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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Ivy that her dad is talking to Liam right now. And she is not turning over her stocks in FC unless Liam is part of the deal. He calls and says he saw Ridge and now needs to talk to her at his place. She agrees. Aly comes into the house and wants to talk her shoe line but Rick blows it off that he needs his martini first and for her to fix it and champagne for Maya. When she does that he even criticizes that she shook it too much and made it watery. Ivy is concerned and tells Wyatt that Liam is with Steffy right now. Steffy asks Liam if he is ready to take over FC with her. She hopes that is why he called her. She waxes poetic about her hitting her head on the bathtub and fell in love with him and then they were married. She only left him when she lost their child; he would be better off with her away but it wasn’t. Hope Logan did not appreciate what she had with him. But she felt like Hope would come to her senses and she had no right to fight for him. She practically handed him to her and then Hope left him. She confesses if he were with Hope right now and happy she would back off. But with Ivy she sees no problem staking her claim against someone he has known about 5 minutes. It can not be compared to what they shared and they can have that back. Every time he tries to object she shushes him and says this can all be theirs. Wyatt tells Ivy do not count herself out even tho Liam has history with Steffy. He started this to help Ivy work better at FC without Rick’s tactics. Liam tells Steffy that it would feel so good to be with her again and he thinks they could make it work and for the company too, but there is Ivy and he is committed to her.

Steffy says Ivy better appreciate what she has. Liam says he loves Steffy but Steffy adds that he loves Ivy more at the moment and she would expect no less. She says she will go back to Paris and watch from afar what Rick is doing at FC and him and Ivy. They hug. She tells him to be happy. She takes a deep breath and cries as she leaves. Aly shows Rick and Maya her line but he is not impressed and calls them discount. But he’s willing to give it a try if she massages Maya’s feet and lets the lead model walk in them. Ivy goes back to Liam’s and asks if all is okay. He says he really wants to take over FC but he will have to find another way. He can not give up on them and accept Steffy’s offer. Rick takes great joy in watching and giving orders to Aly to massage Maya’s feet. Steffy stops in and tells Wyatt that she is leaving. Wyatt says he works close with Ivy and she has confided in him, so he is glad Liam is staying with her. Ivy tells Liam that she could not have blamed him as he and Steffy do have history and were married and were going to have a family together. He says there is no having it all if he does not have her. He quips that he prefers his women with an accent. He makes her feel comfortable with his kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny told Will why he wanted to see Paul.  Sonny intimated that Will was a liar.  Jennifer attacked Eve when she saw her with JJ.  Sonny told Will that he wasnít going home.  Lucas wanted to talk to Adrienne about their kiss.  He suggested that they donít see each other.  Jennifer was upset that JJ cheated on Paige for Eve.  Sonny said he was leaving Salem.  Jennifer ripped into Eve and JJ for betraying Paige.

Adrienne didnít want to stop seeing Lucas, but he thought they should stop being alone together.  Will tried to stop Sonny from leaving.  Will tried to use Arianna as an excuse for Sonny to stay.  Sonny still wanted to leave.  Jennifer thought Eve had sex with JJ because she hates her.  Will tried to talk Sonny out of leaving Salem.  He wanted to work things out.  Sonny still wanted to leave but he thought they might have still work things out.  Before Jennifer could leave the room, Eve asked her not to tell Paige.  Jennifer threw Eveís keys at her and slapped Eve.  JJ started to ask her not to say anything and Jennifer walked off.  Will wanted to know if Sonny was using him because he couldnít have Paul.  Before Sonny could answer, Kayla and Adrienne walked in the room.  Sonny told Adrienne that he was going to Phoenix.  JJ caught up to Jennifer so he could talk to her.  She wanted to know how he could do it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael tells Julian that he intends to keep Avery safe from both Sonny and Julian. Ric and Alexis both advise Michael to drop the custody suit. Michael refuses. Julian tells Sonny that the Jerome Family is resuming operations so they will be on opposite sides again. Sonny says he is done with the business. Julian says he knows that is only temporary. He says he is going to take back everything that was the Jerome territory before Sonny showed up in Port Charles. Sonny says he will break Julian.

Kiki and Delia get everything ready for Ava’s memorial service at Ryan’s bar. Kiki calls Silas and invites to the memorial since it is being held in the city at the last minute. While Silas is out of the room, Ava sees a text on his phone that says Morgan is bringing Avery to the memorial. She hides the phone in her bed. Silas leaves without it. Julian goes to the memorial and meets Delia for the first time. Morgan arrives with Avery. Ava sneaks out of the hospital and peers into the window of Ryan’s.

Sam goes to Shriner’s Hospital in Boston to be with Nikolas. She tells him that she wants to find out from Helena what Jake’s real identity is. She asks Nikolas if Helena told him. He pretends that doesn’t know. He asks her why she is so interested when Jake has nothing to do with her. She says he absolutely has something to do with her. She says that after what she went through when Jason was presumed dead, she doesn’t want Jake’s loved ones to go through the same thing. Carly overhears Jake’s guard giving Jake the message that the commissioner wants to know if he doesn’t want the charges against him dropped. Carly wonders why he wouldn’t accept an offer like that. When he says he can’t tell her, she concludes that there must be strings attached. Jake tells Carly that Sloan wants him to work undercover and infiltrate the Jerome family. Carly tells him to let Diane represent him and she will get him acquitted of the charges. Jake says he won’t accept Carly’s charity and that he is going to take Sloan’s offer.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Summer finds videos on Austin's computer that she'd never seen before. Noah stays to comfort Summer, but the others leave. Kevin suspects Mariah knows more than she's saying. Kyle confronts Abby that he knows about the affair. He admits he and Austin had an argument that turned physical. Summer feels that she shouldn't go to the memorial. Lily tries to stop Neil from drinking but only fuels the fire. Neil tells Devon how he feels. Nikki walks in and offers to take Neil home. On the way, Neil realizes that Nikki is taking him to an AA meeting, and he doesn't want to go. He pulls the emergency brake. Paul and Christine argue about Paul's undying loyalty to Nikki and how he doesn't seem to have any faith in Christine. She leaves the station in anger. As she's getting into her car, Nikki's car barrels toward her.

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