Friday 2/20/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 2/20/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Rick that he is sorry that Rick felt he had to steal the company to get it but he now has his unconditional love and support. He’s brought some business acumen to this job that Eric never had. This is now his job. Ivy works with Wyatt on some jewelry designs. She says she knows why he came back….the takeover of Forrester. Wyatt says Steffy can drive a hard bargain. Ivy says she knows and Liam is with her right now. Wyatt says he knows it is not his business but was it a good idea of Ivy to leave when she knew Steffy was there. Steffy keeps changing the subject and tries to kiss Liam again saying she is only doing what comes naturally to her; perhaps he should try it too. He reminds her she is taking the subject of business and trying to make it personal. So he doesn’t like the contingency of her helping only if he becomes her husband again. She says she always was better at understanding what he didn’t say than what he does say. Maya badmouths Caroline and Ridge and she is not worried about Rick coming out of Eric’s office penniless. Ridge asks if she wants his maid to get a hotel room for the night. She points out that she did not grow up with a sports car or a walk-in closet, but she did all right and she has her dignity. She makes a dig at Caroline that Ridge has neckties that is older than she is. Maya asks Rick if he is okay. He seems down and says there is a lot to repair. How bad has he been to everyone. She muses that he is no worse than she is. She will take care of everything and get movers to box everything up and move out. Rick says he may not be so proud of himself but his dad is.

Eric meets Ridge who says the Calvary is here. Ridge says he expects some changes around here will be made. He knows nothing about the quarterly figures but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that Rick leaves. Eric’s tone suggests that is not going to happen. Rick tells Maya that not only is he still CEO but they can stay in the house while Eric insists on going to the guest house and will take Stephanie’s portrait there. Ivy thanks Wyatt for his advice but says she can not lie to the people she loves so she doesn’t want to talk about this any more. Liam tells Steffy that she broke his heart before so he can not trust her again. She says it is not too late and she can do better this time. He says no because he is in love with someone else. Eric tells Ridge that Rick is his son and he is welcome to sleep in his bed….including Maya. He tells Ridge and Caroline not to talk about bad behavior until they examine their own….being in each other’s arms all the time right in front of Rick. Rick tells Maya that she is his safe place and he has never had that before. He loves her and she is not a symbol or message that he is trying to send. He will make all her dreams come true. Steffy tells Liam that she is not that easy to hurt so where is her little cousin. Is he willing to settle. He says Steffy is a force to be reckoned with. She says she is saying yes to his demands to boot Rick out and Ridge in but he has to be her lover. She kisses him again. He says they are still as sweet as they used to be but he’s not as easily led as he used to be. She pushes him down on the couch and is on top of him when Ivy walks through the door and sees them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas and Adrienne kissed in the park.  Paul told Marlena that he was with Will and that Sonny knew.  Sonny confronted Will about being with Paul.  Marlena didn't want to hear Paul's story anymore.  Sonny wanted an explanation about what Will did.  Will said it didn't mean anything.  Justin found Adrienne and asked her why she left the club.  JJ told Eve that there was no reason for them to stop seeing each other.  Jennifer questioned Paige about living in the dorm.  Jennifer wanted to know what Eve did to her and JJ.  Marlena explained why she couldn't work with Paul.  She told him that Will is her grandson.  Will told Sonny how he only slept with Paul once.  Sonny was upset that Will tried to blame him for his affair.  When Will tried to justify what happened between him and Paul, Sonny was furious.  Paige said Eve did something to hurt her.  JJ came up with a plan to keep Paige away.  Justin and Lucas argued over Adrienne.  When Lucas left, Adrienne told Justin that she read the texts from the woman in Dubai.

