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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick admits to Maya that she didn’t seem to be jumping up and down with her sister staying here. She says she can be a little generous too since Rick has been to her. Nicole thanks Aly and Ivy for showing her around. She has one question if Rick is really in love with her sister. She’s been gone from home for a long time so she barely knows her now but she is happy to be in this fabulous house with her now. Maya tells Rick that it would make her feel good to do something good for Nicole now as they were not close growing up. She missed that big old close family. Quinn asks Deacon why he keeps going over to Brooke’s. He says she has been going through some tough changes and wants to be sure she is handling it okay. She’s been drinking enough to cause him concern. Quinn snarks that Brooke will get over it when she snags another man. Deacon says he is an alcoholic but he is under control and he intends to stay clean and give this marriage the best shot he has. He’s better when he is clean and tomorrow he is starting to go to his first AA meeting in a while. Brooke pours herself a drink but Wyatt shows up before she starts drinking. He shows her the divorce papers and says he is ending his and Hope’s marriage. She gives him a hug. He says he lost Hope that very day that she lost the baby and now he has to move on. She says she realizes that it is hard to do that when you are adrift. When she starts to drink she asks him to join in and he asks if she is okay. He even offers to be her best bud if she needs to get out sometimes; he can be fun. Brooke tells Wyatt that Deacon is Hope’s father and she sure as hell is not going to let him marry his mother.

The girls tell Nicole that Rick says he is in love with Maya but maybe Nicole will pick up on this the more she is around. Aly says Nicole seems nice but then so did Maya when they first met her. Maya doesn’t want Rick to ever be ashamed of her or her past. She leaves to take a shower. Nicole is lurking in the hallway and hears her leave. She knocks on Rick’s door and says she actually wanted to say goodnight to Maya. When she finds out she is in the shower, she thanks him again for taking her in and then asks why did he pick her sister? He quickly explains that his wife did something egregious that he could not accept and Maya was there for him and the only one who was honest. Nicole thinks to herself – Maya, honest. She has something so big that Rick could never imagine it. Brooke does not want to talk about divorce or Quinn or anything like that. She just wants to have fun, maybe dance. She bobbles a little and Wyatt tries to get her to sit her drink down and just go on to bed. She calls him a Debby Downer. When he gets nowhere with Brooke he leaves. She continues to drink, is unsteady on her feet, trips and hits her head on the table and falls unconscious to floor.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad talked to Stefano about getting back at Kate.  Chad was excited about getting back at her.  Kate was happy that she could get back at Stefano.  Jennifer warned JJ that Eve doesnít want Paige to know what he did with her.  JJ refused to tell Paige the truth even thought Jennifer thought Paige should know the truth.  Nicole wanted Aidenís advice on how he got with Hope.  Jennifer called Eve to make sure she didnít come up with a plan to make JJ look bad to Paige.  Jennifer warned Eve not to tell Paige the truth.  Eve told Jennifer that she hated her.  Stefano warned Chad to be careful with Kate.  Rafe went to see Victor.  When Victor wouldnít open up to him, Rafe searched the house. 

Victor said he would be ready for Clyde.  Rafe ran into Clyde at the park and wondered what he did to Victor.  JJ went to see Paige to work things out.  Nicole and Aiden got in an argument over his advice to get Daniel back.  Rafe told Clyde about the way Victor looked.  Victor celebrated getting the goods on Clyde.  JJ apologized to Paige for what he did.  He told her that he loved her and wanted her back.  Paige was furious at him.  She was done with him.  Stefano called Victor to get his help with something.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco vows to kill Luke for hurting Nina. They guard says they are both in big trouble for helping Luke escape. Lulu tells Tracy that Dante said Luke escaped from Shady Brook. Dante tells Spinelli that Luke escaped from Shady Brook. Dante calls Nathan, at Spinelli’s urging, and interrupts his romantic night off with Maxie to tell him that Luke escaped from Shady brook and that Nina has been implicated. Dante and Nathan go to Shady Brook. Spinelli goes to Maxie’s place. Nathan asks Nina if she helped Luke escape. Franco says it was him and that it was Harry Houdini that he helped. Dante and Nathan don’t believe him. Nina tells them that she doesn’t know where Luke went.

Brad pretends to be ill to get Lucas alone in a cubicle. While flattered, Lucas is reluctant to tryst at work. Lucas’ next patient is Georgie. Felicia calls Maxie to tell her that they are at the ER. Maxie and Spinelli rush over to General hospital. Lucas tells them that Georgie has the flu and that he wants her to stay in the hospital overnight for observation. Hearing about Maxie, Nathan rushes to General Hospital and finds Spinelli, Maxie, and Georgie together as a family.

Michael tells Sonny and Carly that he is going to rename Avery “Avery Jerome Quartermaine” and call her AJ for short. He observes that Sonny made Michael’s father AJ’s worst nightmare come true by bringing Michael into Sonny’s world and giving him Sonny’s name, so it is only fitting to do likewise with Sonny’s child. He believes that that is finally justice for AJ. Sonny says he doesn’t want to, but he will break Michael. Michael doesn’t think Sonny can. Sonny holds Morgan back from giving Michael a beating. Kiki apologizes for not letting Morgan take Avery to the island. Sonny says it isn’t her fault and that the only person at fault is Michael. Morgan insists that they all stay with Sonny as a family, so they order a pizza and play Monopoly. Michael goes home to the Quartermaine estate with Avery. Tracy tells him about Luke’s escape. Michael tells his father AJ’s picture about his coup.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Neil wants to tell the police he was at fault for the accident, but Nikki convinces him not to. Victor questions Nikki's story, that she was at fault. He finds Neil at the athletic club drinking, where he tells him he won't let Nikki go to prison for something she didn't do. Neil has trouble leaving the club and Devon tries to help. Neil resists and tells Devon that he grabbed the wheel and caused the accident. Phyllis' trial is moved up. Kelly claims not to be worried about the outcome. Paul begs Christine to rest and take care of herself but she is determined to prove Phyllis tried to kill Kelly. They run into Jack and Phyllis at the athletic club where Christine says she has a witness. Kelly steps forward and says there won't be a trial, not after she says what she needs to say. Joe drops off a box for Avery at Crimson Lights, saying he found something of hers in his storage. Inside the box is her wedding dress, which she claims only reminds her of her grandmother. Joe is completely out of her life and Dylan has to trust that the way she trusts him with Sharon.

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