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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke says Quinn and Deacon can not have a wedding. She will never be Mrs. Deacon Sharpe. She will not allow it. Quinn says Brooke has nothing to say about this. Deacon is not wrapped around Brooke’s little finger any more. There is nothing she can do about them making it official, he’s moved on. She knows Brooke can’t stand that. Brooke points her finger at her and says she will ruin his life just the way she did Hope’s. Quinn says she made mistakes and she regrets that but she is not the cause of all the problems like Brooke does with her badge of shame. Brooke opens the door and asks her to leave. Quinn pours a drink and suggests they have a drink…….this wedding is going to happen and it will be huge……wine, dancing, flowers. She mocks that Brooke has had many but this is Quinn’s one and only and she gives her cheers. She tells Brooke to stay out of the way and everything will be fine. But if Brooke gets in the way in any shape or form she will have to answer to Quinn. Aly tells Ivy that she can’t say no. Ivy tells her that Eric would never kick them out of the house so Rick is going out of his way to make them leave on their own. Wyatt tells Deacon that his mother is there now sharing the happy news. Deacon says he better go back over. Nicole thanks Rick for a room in his house despite Ivy objecting to it. He says it is settled, Nicole stays. And she gets the better room which is Aly’s. And he needs more snacks. Maya tells Rick that she appreciates him letting her sister stay in the house but they need to talk before she does. Rick says he knows they have not been close but leave it up to him. Maya just needs to enjoy her sis. Maya wants some alone time with Nicole and asks her what she is up to. Quinn has just left when Deacon shows up at Brooke’s.

Ivy confronts Rick and Aly says she was not even told…he just announced it that Nicole would get her room. Rick says they will make Nicole feel at home, end of discussion. Nicole asks Maya why is it that she seems not to trust her. Everything seemed fine until she needed a place to stay and now Rick’s house. Maya says Nicole has always judged her but let’s face it now she’d like to get in on the action too. Nicole says he is happy for Maya and they should do as Rick says, relax and enjoy each other. Maya says she has worked hard for this. They have been separated for a lot of years, so why now. Quinn tells Wyatt that Quinn can whine all she wants to but there is nothing she can do to break up her and Deacon. Brooke tells Deacon she can not believe he proposed to that monster. He says he will leave, he is glad Brooke is all right. Brooke says no, he came over for a reason. She is concerned. He says her men are running low. Bill has gone back to Katie and Ridge is now with Caroline but that will be over and she will end back up with Ridge. She assures him she won’t. He asks if there is any chance at all for the two of them. She says she can see what Quinn does to people and she does not want that to happen to him. She hopes he will listen to her. Quinn is really dangerous. He says this is all unnecessary and there is nothing else she can say. He advises her to go to bed and no more drinking. She says there is nothing to celebrate so she won’t be drinking. But she does and remembers what Deacon said that Brooke has always dazzled him. It was Brooke that shut the door and then he found Quinn. Deacon returns and takes the drink out of her hand. She says it is just one little drink and she is fine so he leaves her alone.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin confronted Lucas about being around Adrienne.  Adrienne found out that Will cheated on Sonny with Paul.  Lucas and Justin argued over Adrienne.  Adrienne yelled at Will and Paul for what they did to Sonny.  Lucas and Justin argued over Will and Sonny.  Will wanted to explain his affair to Adrienne, but she didnít want to hear it.  She asked him why he cheated on Sonny.  Justin and Lucas argued again over Justin leaving Adrienne to go to Dubai.  While Adrienne was yelling at Will, she realized he was with Paul when Sonny was stabbed.  She ended up slapping him.

Abby confronted Chad about him wanting her to sleep with him in order to drop the charges against Ben.  Adrienne apologized to Will for slapping him.  When she talked about the day he and Will got married, Will questioned whether or not Sonny wanted to marry him.  She was furious that he tried to blame Sonny for what he did.  Abby warned Chad not to hit on another manís girlfriend.  When Will went home, he told Lucas that he cheated on Sonny.  Lucas wanted to know about the affair and whether or not Sonny knew.  When Adrienne and Justin were together, she told him she kissed Lucas.  She wanted him to tell her the truth about him cheating on her.  When he didnít answer, she walked away.  Will told Lucas that Sonny was in love with Paul.  Will told Lucas he wasnít losing Sonny.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spinelli finds Pat Spencer’s last known address from 10 years ago. Tracy tells Spinelli that he can leave. He asks if he can stay awhile in case Nathan is still at Lulu’s apartment. Tracy tells him that Maxie is probably waiting for him. Spinelli believes she is right and leaves to find Maxie. Maxie and Nathan are at Lulu’s apartment arguing about Spinelli. He says they should break up. She thinks they should spend more time together. Spinelli walks in on Maxie and Nathan kissing.

Luke offers to get Franco and Nina out of Shady Brook if they release him from his restraints. Nina releases him. A guard sees them. Luke uses Nina as a hostage and then runs when he sees his chance. Tracy and Lulu decide to go to the address Spinelli gave them. Lulu calls Dante to tell him the plan. He tells her that Luke escaped from Shady Brook.

Ava refuses to believe that she has cancer. Silas tells her that he will do everything he can for her, but her cancer is advanced. He says he tested the samples of all of her relatives that had given samples for Danny but none of them were a match. He says he already looked into a marrow registry. Morgan tries to convince Kiki that if they don’t take Avery to Sonny’s island, they will lose her to Michael forever. Michael demands that Sonny hand over Avery or he will have the marshal arrest Sonny. Sonny tells them to arrest him because he isn’t going to tell. Michael tells them to arrest Carly too. Carly tells them to go ahead. Michael concludes that Avery is on Sonny’s private island. Morgan and Kiki walk in with Avery. Michael demands that they hand over the baby. Michael says Avery Jerome Corinthos is too formal so they are going to drop the Corinthos part. He says he is going to call her AJ for short.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer remembers that she and Austin argued about his affair with Abby. She was putting on her coat to leave the cabin when he grabbed her and she screamed at him to let go of her. Summer also remembers that she picked up the bookend and then she dropped it. Later she picked up the bookend again, and it had blood on it. Summer is happy that she didnít kill Austin. She gives Kyle a hug but he has a worried look on his face. Stitch tells both Victoria and Abby that he talked with Austin before Valentineís Day because Austin wanted an outsiderís view of the Abbott and Newman families for his documentary. Stitch refused to help him because it seemed that he wanted  to do an expose on the families. Abby is very hurt by Stitchís words because that means that Austin was only using her. Abby asks Summer for forgiveness one more time, but Summer insists that she will never forgive her for sleeping with Austin.

Chelsea feels overwhelmed by the arrangements for the engagement party and wedding. Billy suggests they elope, but Chelsea refuses, because after all they have been through, they deserve a wedding. Victoria tells Stitch that Billy will always be a part of her life because of their children; and if he canít accept that, then their relationship doesnít have a future. Sage realizes that Adam is desperate to stay married to her, so he doesnít lose Gabrielís money, so she lays down some ground rules and thinks she has the upper hand on Adam. When Billy asks him to be his best man, Gabriel  says he would be honored.

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