Will tried to explain what he did to Sonny.  Marlena referred Paul to another psychiatrist.  Will apologized to Sonny, but it didn't do any good.  Justin tried to explain why his co-worker sent the text she sent, but Adrienne didn't buy it.  Marlena was there for Will when Sonny was going crazy.  When Sonny calmed down, Will told her how he hurt Sonny.  She believed Will and Sonny would survive what happened between them.  Paige told Jennifer what Eve did to her.  Will went tog see Paul and asked him why he told Sonny that they slept together.  Jennifer went to confront Eve.  While Will and Paul were arguing, Paul admitted that Sonny was the man he loved.  Will was surprised by the news.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Maxie goes to Lulu for help in figuring out her love life. Once she tells her friend about Spinelli's intentions, she realizes she wants to be with Nathan. Spinelli and Nathan literally run into each other at Kelly's and sit down for a talk. Once he tells Nathan that he and Ellie have broken up, Spinelli says he and Maxie understand and accept each other, like a real couple should. As Luke struggles with his other personality in jail, Tracy arrives and believes his plea for help. She tells him that Helena has not been controlling him, that something happened in his childhood home, and he can confide in her, but as she mentions his family members, he switches over and yells at her to mind her own business. No matter how much he tries to drive her away, Tracy no longer fears him and decides to find out what happened from his missing older sister, Patricia. She then goes to inform Lulu. Making up a story of how they got together a couple of weeks before Christmas, Ned and Olivia are able to convince Alexis and Julian that Olivia's baby is Ned's. Julian is sad that he won't be a father again. Elizabeth goes to Wyndemere to inform Nikolas that Jake is out of surgery and will soon be able to tell them who he is. Seeing Helena there, Elizabeth advises her friend to cut her out of his life. Once she leaves, Nikolas does just that and sends his grandmother packing to Cassadine Island. As Jake regains consciousness, Patrick and Elizabeth ask him if he remembers who he is.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick yells for anyone to hear him as he and Dylan search for survivors. Phyllis comforts Jack as Victor has his arm around Nikki’s shoulders. At the cabin, Noah asks Summer if she remembers anything about hitting Austin with the bookend. Summer confirms that she does remember. Kevin tells everyone that someone had to do this. Courtney questions Summer about her last days with Austin and if there was any arguments. Kevin asks everyone as to who had a motive to kill Austin. Victor asks Jack to stay quiet so there won’t be another collapse. Jack tells Phyllis about he worried over her and had come back to check on her. Jack also tells her that he wanted to protect her. Nick tells Dylan that he has to find Victor and Nikki. Neil watches Devon with Hilary. Devon asks Lily to help him to keep Hilary from bleeding so much. Cane apologizes to Neil for not coming to him and telling him about Devon and Hilary. Michael gets to feeling worse. Phyllis notices and asks him if he is alright. Michael lets her know that he missed his doctor’s appointment. Michael tries to boost Lauren’s spirits by telling her that there will be a break in this weather and they would find Jill and the others. Nick and Dylan join the others at Crimson Lights and find Sharon there. Nick, immediately, wants to know where Faith is. Nick sees the bandage on Sharon’s head and wants to know what happened. When Sharon tries to explain about the car accident. Nick begins to lash out at her for being out on the road after being advised to stay home. Dylan defends Sharon and tells Nick to let Sharon finish telling him what happened. Mariah confronts Abby for kissing Austin. Abby also reminds Mariah that she kissed Austin too.

Mariah puts all the blame on Abby that she and Austin planned this. Mariah accuses Abby of being a “homewrecker.” Abby remembers how she and Austin planned this get away to help Summer. Abby asks Mariah that this is the perfect alibi for Summer that she had caught Austin cheating. Kevin blames Fenmore for all of this mess that if it hadn’t been for him spiking the punch then none of this would have happened. Courtney checks her phone and finds the service has been restored and the police would be coming soon. Courtney tells them that they need to be on the same page to tell the police. Lauren apologizes to Michael for being so mean to him as he is a cancer patient. They discuss Jill and the things Katherine said about her being tough. Michael tells Lauren to pray and hope for the best but expect the worst. Sharon explains to Nick as to why they left the house. Dylan puts his two cents worth in and tells them that he was going to tell the police that he was driving the car so Sharon would not lose Faith. Avery asks Dylan would he really lie to the police. Victor questions Jack about Adam’s death and what he isn’t telling him. Everyone tries to concoct a believable story to tell the police so it would look authentic. Jill and the others look at a map to try to find out where they are so they can go for help. Devon and Neil exchange looks as he starts to leave to go for help. Nick tells Sharon that she did nothing wrong and he apologizes to her. Sharon apologizes to Avery for getting Dylan involved in her problems. Nikki and Phyllis are brought into the Coffeehouse. Phyllis tells everyone that Jack’s heart had stopped beating and Victor saved him. Jack and Victor argue over who will leave first. There is another collapse. Devon tells Hilary that he loves her. Hilary makes him promise to come back . Jill and Devon and the others find the map gone and so is Neil. Fenmore comes in and tells everyone that Austin’s body is gone. Dylan tells everyone that there has been another collapse at the Underground and Victor and Jack are trapped.

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