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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam asks Ivy if she is okay as she seems a little tense. She brings up Steffy being there today. She saw them together. Maya loves having champagne in the middle of the day. Rick says he has another present for her, special and unique just like she is. He urges her to open it. FC would not be where it is today without her. It is a necklace that he asked Ivy to design. He puts it on Maya. Ivy told him it was the most expensive piece she has ever designed so that shows Maya just how important she is to him. She is grateful but tries to make it seem that she doesn’t need all of this from him. Steffy drops in on her dad, Ridge. He tells her that Liam came by and told him about the takeover of FC. He wants to know if she is in. Eric tells Brooke that he did talk to Rick and he has his full support. He has total confidence in their son. Brooke is happy to hear that. Eric says this is still his company and putting Rick in charge is about the smartest thing he has ever done. Rick has made some choices that Eric would not have done but whatever he is doing he wants him to keep doing it. She said she had her concerns about Rick getting rid of Caroline, taking up with Maya and then moving her in his house so fast. She is shocked that Eric is going to live in the guest house now. Eric thinks Maya can keep Rick’s feet on the ground and bring him down to earth.

Liam tells Ivy just so she knows there is nothing going on with him and Steffy. Ivy says she knows. She stayed and talked to Steffy and she made herself quite clear that she wanted Liam as a lover and not just a business partner. And she told Steffy she is not buying that. She is not going to get Liam. Steffy tells Ridge that Liam needs their help. This is not about Ivy or Caroline, it is about FC. That is all the motivation Liam needs. She lost everything with Liam, the marriage and the baby and she doesn’t want to hear about anything else. She still loves him and wants him back. That is the kind of energy they need at FC and it won’t happen without them. Something has to be done. Ivy tells Liam that she doesn’t want him to think she is crazy jealous but she will not tolerate this from Steffy, it is not right. She would love for Steffy to get right back on that plane and go back to Paris but she will not let this bother her. It does not have to interfere in their relationship. Steffy says it is that simple if it means she can be back with Liam. She has lost him before and she will not again. Ridge tells her his dad raised him when he didn’t have to as another man’s son so he can not backstab him now. Buoyed by their bubbly, Rick and Maya take a bubble bath and he tells her that he feel rejuvenated and feels like they can do anything. Liam tells Ivy that he really did not know that Steffy still had feelings like this. She is sexy but Ivy is more his type. He says he is still going after FC if it is okay with Ivy, but without Steffy or as long as she knows that getting him is not part of the deal. At the office Brooke looks at the quarterly numbers and says it looks like Rick is on the right track. This calls for a celebration and she remembers where the hidden bottle is and drags it out and has a stiff drink. Steffy tells Ridge that Bill will not be involved in this. She has Liam’s word. They have done this before and now they have to do it again. They deserve this. She wants another shot at Liam, it should be theirs, not Rick and Maya; they will be gone.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will and Sonny argued over Willís affair.  Tori didnít want to talk to Paul in front of Marlena.  Sonny told Will about his relationship with Paul.  Will got upset and thought that Sonny used him.  Ben talked to Aiden about his fight with Chad.  Chad and Kate talked about Jordan and Rafe.  Jordan overheard Kate telling Chad that he got Rafe fired.  Will tried to fight for his marriage.  Will wanted to know why Paul thought Sonny was still in love with him.  Tori let it slip to Paul that she knew that Marlena was a psychiatrist.  Marlena and Hope talked about Ciara being kidnapped.  Jordan didnít want to talk to Chad after Kate made him look bad.

Chad tried to talk to Jordan, but it didnít work.  Chad admitted to setting up Rafe.  She was done with Chad.  Marlena gave Hope advice about Ciaraís kidnapping.  Tori claimed she checked out Marlena when Paul came to Salem.  Paul told Tori that he wasnít leaving Salem.  Will and Sonny continue to talk bout his affair.  When Will tired to blame Sonny again, Sonny put him in his place.  Jordan wanted to talk to Rafe about Chad.  Will let it slip that he was with Paul again. Hope talked to Aiden about Ciaraís kidnapping.  Jordan told Rafe that Chad was why he got fired.  Will told Sonny why he saw Paul again.  Will asked if Sonny could forgive him.  Sonny didnít want to deal with Willís situation.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Duke tells Anna that if the PCPD canít rein in Julian Jerome, then he will take matters into his own hands. She tells him that she doesnít want to know anything about his world because anything he says is evidence. Duke goes to Julianís penthouse and recommends that Julian takes the opportunity to start fresh and hand over all his territories. Julian says Duke is mistaken if he thinks that is going to happen. Spencer is taken to General Hospital with burns to his face and body and is suffering from smoke inhalation. Patrick calls Anna and asks her to come get Emma from the ER. Patrick tells Nikolas to stay with Emma in the meantime while he goes to find out whatís going on with Spencer. Nikolas calls Alexis and asks her to come to the hospital.  Patrick reports that Spencer is stable, but has severe burns. Duke goes to the hospital to check on Emma.

Maxie tells Spinelli that he canít stay at her apartment and that he canít just waltz into her life and tell her that he still has feelings for her when he knows she has a boyfriend. She say she canít risk Nathan concluding that something is going on between Spinelli and her. Spinelli asks her if she is afraid Nathan will think something is happening between them or if she is afraid something actually will happen. She kicks him out.

Nathan stops Dante from giving Luke a beating for trying to kill him. Luke threatens to finish the job and also kill Lulu and Rocco. Dante threatens to kill Luke. Diane arrives and intervenes. When Diane interviews Luke, he threatens to hurt her if she doesnít win his case. Diane tells Dante that something is seriously wrong with Luke. Luke tells Nathan to teach his loved ones to sleep with one eye open.  Bobbie tells Tracy and Lulu that she hasnít had any luck finding her older sister Pat. Tracy tells Bobbie to tell them what happened that drove Patricia away from the family.  They all agree to hire a private detective. Tracy doesnít want to hire Sam again. Tracy doesnít want to hire Felicia either. Spinelli knocks on Luluís door.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The person that the rescue crew found in the woods near the Abbott cabin was Kyle not Austin who came to surprise everyone at Abby’s party. Kevin, Mariah, Courtney, and Noah all think that Kyle could be the person who moved Austin’s body because he knows Summer killed Austin and wants to protect her. Kevin sees something sticking out of the trunk of Kyle’s car, so Noah decides to look inside. Nick and Victoria confront Nikki about her drinking, and she admits that she knows Nikki was under stress because of everything Victor has done lately. Victoria thinks Nikki is just making excuses to drink. Victor has a concussion and ends up sharing a hospital room with Jack. As expected, they get on each other's nerves.

Kelly is furious because she hears Jack tell Phyllis that she was right and he never wants anything to do with her again because she is crazy. Kelly bursts into Jack’s room and tells him she doesn’t know why he is lying to Phyllis about them making love on Valentine’s Day. Gabriel tells Chelsea that he loves Sage, but she doesn’t love him, so Chelsea encourages him to fight for his marriage. Adam visits Jack to tell him that he is happy he's alive. Jack warns him that while he was trapped in the collapsed building, he almost told Victor his true identity.

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