

Nicole is jiving to loud music in the living room and finds a note from Maya that tells her in certain terms to clean up after herself and make her bed as the housekeeper won't. Nicole just makes a frown and throws the note into the fireplace. Maya comes home and asks Nicole to turn off the music. She explains that this is a special day with Rick’s divorce becoming final and she is going to fix a special supper. And this would be a good night for Nicole to hook back up with her UCLA friends……at their place. Nicole counters back that Rick likes her and is not always trying to get rid of her so maybe she will stay. She is not going to go just because Maya is ashamed of her. Maya says she is not just asking, she is telling Nicole to go away tonight. Nicole says she has as much right to be here as Maya does. Maya says no, this is her home and Nicole is a guest here and she will take her apartment hunting tomorrow, even paying her first month. This is a fight she can not win. Nicole says she is not leaving and Maya knows why. Rick tells Carter that the only regret that he has is that he hurt Caroline so badly. Carter says there is still time. Rick says no, he did love her but this is for the best.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will was looking for a way to get Paul out of Salem so he would lose Sonny.  Nicole saw Serena when she dropped the elephant.  When Nicole left the room, Serena when she dropped the elephants.  Toni talked to Paul about his relationship with Sonny.  She wanted Paul to leave Sonny alone when she found out he was married.  Will told Lucas he was determined to save his marriage by getting rid of Paul.  Lucas decided to help him.  Theresa confronted Melanie about investigating her in front of Brady and Eric.  Daniel walked in on Serena when she switched the elephants.  Paul told Toni that Will slept with him.  Brady and Eric stopped Melanie and Theresa from arguing.  Brady and Eric wanted to talk to them separately.  Brady told Theresa he agreed with her about not wanting Melanie to snoop on her.  Eric wanted to talk to Melanie about Serena.

Tori wondered why Paul went after Will if he loved Sonny.  Paul told her how the affair happened.  She told Paul that he couldnít get back together with Sonny.  Will wanted to know why Tori lied to Paul about being in Salem.  Lucas called Hope to look at the picture he found of Tori.  Brady and Theresa ended up arguing over Melanie investigating her.  Eric wanted Melanie to help him convince Serena to stay in town.  When Serena left Danielís apartment, he wanted to know what was going on with Nicole.  Hope recognized the lake in Toriís picture.  Daniel ended up kissing Nicole.  Hope said that the picture was on DiMera property.  Theresa was upset to see Brady and Melanie kissing.  Paul went to see Will, but Lucas was there.  Will went to see Tori.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick releases Jake from General Hospital. Spinelli thinks Jake is Jason. Carly says she has noticed some similarities between Jason and Jake, but that Jason is gone and isn’t coming back. Jake asks to speak to Sam privately. Elizabeth and Patrick wonder what they are talking about. Jake asks Sam if she can put in a good word for him with her father because he is looking for a job, but he has no social security card. She agrees to talk to Julian.

Julian is angry about Duke’s constant interference. Carlos thinks they should kill Duke. Sonny vows to Duke that he is going to get his daughter back from Michael. He tells Duke that Michael bought the judge. He says he doesn’t want to do anything that Michael can use against him so he has to present himself as an upstanding citizen. He asks Duke to continue running the organization. Duke agrees and tells Sonny about their victory over the Jeromes this morning. He says Anna showed up and that he thinks someone tipped her off. Shawn questions Jordan his suspicion that she works for the cops. Jordan insists that she doesn’t. Shawn goes to Sonny’s house and tells Sonny and Duke his suspicions about Jordan. Jordan tells Anna that she may be busted. She tells Anna to pull her out and drop the investigation. Anna doesn’t want to.

Michael asks Sabrina to be “AJ’s” nanny because he can’t run ELQ and take care of a child. She tells him that she is not a nanny. As he is saying he can’t think of anyone better qualified to take care of Avery, Kiki walks in and asks him if that is a fact. She says she can’t allow the psycho who tried to induce early labor to kill Avery to be responsible for her now. She says Michael only won guardianship because he bought the judge that is grandmother is sleeping with. Sabrina asks him if he really bought the judge. He proudly says he did. She asks him if he really fought for custody to get back at his father. He claims that he did it to keep AJ safe. He convinces her to take the nanny job. He says the two of them will give AJ a better life than the people who made her ever could. Kiki goes to Julian and tells him about Sabrina. He says he will consider helping her get custody of Avery. After Kiki leaves, Carlos tells Julian that Sabrina would never do what Kiki said she did. Ava is angry about Michael having custody of her daughter and the fact that she will be dead before she can do anything about it. Silas tells her that they still haven’t tested Avery as a bone marrow match. Ava refuses to allow Silas to test Avery. Ava asks Silas to raise Avery with Kiki and Julian.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Dylan brings Avery's aunt's wedding dress home while Avery is having a nightmare. She lies and says her nightmare was about Phyllis. Avery offers the wedding dress to Phyllis, but Phyllis says Jack has some explaining to do before she can commit to a marriage. Avery is unsure about her own relationship. Thinking the dress is a bad omen, Phyllis burns it. Avery admits to Dylan that her nightmare was really about their rocky relationship. Dylan assures her they are on solid ground. The police question Abby about the attack on her in the park. She says it was a mugging, totally random. Nick finds Summer, Noah, Courtney, Kevin, Mariah, and Kyle at the hospital and points out they are always together all the time lately. The group realizes that the killer isn't Abby, but might me a family member outside of the group. Sharon assures Nick that she is in a good place, thinking more about the kids, taking her medication, and seeing her therapist. Nick says that he can tell. He hasn't forgiven her but he isn't as angry as he was. Dylan tells Sharon that Faith will have good memories of her childhood because she is a good mother.

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