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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

After the slap and with Brooke on the floor, Quinn tells her to stay away from Deacon. Brooke gnashes that it was one thing to slap her but another whole thing about knocking her vodka out of her hand. Wyatt thinks he and Deacon should head over to Brooke’s as he is sure that is where Quinn went. Steffy tells Ridge she is only considering this takeover if Liam is part of the bargain. Liam is kissing Ivy and she quips that she is not even wearing a bikini. He says she just has that power over him. She muses that she knew he was committed to her but hearing him tell Steffy that meant a lot to her. He says there are a lot of what if’s with Steffy and this proposal is tempting but he has Ivy and he wouldn’t have it any other way. She just wishes being with her is not going to keep him from getting the shares he wants to make this takeover happen. Ridge tells Steffy that Rick will have a whole year to run FC and he is not sure he can stomach that. Bill can not have anything to do with this and they all need to be protected. He does not want her to get her hopes but says he might be open to it. Ridge says she and her brother are too far away and he’d like her to come back. She says everything has to fall in place for that to happen. He wants to go and talk to Liam and see just where his head is.

Wyatt tells Deacon that his mother hears what she wants to hear. Deacon tells him that nothing happened at Brooke’s, but Wyatt is not so sure about that. His states that his mother has not cared about another man since Bill and she is taking a big risk by allowing him in her life so do not cross her. Brooke says she is not trying to take Deacon away from Quinn but obviously Quinn believes that. Quinn finally says she does not know what got into her and tries to help Brooke up but Brooke yells at her not to touch her. She orders her out of her house and to never come back again. Quinn goes home and asks Deacon if he would ever leave her for her. Deacon says Brooke, of course not. He loves Quinn and would not leave her for anyone. Brooke pours another drink of vodka and cries. Ivy overhears Steffy tell someone on the phone that she might move back to L.A. You never can tell but if she does being with Liam is part of the package. Ridge goes to see Liam and says he is there because of Steffy’s offer. It will give Steffy back the life she wanted. Is Liam going to jump on this? Quinn tells Deacon that she knows he thinks she is over-reacting and that Brooke is innocent but she had to knock some sense into her. She can put on her bathing suit and take any man to bed she wants but not Deacon. Ivy tells Steffy that Liam will not be coming back to her. Steffy says she would not be so sure. Her dad is with Liam as they speak and if they come to an agreement then Liam will be back with her and Ivy’s little two months bonding won’t mean a thing compared to what they have. Ridge tells Liam that he does not want to wait a year but he can with no help from Liam. But if he has some feelings for Steffy without Ivy being in the picture then this could all work so Liam needs to seriously think about it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will was upset about being with Paul.  Sonny wanted to see Paul.  Paul agreed to meet him.  Adrienne went to see Lucas.  Tori was uncomfortable when she saw John.  Eve wanted JJ to meet her at her apartment.  Roxanne ripped into Eve when she saw her talking to JJ.  Marlena tried to advise Will on what to do in order to save his marriage.  Will was upset that Sonny didnít tell him about Paul.  Sonny wanted Paul to tell him the truth bout him and Will.  Eve overheard JJ and Roxanne talking about the plan and how Roxanne didnít want to do it anymore.  Jennifer and Abby argued over Jennifer breaking in Eveís apartment.

Adrienne wanted to talk to Lucas, but she thought she shouldnít talk to him.  Will talked to Marlena about Sonnyís relationship with Paul.  Will thought Sonny was using him because he couldnít have Paul.  When JJ and Roxanne went to her hotel room, Eve followed them.  Sonny was upset with Will while he was talking to Paul.  Sonny wanted to know if Will told the truth about how many times they slept together.  Paul confirmed Willís answer.  When Eve barged in on JJ and Roxanne, it caused Roxanne to want to go home.  JJ realized that Eve was jealous of him and Roxanne.  They ended up kissing each other.  She wanted to go back to her place.  Paul advised sonny to talk to Will, but Sonny thought it wouldnít do any good.  Sonny told him that Will thought he was using him.  When Paul asked if Sonny was using him, Will was there.  When Jennifer went to Roxanneís hotel room, she saw JJ and Eve in bed.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco reveals to Nina that he has been faking his psychosis. She slaps him for being a liar. She is angry that she got herself put back into ShadyBrook for him for nothing. He says it wasn’t for nothing because he was faking being crazy so he could stay in Shady Brook for her. He tells her that they are well beyond being friends. They kiss. Ric rips into Michael in court. Michael rants about Sonny being a murderer. Ric brings up the fact that Michael killed Claudia Zacchara. He points out that Michael is not related to Avery by blood.

Elizabeth tells Jake that she has feelings for him. Commissioner Sloane tells Jake that he is dropping all of the charges against him. Jake wants to know what the catch is. Sloane says he has an undercover job for Jake with the PCPD infiltrating the Jeromes. Julian isn’t happy to learn that Carlos is out on bail. After Julian almost strangles Carlos to death for killing Ava, Carlos asks for his job back. Ava wants to get back to Port Charles to Avery. Silas tells her that if she does, she will either be killed or sent back to prison. On her tablet PC, Ava sees reporters trying to interview Carly outside the courtroom where the custody hearing is being held. Ava refuses to allow Avery to ever consider Carly as her mother. Silas finds her trying to crawl to a phone so she can call Julian. Silas won’t let her make the call. Ava is desperate to keep Avery out of the hands of Sonny, Michael, or Carly. Silas says Ava isn’t well enough. She asks him if he intends to turn her in when she is well enough. He says he still cares about her so he isn’t going to turn her in.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor tells Kelly he wants to get Phyllis away from Jack and she needs his help to do it and Kelly tells Victor she will help him as long as she gets Jack. Ashley wonders why Jack is lying to Phyllis about sleeping with Kelly on Valentineís Day. Jack explains that Phyllis would be very upset if she knew what happened between him and Kelly. Paul and Christine argue because Paul thinks Kelly poisoned herself to frame Phyllis and Christine thinks Phyllis should pay for poisoning Kelly. Paul is also very worried that the stress that Christine is under with this case could harm her pregnancy. Avery warns Nick that if Sharon finds out that Sage is married and he is in a relationship with her, she could get custody of Faith when the case comes under review. Jack tells Adam not to underestimate Billy and warns him not to get in Billy's face too much or Billy could discover his true identity. Billy continues to be more suspicious of Gabe with each passing day. He and Chelsea continue to argue because she thinks Gabe is a good guy. Summer canít sleep because she has nightmares about Austinís death. Phyllis offers to help her plan a memorial service for Austin and do whatever she can to help her get through this tough time. Phyllis has a conversation with Kyle and gets the feeling that he knows more than he's telling her about Austinís death. Phyllis also questions the timing of Kyleís arrival back in town.

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