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The TV MegaSite's Monday 2/23/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Ridge that Rick apologized and he accepted it. So Rick remains as CEO. Eric will listen to what he and Caroline have to say. Ridge calls Wyatt, Aly and Pam in to say how they suffered under Napoleon. Caroline says it does little good because Rick became the monster he is because of her. She was willing to work on their problems in private but Rick brought her down at work and always threatened her work. Aly says it was bad here but even worse at home. Eric says he is sorry, as Maya and Rick are staying in the main house while he stays in the guest house. They are settled in and he sees no need to change that. Wyatt is given a chance and he tells how he quit then thought the better of it and he swallowed his pride and asked to come back. Rick wanted him to get down on his knees and beg. He laughed at him. Rick and Maya only wonder what is happening behind closed doors. He can only speculate so says he needs to do something. He calls Ridge and tells him to bring the entire group across the hall. Liam pushes Steffy off of him and says she is still trouble. He does miss her but it isn’t that simple. She says it is that easy. If he wants her all he has to do is reach out. Surely he is not that into Ivy. She and Liam have history and it will never be that with Ivy. She says she had to piece herself back together but she wants to pick up where they left off and she is ready to take on the world again. Not as friends….lovers or nothing. It’s Liam’s call.

Rick welcomes them into the room and says this won’t take long. There will be some changes made. He apologizes to everyone in this room…he knows he abused his authority. They will get fairness from here on out. Aly will have the green light on her shoe line and Oliver can help her with the photos. Rick says again he was out of line and it carried over to his family life too. He apologizes for taking Stephanie’s portrait off of the wall and for making a big deal out of Wyatt going to Milan when he had permission in advance. He says it will take a while but he will prove himself. Eric says that is the guy he wants to hear from at FC. Ridge says his dad has been conned one time and now he is doing it again. Liam tells Steffy they will always be friends. She is so precious to him. She says that is not enough now. He hopes she will keep the takeover in mind. She says she will think it over. He leaves for another appointment. Ivy comes out of hiding. She accuses Steffy of coming on to her boyfriend, how dare she! Ridge tells his dad that Rick is just throwing them all a bone, they are all being conned. Rick says he thinks he has the right to decorate his house any way he wants to. Ridge tells his dad this is not right but Eric says his support to Rick still stands, so get back to work now. Maya tells Rick she is so proud of him and now she is going to follow up on Aly and Oliver and assure them about her. Ivy says Steffy knows she is with Liam now and they are cousins so why is she doing this. Steffy says Ivy has only been with him a couple of months. Ivy says that makes no difference and this is fair warning – back off and back off now….even go back to Paris if that helps. Ridge tells Rick that he is smoke and mirrors and that is all he is. Rick says the decision has been made. Ridge tells him to bring it on. He is going after him and will bring him down.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve told Jennifer that somebody wanted her.  Paige said she saw JJís messages.  When Paige left, JJ went crazy.  Melanie went to Nicole for help.  Nicole refused to help her.  Daniel tried to calm JJ down.  Daniel wanted to know what was going on with JJ.  JJ told him that he screwed up his life.  Melanie was willing to put in a good word for Nicole if she helped her.  

Nicole didnít want to help Melanie because she thought Melanie wouldnít help her.  Melanie claimed she wanted to help Nicole and her father.  JJ decided to get himself out of trouble.  He didnít want Danielís help.  Eve threw Jennifer out of her apartment instead of telling her about JJ.  Before Jennifer could leave, Eve wanted to tell her one thing.  Nicole agreed to help Melanie.  Daphne ran into JJ.  He wanted her to help him with Paige.  He found out Paige thought he was with her.  Jennifer wanted to know why Eve kept telling her about her man.  JJ ran into Paige and apologized to her.  Jennifer left Eveís apartment so Eve never told her about JJ.  Nicole wanted Melanie to promise that her plan wouldnít blow up in her face.  Nicole searched for Mandrake on her computer.  Paige didnít want to talk to JJ and walked off.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna goes to see Jordan to let her know that she is back in town and that she is a federal agent. She says she is going to expose Sloanís part in rigging Mayor Lomaxís election. She doesnít suspect Nikolas even though the stolen ballot box wound up in his house. Jordan tells Anna that Sonny is not going to take his business back from Duke because he has other priorities.  Shawn tells Sonny that Jordan has been proving herself. Jordan tells Anna that she is in a difficult situation with knowing that she is eventually going to have to turn in her man. She hopes Anna will have an easier time turning in Duke. Anna admits that she still cares for Duke, but she has a job to do. Shawn sees Anna leaving Jordanís motel room. Jordan claims that Annaís first action in her new job as a Fed was to harass her.  

Sonny tells Shawn to keep an eye on Jake. Commissioner Sloan asks Nikolas what they should do about Jake Doe. Nikolas predicts that Jake will know his true identity soon. He tells Sloan to convince DA Baldwin to drop all the charges against Jake. Jake wakes up and still doesnít remember anything about his life before the car accident. Carly tells Sam that she is going to miss Jake if it turns out that his real life is far away. She asks Jake if he can forgive her for letting him down. He says she did the right thing when she turned him in.

Spinelli tells Nathan that he and Ellie broke up and that he wants Maxie back.   Nathan tells Maxie that he thinks she needs to think about it and decide who she wants to be with. Cameron and Emma argue about Josslyn and Spencer. Spencer breaks up with Emma and takes up with Josslyn. When he grabs a SWAG bag on his way out, he knocks another one over on top of a candle, starting a fire.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The group from the cabin tells the police that Austin never returned to the cabin after he went to get help for Kevin because Kevin had fallen off the cabin roof. Summer’s nerves make Paul suspect that he isn’t getting the whole story. Kelly tells Phyllis that she and Jack made love on Valentine’s day because he finally came to his senses and chose her. The rescue team finds someone trapped in the rubble of the underground but they think the person is dead. Lily tells Cane that she will never forgive him, Devon and Colin for breaking their family. A rescue team finds Neil wandering in the cold and later a helicopter finds the rest of the plane.

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