Friday 3/6/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn finds Wyatt at her door and she gives him a big hug. He notices a twinkle in her eye and wants to know what’s up. She starts obviously flashing her ring finger and Wyatt is speechless of if this is real. Deacon goes back to Brooke’s house. She offers him a drink but he declines. He apologies for what Quinn did by slapping her saying she had no excuse to do that. They both agree that Quinn is lucky that Brooke did not send her to jail. She even offers Deacon a place to stay in the guest house until he gets settled. He surprises her by saying he did not leave Quinn, but he proposed to her. Brooke is shocked after all Quinn has done to everyone. She tells Deacon that he is crazy. He says he made it clear to Quinn that she can never do anything like this again. Ivy and Aly come home and try to slip past Maya and Rick sitting by the fireplace sipping drinks. But he spies them and tells Aly that they’d like a snack if she will fix him one from scratch. Ivy starts to object but Aly motions that it is okay. Alone Rick tells Maya that it is good to be good but it is better to be bad and he is only trying to keep them on their toes. Ivy asks Aly if Rick thinks they are his servants. Aly says if this will help her get her shoe line off to a good start then she is willing to do this. If she doesn’t she knows she can kiss her career goodbye. Maya actually tells Rick that he could cut Aly and Ivy a little slack. He says he is only trying to teach them the value of work and if they don’t like it they can leave. There is a knock at the door and it’s Maya’s sister, Nicole. Clearly Maya isn’t ready to entertain her sister but Rick even offers her a place to stay as she is family. Nicole agrees it would be better in this big old Forrester Manor than in her friend’s dorm room on the couch. The girls bring in the food and Rick says he hopes there is enough for Nicole too as she is moving in. In fact she will be in Aly’s room so Aly will be finding another room. Ivy is more upset than Aly. Wyatt wants to be happy for his mom but he wonders why it has to be Deacon. She tells him that he just needs to get to know him better. He thinks he does and his feeling is that Deacon is still in love with Brooke. Quinn says Deacon is over there right now telling Brooke the good news and she will be joining them in a few minutes as she needs to see them together.

Deacon tells Brooke that he has changed because of Quinn and he loves her and wants to marry her. Brooke keeps repeating that she is dangerous and violent and he could do so much better. Quinn has arrived and is listening to everything they say. Deacon leaves and Brooke returns to her drink while Quinn pops out from behind the bushes and walks in and slams the door. Wyatt thanks Pam on the phone but says he is not interested in being hooked up with a friend of hers from her crochet club. Deacon walks in and Wyatt says he understands congratulations are in order. He says as much as Quinn drives him up the wall he does want to protect her. He’s still worried about Deacon’s feelings for Brooke. Deacon asks where Quinn is and Wyatt said she told him she was meeting them at Brooke’s. Brooks sees Quinn and screams at her to get out. Quinn lets her know that she heard every word that Brooke said about her and she can worry about more than a slap across the face. Brooke states that she will stand by Deacon as she thinks he is making poor choices. Quinn calls her a washed up old drunk. Brooke tells her she may as well take off that engagement ring as Brooke will not allow it. She will forbid a wedding happening. Quinn looks furious.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve refused to help JJ and Paige get back together.  Chad told Abby that he talked to the district attorney about Ben.  Will went to see Paul.  Paige showed up while Jennifer and Eve were talking.  Paige wanted to know what was going on with them.  When Eve refused to talk, Jennifer offered to do it.  Will wanted to know why Paul was still in Salem.  Chad said the DA refused to drop the charges against Ben.  Eve interrupted Jennifer when she was about to tell Paige the truth.  Jennifer wanted to make sure that Paige and JJ made decisions about their life together.  Chad apologized for not being about to do more for JJ.  Paul wanted to know why Will wanted him to move out of Salem so badly.  Will was willing to fight to keep Sonny.  Jennifer threatened to tell Paige everything if Eve didn’t get Paige and JJ back together.  Paul called Will out for the way he was acting.  Paul blamed Will for their affair.

