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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke opens the door to Deacon. He says they need to talk about what happened. He asks if she remembers the kiss. She says yes, she does not black out when she drinks. She knows he kissed her and she did not pull away because it happened so quickly and with no notice. Deacon tells Brooke that she will always have a little piece of his heart but he’s with Quinn now. He is committed to her. Brooke says he really needs to be telling this to Quinn as she seems a little insecure right now. She tells him about the slap. She warns Deacon that he better think long and hard before he gets in too deep with Quinn and her craziness. Wyatt goes to Quinn’s at her request. She says she needed him as she needed to talk to someone who knows how she is wired. Pointblank he asks what did she do now. He’s appalled when she admits she slapped Brooke. She rants that she was upset. Deacon had driven Brooke home and before you know it she was parading around in her bathing suit, yet she did not want a swim party. Everybody knows she is a man predator and she wanted him in her bed. He quips then she must have been defending poor helpless Deacon’s honor. She fires back that Brooke already stole Bill away from her and she was not going to let her do the same with Deacon. She admits the slap went a little too far and she is only afraid what will happen when Deacon finds out. Wyatt says she won’t have to tell him as Brooke will be only too happy to do that. Quinn bellows at Wyatt to stop yelling at her. She knows she has some anger control problems but she is working on that. And this was only one incident. Wyatt says good; he only hopes her boyfriend sees it that way.

Liam and Ivy lay in bed. He wakes her with a kiss and she says she likes waking up with him. Steffy stops by Ridge’s loft and he says she can not go back to Paris as she just got there. She muses that if there was anything about their recent history with Liam she never would have left, but it’s ancient history now. The world doesn’t stop when you need time out and she lost something important. She tells Ridge there is not going to be a takeover now so there is no reason for her to stay in L.A. She is not going to sit around and watch Liam fall deeper in love with Ivy. She did that once before and that won’t happen again. She changes the subject and asks what is he doing. Is Caroline a mid-life crisis or infatuation. He tries to explain that it is much more than that. Steffy tells him it is inappropriate as Caroline is her age. He counters that Caroline is a grown woman and just like Steffy she makes grown up decisions. He says he is sorry that his relationship upsets her but there is nothing he can do about that. At that moment Caroline lets herself in. she is civil; Steffy is frosty. Ridge tells her that he is not going to defend his relationship and neither is Caroline. He would hope that Steffy wanted her dad to be happy and she finally admits that she does. She gives him a quick semi hug and leaves. Deacon goes home and asks Quinn what the hell did she do. Quinn says sounds like Brooke wasted no time in ratting her out. Deacon barks that for heaven’s sake, she barged in Brooke’s house and knocked her to the ground. She is lucky that Brooke didn’t call the police and have her arrested for assault. He wants to know when the craziness between her ears and being normal kicks in. Quinn defends by saying Brooke thinks she can have anything she wants and she wanted her to know that he was off limits. He states again that she is beautiful and talented and sexy as hell. And he is living with her so all of this is unnecessary. She doesn’t have to be this insecure to go around decking people. Hope and her mother are very important to him and they do not deserve Quinn wrecking havoc in their lives. She hollers back that he is right. She is a terrible person, a nutcase and he should just get out right now. He can save himself future embarrassment by leaving now and never coming back. But when she looks around he has a ring box in his hand. He says she is nuts and she drives him nuts but he wants to marry her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer questioned why JJ was with Eve.  Paige was watching them while they were arguing.  When JJ noticed Paige, he wanted to stop talking.  Jennifer wanted to tell Paige.  Roman talked to Aiden about him being with Hope.  Jennifer ended up not telling Paige the truth.  Abe and Hope talked about Aiden.  Roman gave Aiden his approval of him being with Hope.  Theresa went to see Eve, but Eve didn’t want her there.  Theresa suspected that Eve did something to Paige.  When Jennifer and JJ were home, they talked about him sleeping with Eve.  Jennifer thought Eve seduced him to get back at her, but he said it was because of Paige.  Nicole went to see Daniel to try and get him back.  JJ told Jennifer why he hurt Paige.  Theresa wanted to know what wads going on with Eve.  When Paige called, Eve thought she knew the truth.

Daniel let Nicole know that he couldn’t trust her.  Eve decided to meet her at the town square.  Eve threw Theresa out of her apartment.  Jennifer questioned JJ about being with Eve “tonight”.  Jennifer didn’t believe it “just happened” between them.  He opened up to her about what went on between him and Eve.  Jennifer wanted to know why he was with Eve.  He continued to tell her why he was with her.  When Eve met Paige, Eve wanted to get her a new phone.  Paige was suspicious of Eve wanting to get her a new phone.  At the hospital, Theresa questioned Melanie about Dr. Mandrake.  Paige told Eve she saw JJ and Jennifer arguing.  JJ thought it was too late for him and Paige.  Jennifer said it might not be too late.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ava watches her own memorial service from outside Ryan’s Bar. Delia sings “Danny Boy” to Avery because her mother-in-law, Maeve, used to sing it at times like this. Ava reveals herself to Delia. Nikolas almost tells Sam that Jake is Jason, but he is called into Spencer’s room. When he returns, Sam tells him that whatever he was going to say can wait until after Spencer is better. Jake agrees to be an undercover informant for the PCPD. Sloane tells Elizabeth that the DA is not pressing charges against Jake. Sam returns to Port Charles. Elizabeth fills her in on Jake’s news.

Olivia tells Dante that she is pregnant by Ned. While babysitting Danny, Tracy mentions to Ned that there will soon be another baby in the house. He assumes she is talking about Olivia’s baby. She is surprised to hear about Olivia’s pregnancy. She says she was talking about Avery Corinthos. Ned says Michael is not going to win custody. Tracy says he will, because Monica pressured her boyfriend, Judge Walters, into taking over the case. Alexis questions Sonny on the witness stand. Sonny appeals to Michael. Judge Walters says he has heard enough and will make a decision after a break. Carly realizes where she has seen Judge Walters before -- dating Monica.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil turns the wheel of Nikki's car and the car runs into Christine. Paul has Nikki arrested and tells his men to give her a breathalyzer test. Nikki takes the blame for the accident since the test will prove she wasn't drinking and she was driving the car. Neil wants to tell the truth, but Nikki tells him he has a family that needs him and he has to be a father to Moses so he can't go to jail. Nikki is confident that since she wasn't drinking, the test will prove that it was an accident, and she won't go to jail. Christine is taken to the hospital and after surgery, she is okay, but she loses the baby The group who was at the cabin suspects that Kyle killed Austin after tests prove it is Austin's blood on the towel they found in Kyle's car. Kyle tells Abby he and Austin had a fight and he punched him in the nose, because he was mad that he was cheating on Summer. Abby asks Kyle not to tell Summer about her affair with Austin. Summer is at Austin's funeral when she remembers that she heard Austin and Abby arguing at the cabin about their affair, and she tells everyone at the funeral that Abby was sleeping with her husband. Victor continues to talk to his secret accomplice about his plan to bring Jack down. He is sure that Jack won't see what's coming to him.

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