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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill and Katie enjoy their Aspen honeymoon. She likes it where it is cold and wants to stay in bed all day. But she has a wedding surprise for him, something she took a risk on. He opens a new sword necklace. She says she knows the old necklace is who he is, but that is the past and this is the future. He is still powerful and better than before. So she is not asking him to forget his past but embrace his future. They kiss. In the office, Brooke and Eric drink to the success of their son and laugh over how he got his brilliance. Brooke in fact has several refills and Eric quips that he never tires of her giggle. Deacon is down on the floor with no clothes on and comes up for air as he is out of breath. He has a whisk in his hand. He is not sure he wants to leave but tells Quinn they need something to eat so they both settle on chicken and salad from takeout and she playfully smacks his behind before he leaves. Brooke tries to pour Eric another drink but he says he is busy and can not even go out for lunch. She should go alone but do not drive. She assures him she will take a car and thanks him for caring. She says now that Rick is stabilizing everything will be all right. There is a knock at Quinn’s door and she gleefully opens it to find Wyatt and invites him in. He says only when she puts that wielding knife away. She is shocked that he is caring about her. He says it might be for Deacon instead. She says he doesn’t have to worry as Deacon treats her well. She was depressed when Wyatt lost his baby but Deacon was there for her all the way. Wyatt wants her to be happy but he is not as sure as she is that Deacon can deliver on that. She asks about Bill’s wedding and Wyatt tells her it went well although Brooke got a little tipsy. She wants to hear all about that.

At the outdoor restaurant Deacon asks about his takeout. Then he spots Brooke and walks over. She tells him she is celebrating and insists that she is not alone now so sit down. She tries to get him a drink but he says he is only here long enough to get his takeout and needs to get back with Quinn. Brooke keeps insisting and he realizes she has had many drinks already so pays for both of their tabs and tells her she can not drive and he is taking her home. She makes a scene in leaving and he ends up apologizing to everyone in her path. Deacon is at odds getting Brooke into her house. She doesn’t want to sit; she wants to dance. She calls Deacon young and sexy. When she has another drink but Deacon doesn’t, she bounds toward the stairs and says she will sober up like he says upstairs and he can help. Deacon looks at Brooke’s photos on the mantle and thinks back to when they slept together and Hope was born. Brooke comes down in a bathing suit and has one in hand for Deacon. She says they can swim then have that drink. Remember when they used to have fun? He says yes but he is committed to Quinn now. Brooke says that has nothing to do with anything and pours herself a drink. Deacon grabs her and kisses her, shocking them both.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe let Clyde know that Jordan and Chad were finished.  Chad confronted Kate about telling Jordan he got Rafe fired.  Jennifer talked to Daniel about JJ.  Paige told Eve that she was done with JJ.  JJ wanted his friend Roxanne to help him with a favor.  JJ wanted Roxanne to pretend to be with him.  Roxanne didnít want to do it.  Daniel tried to advise Jennifer to leave JJ alone.  Chad called Stefano to get his help in destroying Kate.

Chad told Stefano that Kate was the reason why he lost Jordan.  Stefano agreed to help Chad.  Paige told Eve that she wasnít done with her.  Roxanne agreed to help JJ.  Rafe went to see Jordan to apologize to her for hurting her.  Kate told Clyde that Jordan overheard her talking to Chad about getting Rafe fired.  Clyde was upset with her.  Abby went to see Chad.  Eve and Jennifer got into an argument at the hospital.  When Eve walked away, Jennifer picked up her keys.  Rafe and Jordan talked about Chad going after Ben.  Abby wanted to make sure Chad didnít send Ben to prison.  JJ introduced Paige to Roxanne.  Paige didnít care who JJ was with and walked away.  Daniel let Jennifer know that JJ was with another girl.  Rafe ran into Kate and was upset with her.  Chad knew the real reason Abby checked on him.  He wanted to know what she was willing to do to keep Ben out of prison.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly tells Sonny that Spencer was injured in a fire after going into the burning room to retrieve the boxing robe that he got as a birthday gift from Sonny. Sonny wants to skip the custody hearing to go see Spencer. Elizabeth comforts Nikolas at the hospital. Nikolas lashes out at Dr. Obrecht when she tries to give him information about Spencer. Obrecht tells Nikolas to take Spencer to Shrinerís Hospital for Children in Boston. Spencer is scared, Nikolas assures him that he will be ok.  

Kiki wants to plan a memorial service for Ava. Silas observes that Ava hasnít been declared dead yet. She hopes she made the right decision in not suing Sonny for custody of Avery. Morgan tells her that Michael is suing for custody. Kiki wonders why, considering Michael hadnít had any interest in Avery before. Morgan says Michael is trying to stick it to Sonny. Michael hovers around the courthouse hours before the custody hearing. Alexis tells him that she is prepared for the hearing but warns him that courts tend to favor the biological parents. She tells him to go get an herbal tea and calm down because his temper wonít do him any good in court. Morgan confronts Michael at Kellyís. Michael tells Morgan that Sonny is never going to see Avery again and that Morgan and Kiki wonít either. Morgan punches Michael. Silas breaks it up and then gets a page. A colleague asks him to see a patient out of town for a few days. Morgan assures Kiki that Michael wonít get custody of Avery. Ric shows up at Sonnyís house instead of Diane. Carly tries to convince Sonny not to let Ric represent him. Sonny decides to ignore her warnings and trust his brother. Carly makes Michael hold Avery at the court house.

Silas and Nathan discuss Ninaís hearing. Nathan thinks Nina is well enough to be released.  Franco thinks Ninaís name is Phyllis. Alexis tells Nina that the charges against her have been dropped and that she can go home today. Nina promises to visit Franco every day. Alexis says Nina canít see her accomplice because she wonít appear appropriately remorseful. When Nina arrives at the courthouse to go before the judge, she says Avery is her daughter. Silas goes into a room where Ava is in a bed.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Kevin, Noah, Summer, and Mariah find a bloody towel in the trunk of Kyle's car. They confront him at the hospital. He says he had a boxing lesson and suspects something happened at the cabin that he doesn't know about. Jack and Victor argue over every little thing until Kyle arrives and surprises Jack. Later, Victor suggests to Jack that they treat each other with respect from now on. Neil visits Hilary in the hospital while Devon is already there. Devon thanks Neil for saving them but Neil says he did it for Lily. When Devon leaves, Hilary tells Neil that this was her plan all along and she got her revenge. Devon is at the door when Hilary confesses she could never love Neil and she could never love Devon. Victor goes to the chapel and tells someone that his plan is working and Jack doesn't suspect a thing.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The group from the cabin continues to suspect that Kyle is hiding Austinís body, because he saw Summer kill Austin with the bookend. Kevin and Mariah find a bloody towel in the trunk of Kyleís car. Kyle tells Kevin and Mariah that he had a boxing lesson before he left New York and got a bloody nose. Lily canít forgive Cane for keeping Hilary and Devonís affair a secret, but Jill manages to persuade Lily to listen to Caneís side of the story. Colin doesnít think itís a good idea for Cane to go home right now, because he is getting drunk at the Athletic Club. Hilary tells Neil that she never forgot the revenge she came to town to get from him, and she planned to make both him and Devon fall in love with her, so she could tear his family apart. Victor and Jack decide to become friendly enemies, but later Victor calls someone to say that the plan is working perfectly, because Jack doesn't suspect anything. 

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