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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Deacon says he is not getting down on one knee but he wants to marry her. Quinn scoffs that he needs to put that ring away. They just agreed she is not good for him. He tells her to take the damn ring and put it on her finger. She likes him around as her toy. Wyatt goes over to Brooke’s and Brooke wants to know if his mother sent him. He says no, but she is the reason he is here. He said he was going to wash his hands of her but he is the only one who knows the difference of her everyday crazy and her over the top crazy. And right now Brooke is the reason for that. Brooke says she will not stand here and take blame for Quinn’s craziness. He assures her he is not blaming her but he knows Quinn is insecure about Deacon. Is there anything about Deacon that would give his mother concern. She admits he brought her home and she did invite him in but nothing happened. Deacon tells Quinn that Brooke was his ideal fantasy but they had one moment together but he did not realize it was just one moment and it has vanished. He has seen the reality now. Quinn says she felt the same about Bill. He never cared except for her in bed. She is not sure she even believes in marriage. She kisses him to make sure Deacon is still himself. She asks him to bring out the ring again. Ridge tells Caroline that Steffy left because her plan did not work so they are back to right where they started to try to take down the King. She tells him Liam did not work out but Ridge could still fight to get Rick out. Ridge says he can’t without stabbing his father in the back. She gets playful and mixes up some paint and starts painting his shirt. The next thing you now she is ducking from him as he starts to paint her and she retaliates by painting his face. These two are having too much fun with their finger painting.

Deacon tells Quinn that he will settle for no more murder attempts and no more smacking Brooke. She says she would not want him to get a job. She’d want him around to help her build up the business. She says also she will not change her name and he can never divorce her as he’d wake up with a pillow in his face. She smiles as she lets him slip on the ring. She says she has never allowed a diamond on her finger before so now he can talk to her about love. They kiss passionately. Ridge and Caroline lay in bed with paint smattered all over them. He says he is not sure he deserves her, why he has such good luck but he will start thinking that way. As soon as Wyatt leaves, Brooke’s thoughts go back to Deacon and the kiss……and to years ago when they conceived Hope. Deacon and Quinn lay on the floor afterwards and she muses that he has seen her at her worst so he better not cheat on her. She did not think this would happen until she was about 70 with all the fire out of her. She will try and be a better person or at least pretend to be. She jokes about him having this ring for a while and probably gave it to some Olive Oyl before.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melanie and Theresa got into an argument over Dr. Mandrake.  Brady stopped them from arguing.  Eve told Paige that Jennifer is furious with her.  Jennifer told JJ that there was still a chance for him.  Jennifer said her relationship with him wasnít over.  She blamed herself for what happened between him and Eve.  Eve wanted Paige to stay away from Jennifer and JJ.  Eve said Jennifer was trying to stab her in the back.  She made it seem as if Jennifer was coming after her.  She suggested leaving Salem.  Jennifer told JJ that she wouldnít say anything, but she thought Eve would suffer.  JJ didnít want Paige to know the truth because he didnít want her to hate him.  Paige didnít want to leave town.  Brady wanted to talk to Theresa.  Theresa told him that Melanie has been investigating her.  Brady didnít understand why Melanie would investigate her.  Theresa told Brady to keep Melanie out of her business.

Eve tried to convince Paige to leave town, but Paige didnít want to go.  Jennifer told JJ they would figure out his situation.  Eve continued to make Jennifer look bad to Paige.  Paige didnít want to hear what Eve had to say.  When Paige left, Jennifer showed up.  Jennifer told Eve she was her only hope of not losing Paige.  Brady wanted to know if Melanie was asking questions about Theresa and she said she was.  Jennifer told Eve to never go near JJ again.  Eve asked her not to tell Paige.  Jennifer said it was up to her.  Melanie told Brady why she investigated Theresa and it led to an argument.  Jennifer wanted Eve to allow Paige and JJ to be together.  Eve refused to let JJ be with Paige.  Jennifer threatened to tell Paige the truth when Paige showed up.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly recognizes Judge Walters as Monica’s boyfriend and concludes that Michael facilitated his appointment to the case. Ric confronts Michael about it. Michael tells them to prove that he rigged the change in judges. Ric asks Judge Walters to recuse himself because of the conflict of interest. He refuses to recuse himself and gives custody to Michael. Ric says he is going to appeal. Judge Walters tells Sonny to tell him where Avery is. Sonny tells Walters that Avery is at home. Alexis tells Michael that she hope she hopes he can climb up from the depth that he has sunk to. Carly asks Sonny why she told Walters that Avery is at his house when she is really in New York. Sonny says Avery is going to stay in New York because he is not going to turn her over to Michael. Ava goes into Ryan’s Bar to see Avery, revealing herself to Delia. Silas finds her there. He tells her that she just made her mother an accomplice. Delia promises not to tell anyone. Ava wants to take Avery with her.

Luke is restrained in a straitjacket and mask taken to ShadyBrook by Nathan and Dante because he bit off Scott’s ear. Franco, who is no longer restrained to his bed, hears Nathan telling Nina that Luke hurt DA Baldwin. Franco gets a copy of the newspaper and reads about what happened to Scott. The doctors are able to reattach the portion of Scott’s ear that Luke bit off. Bobbie asks Scott to understand that Luke is not well and needs help. Scott says Luke is like a rabid dog that needs to be put down, but that he is there for Bobbie. When the coast is clear, Franco goes into Luke’s room and paraphrases Inigo Montoyaís famous line from the Princess Bride: "My name is Franco Baldwin. You hurt my father. Prepare to die."

Maxie frets over her relationship with Nathan, so she goes to Lulu’s place to talk, only to discover that Spinelli is there. Spinelli tells her that Lulu is at General Hospital because Luke attacked Scott Baldwin in court and Scott is in ICU. Spinelli tells her that Lulu hired him to find out what happened to Luke to make him snap. Spinelli tells Maxie that will stop talking about her having feelings for him when she admits that she does. Nathan goes to Dante’s place and lets himself in with Dante’s key. He finds Spinelli kissing Maxie.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Paul and Christine mourn the loss of their baby daughter. Paul tells Christine to rest and goes to the station to question Nikki about what happened that night. Neil signs the witness form stating that Nikki was driving and lost control of the car. Victor wants the truth from Nikki, but she insists she was driving. After questioning Nikki, Paul reads her her rights and handcuffs her. He charges her with attempted murder. Neil visits Christine in the hospital and tells her it was Nikki that hit her. Dylan and Sharon share a friendly meal. Afterwards, Dylan finds Avery and questions her love for him. At Austin's memorial service, Summer confronts Abby about sleeping with Austin. Abby doesn't deny it and leaves. Kevin, Kyle, Courtney, and Mariah follow Abby to the Abbott cabin and accuse her of killing Austin. Summer asks her family why people cheat on those they love. Left alone with Austin's casket, Summer curses him. At the cabin, Abby opens the wardrobe where they found Austin's body. On the mirror is written, "I know what happened here".

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