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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Rick that he doesn’t know how, but he’s going to take him down. He can’t see how Rick sleeps at night with his dad shoved out in the guest house. The day will come when he and Maya are toppled off that perch they are on. Ivy tells Steffy the time has passed and she and Liam do not relate at all any more. It is now Ivy and Liam. Steffy reminds her they have a history and she will be Liam’s lover if she agrees to take over FC. She tells Ivy that she saw nothing but her in a bikini because they are in Los Angeles by the beach. And her and Liam’s relationship is just another bump in the road. Rick tells Maya that the fight has just begun with Ridge. Maya says it is a losing battle. She comments that Liam threw out the olive branch and Ridge stomped on it. It is their time now. He’s going upstairs to change and then wants to celebrate. Suddenly Nicole shows up at the door. Nicole tells Maya that she has done well. She would like to apologize for being sort of rude last time. She relays that she has lost her apartment and wonders if Maya has an extra little room here at Hotel Forrester. Maya tells her that she will give her a call but she and Rick have plans tonight. Rick comes down and meets Nicole and is civil to her, even offering her to stay there, but Maya ushers her out and says she will call later.

Liam waits for Ridge and says he is going to be blunt. He had issues with Ridge and Caroline at first but he has changed his mind now that Rick is treating Ivy so badly. He has a plan that he’d like to run past Ridge. He explains the shares they could get together and have a hostile takeover. Ridge says an immediate no; he would never partner with Liam’s father. Steffy tells Ivy her few months vs Steffy’s many years with Liam is huge. She tells her she lost their baby and she was racked by guilt and she ran off. Maybe Liam’s heart is in a different place now but until she sees something more permanent with Liam and Ivy then all bets are off. Liam says Ridge may know his dad but Ridge doesn’t know Liam that well. He does know Ridge can not work with Rick and the profits are up only because of Ridge and Caroline. FC looks good cosmetically but on the inside it is a disaster. They have to do something to stop this. Ridge still says he can not go against his own father. Steffy tells Ivy that she is Hope .02. Ivy says they have slept together and that means something to her. Steffy says this is L.A. and her town so Ivy can be the one to move on. Maya explains to Rick that things are really perfect right now and she doesn’t want Nicole to come between them. He wants the celebration to continue. Maya agrees. Rick is now the #1 son and they drink to no one taking them under. Liam tells Ridge they are not betraying his father but protecting his legacy. He won’t stand by and see everyone be Rick’s slaves and he doesn’t think Ridge will either. Ridge muses that he is tired of seeing Caroline suffer because of Rick. Liam says they can change it but right now that is the future of FC and everyone will bail out and go elsewhere leaving Eric no company at all. But if they move to save it they need to do it now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melanie tried to get Daniel to be back with Nicole.  Kate questioned Kayla about whether or not Sonny read Willís article.  Paul wanted to meet Will.  Marlena went to see Will.  Nicole let Melanie know that she found something.  Brady questioned Theresaís motives for stopping him from drinking.  Will talked to Marlena about sleeping with Paul.  Brady and Theresa were civil towards each other.

Nicole found information on Dr. Mandrake and told Melanie about it.  Nicole wanted to know what was going on with Mandrake.  Paulís mother was in Salem.  Will continued to open up to Marlena about his affair.  While Kate was talking to Sonny about the article, he confronted her about knowing Will cheated on him.  Nicole didnít want to help Melanie without telling Daniel about it.  Melanie told Nicole that she talked to Daniel.  Melanie warned her that she should move on.  Paulís mother showed up to take him home.  Sonny asked Kate if she knew about the affair.  Kate tried to justify Willís affair, but Sonny didnít cave.  Kate continued to defend Willís actions.  Will walked in Sonnyís room while Kate was defending him.  When Paul introduced Marlena to his mother, his mother dropped her coffee mug.  Will blamed Sonny for his affair.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia asks Ned what he was thinking when he claimed her baby. She tells him that it isnít just a lie of the moment, but one that he is going to have to stick to throughout the pregnancy.  Alexis doesnít believe Nedís story. Julian says that if he is going to be a father, he wants to know about it. Alexis tells him that if he isnít going to be a father, he can celebrate all the milestones with his grandson. Julian says he thinks it is for the best that Oliviaís baby is Nedís.

Patrick goes to Wyndemere to pick up Emma. They discuss the device that was removed from Jake Doeís brain. Patrick observes that despite the device, Jake seems to have a violent skill set. Patrick wonders why Nikolas is asking so many questions about Jake when they have never met. Spencer and Emma realize that there is a fire in the room. Spencer gets Emma out of the room, but then he goes back for his boxing Robe that Sonny gave him for his birthday and becomes trapped in the room. Emma goes to find Nikolas. Spencer tries to put out flames with his robe, but the robe catches fire. Patrick gets Emma out of the house and goes back in to help Nikolas. Nikolas goes into the flaming room to get Spencer. Patrick gets a fire extinguisher to clear a path out.

Ric apologizes to Elizabeth for what happened at the courthouse. She says he should have just told her in the first place that he couldnít defend Jake. He says he worried that Helena would give Jake more violent orders if he remained free. Elizabeth says the device was removed from Jake. Ric says they donít know if the device was really what made him do those things or if Jake didnít have the chip implanted himself. Elizabeth says Ric just wants Jake out of the way. He says she is right about that and asks her if he has a reason to feel threatened by Jake. Cameron comes home. Ric takes his cue to leave, but tells Elizabeth that he did notice that she didnít answer his question about her feelings for Jake. Sam asks Jake if he remembers telling her that there was only one ring. He remembers saying it but doesnít remember why. Sam suggests that she ask Nikolas to find out from Helena who Jake really is. Jake wonders why Sam would help her after everything he has done. She tells him about the uncertainty she went through when Jason was shot and presumed dead, but there was no body so she held on to the hope that he survived. She tells him that if there is a woman out there going through the same kind of pain over Jake, then she wants to find out who he is for her sake.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

At Crimson Lights, loved ones wait for word on Jack and Victor. Phyllis and Kelly fight over whether or not Kelly and Jack made love on Valentine’s Day while Ashley plays mediator. At the police station, Summer becomes hysterical and wants to tell the truth. This causes the entire group to argue and Paul and Michael are suspicious. Lauren worries about Jill and is relieved to find out that all passengers of that flight survived. At the hospital, Gabe tells Billy a story about how he got the gunshot wound, not the real story. The Newmans go to the ranch and Nikki pours herself a drink. Everyone is about to confront her when Victor walks in.

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