While Adrienne was on the phone with Lucas, Justin was eavesdropping.  Paul reminded Will of how he acted when they first got together.  Adrienne and Justin got into an argument over Lucas.  Adrienne told Justin about being with his partner.  Jennifer told JJ that Eve wouldn’t tell what they did.  Justin went to see Will, but found Lucas.  Eve asked Paige to forgive her for what she did.  Jennifer tried to advise JJ to do the right thing.  Will told Paul that he wouldn’t get Sonny.  Paul and Will argued over Sonny.  Will wanted Paul to be gone before Sonny got back.  When Paul threw him out, Adrienne was there.  Jennifer thought JJ should tell the truth, but he thought he should lie.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael tells Tracy that he won custody of Avery. Tracy thinks it is poetic justice. Sonny tells Carly that he isn’t going to reveal that Avery is in NYC to prevent Michael getting to her. He calls Morgan and tells him that Michael won custody. He instructs Morgan to take Avery to the Corinthos Island. Carly tries to convince Sonny that it is kidnapping. Sonny tells Carly to leave so that she isn’t complicit. She tries to convince him that Avery will be fine with Michael. He doesn’t want to hear it. Michael arrives with a social worker and a marshal. Ava wants to take Avery back to the hospital with her. Silas and Delia try to dissuade her. Morgan and Kiki go into Ryan’s Bar. Ava and Silas are gone. Morgan tells Delia that they are in a hurry to leave. He then tells Kiki privately about Michael winning custody. Kiki doesn’t like the idea of disappearing with Avery, because they will eventually get caught and go to prison. Michael, the marshal and the social worker realize that Avery isn’t at Sonny’s house. Michael tells the marshal to arrest Sonny. At the hospital. Ava tells Silas that she will find a way to be with her daughters. Silas tells her that even if she thinks of a way, it is too late because she is dying.

Alice finishes getting the nursery ready in the Quartermaine mansion and suggests to Tracy that they set up another room for when Danny visits. Tracy tells Alice that they will need a third nursery because Ned and Olivia are having a baby. Tracy tells Alice that Luke has gone mad and is in Shady Brook for biting Scotty Baldwin's ear off. In ShadyBrook, Franco criticizes Luke’s boring attempt to maim Scott. He promises Luke that his will be a corpse to behold. Nina stops Franco when he is in the process of smothering Luke with a pillow. She asks him is he is going to give up his chance to get out of ShadyBrook for it. Franco decides not to kill Luke. Luke tells Nina that he owes her one and that he is going to devise a plan for all three of them to get out of ShadyBrook. He discloses that he isn’t really out of control; he bit Scott to get put in ShadyBrook instead of prison because ShadyBrook is easier to break out of. Nina chooses not to trust Luke. Franco tries to convince her that leaving with Luke is their best chance.

Nathan sees Spinelli kissing Maxie and asks her if he can assume she has made her decision. Maxie tells Nathan that the kiss was uninvited. Nathan goes after Spinelli. They are all distracted by the sound of Spinelli’s computer alarm with a result from his search for Luke’s older sister, Patricia. Spinelli says he will only share the information with Tracy Quartermaine. Spinelli takes the search result to Tracy. Nathan suggests that he and Maxie should break up.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Paul arrests Nikki for attempted murder because he has witnesses that can testify that Nikki swerved to hit Christine. Nikki's lawyer posts bail and she gets to go home. When Paul tells him what happened, Dylan takes Nikki’s side, because she wouldn’t hurt Christine on purpose. Nikki goes to the hospital to apologize to Christine and explain that it was an accident, but Christine is very angry and won’t listen to her. When Billy proposes to Chelsea, she accepts. Adam asks Jack to persuade Billy not to marry Chelsea. Jack does his best, but Billy has made up his mind. Jack worries that Adam will go to the police and have Billy arrested for shooting him and leaving him to die in the car. Abby admits to Victoria that her affair with Austin started out meaningless but she later fell in love with him, and she was upset that he didn’t feel the same way. The group goes back to the cabin and sees a message written on the mirror in the closet in lipstick: "I know what happened here." They wonder what the killer means by it. Kyle later finds Summer in the cabin and comforts her. When she goes to the bedroom to get some rest, he goes to the closet to wipe the message off the mirror. Kevin, Mariah, Noah, and Courtney continue to suspect that Kyle killed Austin and set out to prove it. Nick persuades Sage to divorce Gabriel since she doesn’t want to pretend to be married to him anymore. Stitch tells Ashley that he doesn’t think Victoria will ever love him as much as she loved Billy.

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