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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke picks herself up off the floor about the same time she hears the doorbell. It is a delivery boy with a case of Vodka. Brooke does not remember ordering it but has him sit it on the table. She looks in the mirror at the mess she is looking at. Aly sits in Ridge’s chair and bemoans to Ivy not to say anything against Rick as it might hurt her chance at getting her own shoe line. Ridge comes in and says Rick will continue to do this because he can. Eric gave him carte blanche and he will do what he wants for one year. Ivy is not sure how much more she can put up with and wants to go confront Rick by herself, cousin to cousin. Rick and Maya are kissing in his office and she likes being away from prying eyes like Aly and Ivy who are not happy campers lately. Rick says well the campers can find a new campground. They are still cuddling when Ivy walks in and wants to speak with Rick. Surly he says she needs to make an appointment like everyone else. She says no, this is personal family matters. When Deacon walks into the kitchen, Quinn is taking her frustrations out on an egg. She understands he is worried about Brooke and has decided to go to an AA meeting today. She advises that he go to a place on the west side, a better class of people. He says drunks are drunks, so it makes no difference whether in a dump or a mansion. She does not want to talk about Brooke. In fact she says she hopes he is hungry as she just lost her appetite.

Brooke looks at the box of vodka and pulls out a bottle. She opens it and starts to smell it but eventually she puts it down. She heads to the computer and searches for an AA meeting. A few minutes later she is dressed and leaves. Ivy tells Rick they are family…..or at least some of them are. She tells Rick that she doesn’t feel he is giving any of them respect. All they are doing is shining his shoes and waiting on him hand and foot. He says he will rectify that and raise his expectations of them. Maya butts in and Ivy puts her in her place that she is the girlfriend and she is speaking to her cousin. Rick yells at Ivy not to speak that way and says Ivy has not earned his respect. Maya chimes in again and agrees that Rick has been having a little fun with them, so do not take this so seriously. Ivy plops herself into a chair and takes off her shoes and tells Maya that she can massage her feet. Suddenly Maya doesn’t think this is funny. Ivy asks Rick if he wants her to call Uncle Eric who is with her father. Rick says no, just go look online what some are saying. He doesn’t think Ivy’s designs are as good as Quinn’s were when she worked there. Quinn calms down a little bit, long enough to ask how long these meetings last as she’d like to be there for Deacon when he returns. She wishes him luck when he leaves. The leader of the AA meeting asks Brooke if she would like to tell her story. She gives her first name. she states that she has been drinking alone and that is not like her. She conveys it was the order of vodka to her house that she does not remember that brought her here. Her kids are grown and gone and she is alone with one still in boarding school. She just hopes that she is loved. Another person joins the room and it is Deacon as he introduces himself as an alcoholic and Brooke is stunned to see him there.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefano wanted Victor to help him get back at Clyde and Kate.  Victor wanted to know what Stefano had in mind.  Nicole went to see Daniel.  She wanted to go out to lunch with him.  He agreed to lunch with her. Brady went to see Melanie.  They ended up in an argument over Theresa.  Nicole noticed Daniel and Jennifer talking to each other and didnít like it.  Victor agreed to help Stefano.

Daniel and Jennifer talked about JJ.  Daniel thought Jennifer was keeping something from him about JJ and Roxanne.  Kate went to see Victor.  Victor told her that Stefano wanted him to help bring her down.  Daniel and Jennifer got into an argument over what she was keeping from him about JJ.  Kate wondered why Stefano wanted his help.  Victor gave Kate contract to sign, but she didnít want to sign anything before she knew it was real.  He ended up convincing her to sign the contract.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jordan tells Anna that a rumble is about to go down on the docks. Duke and Shawn catch Julian’s crew bringing a shipment through the Corinthos dock. A gunfight ensues, which Anna witnesses. Duke tells her that since she is no longer the commissioner, it is no longer her jurisdiction. She informs him that products being imported from Canada is very much her jurisdiction. She tells Duke that the next time, she isn’t going to look the other way. Jordan arrives and feigns surprise at Anna’s presence. Shawn concludes to her that someone tipped off Anna.

Sonny is annoyed that Carly is going to the hospital to check on Jake. Ric tells Sonny that Jake is messing with his relationship with Elizabeth too. Ric tells Sonny that he has filed an appeal and that he has filed an impropriety complaint against Judge Walters. Michael tries to play bigwig and daddy simultaneously. He tells Sabrina that he is calling Avery AJ in honor of his father. Sabrina observes that Michael won his vendetta with Sonny. Michael tells her that there is a delay in procuring the Elm Street property for the clinic. She tells him that she can’t afford to wait. He offers her a job as Avery’s nanny.

Nathan tells Dante that sometimes he feels like he is getting in the way of Spinelli and Maxie being together. Dante thinks Nathan is overreacting. He says that if Nathan loves Maxie then he shouldn’t let her get away. Maxie tells Lulu that Nathan is uncomfortable about her closeness with Spinelli. Lulu asks Maxie if Spinelli has a chance with her. Maxie says Spinelli is being too pushy. Nathan goes to the hospital and tells Maxie that he isn’t going to give up on her because he loves her. Sam meets up with Spinelli at the hospital. He tells her that he and Ellie broke up and that he wants to get back together with Maxie. Spinelli asks Sam about her and Patrick. She says she is happy. He says that is all he has wanted for her since Jason died. Patrick tells Jake to stay away from Sam. He tells Elizabeth that Jake didn’t shoot him and Sam because he envisioned himself in Patrick’s place in bed with Sam. Jake tells Patrick that he doesn’t know where that came from and not to worry because Sam isn’t his type. Patrick asks him what his type is. He looks at Elizabeth. Patrick tells Elizabeth that he thought she was with Ric. She tells him that things go complicated. He warns her to be careful with Jake. Jake tells Carly that he is going through with his agreement with Sloan and work undercover inside the Jerome organization, if he can find a way in. Carly concludes that if Sloan hasn’t provided a way in, then he is covering his own butt and that the operation is probably off the books. She suggests that a good word from Sam might get him in. Spinelli and Sam see Jake as he is being released. Spinelli recognizes him as “Stone Cold.”

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kelly provides a sworn statement to Paul telling the police that she poisoned herself in order to make Jack realize that Phyllis isn't the same woman he once loved. The charges against Phyllis are dropped which makes Christine angry, because now she can't use work as an excuse not to deal with the loss of her and Paul's daughter. Jack feels guilty that Kelly is suffering because of him and he is determined to find out how Victor got Kelly to confess her crime. Victor goes to the police station and Kelly tells him that she did as he asked, so he better keep his end of their deal. Victor tells Kelly she will get everything she wants and more so she shouldn't worry.

The group from the cabin is at the breaking point when Summer shows them the second message she found on the closet mirror. Summer thinks Abby is sending the messages, but she denies it and apologizes to Summer once more then storms out of the cabin when Summer tells her she will never forgive her. The group from the cabin thinks they have a stalker that saw who killed Austin that night and now he is tormenting them. They decide to go to the police and tell them everything but they accidently run over Abby with the car on the way back to town. Neil want to go to the police and tell them he caused Christine's accident but Devon won't let him do that and takes him home so he can rest. Hilary arrives to get her things and Neil tells her what happened. She feels badly that Neil is hurting but quickly pretends not to care so that Devon thinks she is a selfish woman. Devon gives Hilary money to leave town and tells her that he will have someone send her things to her.

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