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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tells Wyatt that he doesn’t know Deacon like she does but she likes this. Maybe this is the first sign that Wyatt is leaning toward her again and being protective. Wyatt says Deacon and Brooke share a daughter together and a whole lot more than that. He does not want her going to that dark place again. She says she won’t but admits Deacon has been gone way past time that he should have gotten food and been back home. Quinn fires back that she shares a son with Bill and they are not close now. Wyatt says the point is Brooke can not be without a man. Quinn says okay but it won’t be her man. Deacon can not get from Brooke what he gets with Quinn…and do not ask what that is. Katie and Bill enjoy their honeymoon and he says he could care less what Quinn thinks or does and he will wear Katie’s new necklace. Katie doesn’t care either as long as Deacon stays away from her sister. While Bill is out she attempts to call Brooke but he catches her and just says she is still worried abut her drinking pretty hard at the wedding. Deacon tells Brooke he doesn’t know what he is doing. He is going to get the hell out of here. Brooke says he is living with a nutcase and is a little frustrated. It is not the time to go but time to party out by the pool and the drinks are on her. He asks if she really doesn’t care at all what might happen. She pours the drinks and he says he is going to spell it out for her since she does not seem to get it. He can not be her drinking buddy now. He is with Quinn. She is sick of hearing all about Quinn, but whatever. She tells him to quit wearing his heart on his sleeve. He is no fun that way. He realizes she does not get how he really feels about her so he leaves. Brooke continues drinking.

Wyatt tells Quinn that he is out of here. If she wants to be with Deacon, then have at him, it’s not his problem. As he is leaving Deacon comes in and apologizes for being sidetracked. He says he ran into Brooke at the restaurant. Deacon tells her about Brooke and said she was pretty messed up and he could not leave her there so he took her home. Wyatt says he is sure he did not leave her on the doorstep. Did he take her to bed? Deacon is appalled and says again he is sorry he was late. Nothing happened. They did not even go swimming like Brooke wanted but he had to stay to make sure she was okay. Deacon puts the food in microwave to revive it and Quinn slips out. Wyatt tells him one guess where she went. He comments he is not his mother’s keeper so he could not stop her. Deacon says he cares about her. Wyatt wonders if that means as much as he does Brooke. He says he knows Deacon’s history with Brooke and he felt they would always get back together and wonders just what happened over there tonight. Brooke calls Donna but had forgotten she was taking care of Will. She wanted to go dancing and have some fun like they used to. Instead she goes back to the bottle. Brooke’s doorbell rings and it is Quinn. Brooke opens the door with a drink in her hand. Brooke tells Quinn she looks like she could use a drink. Quinn quips that it looks like Brooke has had more than enough for the two of them. She is drunk and Deacon has had it with her. Brooke tells her to leave but Quinn slaps her and commands her to stay away from Deacon. Brooke falls to the door with Quinn leaving her there.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer told Daniel that JJ wasnít dating Roxanne.  Eve was bothered by JJ being with Roxanne.  Jennifer thought something was going on with JJ and Roxanne.  Eve confronted Roxanne.  Brady and Nicole talked about Theresa.  Melanie and Theresa talked about Dr. Mandrake.  Melanie told Theresa that she overheard Clint talking to Mandrake.  Abby wanted to know if Chad wanted her to sleep with him to keep Ben out of prison.  She was upset that Chad was going to send Ben t o prison.  Theresa and Melanie argued over Brady.  Theresa warned Melanie to stay out of her business before she walked away.  Jennifer told Daniel that she thought Eve had something to do with JJ.  Eve ripped into Roxanne and JJ.  Chad decided not to press charges against Ben.  When Roxanne left, JJ wanted to know what was going on.

Daniel tried to keep Jennifer from obsessing over JJís love life. Jennifer agreed to let it go.  JJ wanted to talk to Eve is private.  Melanie told Nicole she didnít want to investigate Dr. Mandrake anymore.  Abby wanted to know what Chad meant when he said it wasnít supposed to happen with Jordan.  He blurted out that it was about her.  Chad wanted Abby to leave.  JJ wanted to know why Eve was around.  He wanted to know why she was so upset.  She wanted to know what he did to Paige.  He said he kept her away.  She would have been alright if Roxanne didnít want to do the plan anymore.  She wanted to get something straight with JJ.  She wanted to back to her place.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The police inform Summer that Austin was found behind the wheel of a wrecked car and he is dead. Summer is devastated but Kyle is there to comfort her. Kyle recalls looking through the window of the cabin and seeing Summer standing over Austin’s body. Abby remembers the first time Austin kissed her at the cabin after they talked about the disagreement he and Summer had, because Summer bought him an expensive tie. Mariah thinks Abby was in love with Austin, but Abby calls her ridiculous. Noah asks Kevin to have the bloody towel they found in Kyle’s car tested. Neil finally believes the story that Hilary used him and Devon to get revenge on Neil for his part in her mother’s death. Hilary takes a little longer to convince Devon but he finally believes her after she gives back the ring he gave her. Lily tells Hilary to leave town or she will be very sorry. Billy does some research on Gabriel and he gets even more suspicious so he invites Gabriel and Sage to stay at the Abbott house since all the hotels are full. Sage worries that Adam will slip and reveal his true identity and that he won't be able to control his feelings for Chelsea.

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