Thursday 2/19/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Maya that he is going to need courage today as he got a text that his dad is coming back today. Neither expected him back so soon and he has not told him they are in the house and her portrait is on the wall. Caroline senses that Ridge is in a good mood and he tells her about his dad coming back early. Perhaps he has gotten wind of things and wants to come oversee. Liam is with Ivy when Steffy calls and says she is thinking about his plan and would like to talk. He invites her over. He tells Ivy but he still can not get a read on Steffy over the phone so they will have to wait and see if she is in or out if she won’t go behind Ridge’s back. Eric says his trip was a real adventure. His brother is a wild man and he’d had enough and he thought it important that he be here at FC. Eric says they can talk about the trip later as now he wants to hear what has been going on around here. He knows it was a lot to juggle but always stay true to company and family. Rick says he has done some things that Eric probably would not approve of and the last thing he wants to do is disappoint him. Ivy tells Liam that she is not worried about them. She pretty well knows as Steffy spelled it out that she wants to come back and run the company and get back with Liam. So she will leave them alone to work this out.

Caroline tells Ridge that his dad lives for FC so he will want to come back and run things. Maya pops in to let him know that Rick is with Eric now. Ridge thinks that is good and he tells her that her and Rick’s little ride is now over. Nervously Rick tries to explain a few things that he is ashamed of and hopes his dad will forgive him. Things like moving into his bedroom and taking Stephanie’s portrait down and putting up Maya’s. And he told Aly and Ivy he was having the guest house remodeled and that was not true. Eric listens without a word but then adds what made Rick think that Eric wasn’t keeping tabs on all of this while he was gone. Steffy shows up at Liam’s and is in a rocking bikini. She dares him into a ocean swim even though it is 55 degrees. Ridge tells Maya that Rick moved into the house without his dad’s permission and he slept in his bed without his permission and he has upset a lot of the employees and Eric is not going to put up with that. Rick says looking back he realizes he went too far and he hopes his dad can overlook it this time as it won’t happen again. He and Caroline are over and he is in love with Maya. Eric shows him the bottom line of the sales figures. These first figures with Rick as CEO, a job well done. Steffy and Liam rush back in and towel off. She says she feels great, better than she remembered. But she says she enjoys other things more. She kisses him quickly. Ridge tells Maya that he thinks Rick and his lead model will be out of a job by the end of the day. Rick is happy that his dad is not mad at him. Eric says he can stay put as he has earned all of this. He can even stay in the main house. He is CEO now and he is doing it well. Eric will move into the guest house. He is happy for Rick with a woman that supports him. He wants him to know he may not have felt his unconditional love before but he is proud of him, loves him and he has his support now. Rick gives him a hug and says he will make him proud.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe came back to town.  When Will put Sonnyís ring on, Sonny was upset with him.  Before Sonny could tell Will why he was upset, Caroline showed up.  Victor wanted Rafe to treat Clyde like a VIP guest.  Justin and Adrienne argued over him not being there for her.  Marlena tried to figure out what was wrong with Paul.  Justin and Adrienne argued over Lucas.  Kate and Lucas talked about Adrienne.  Rafe didnít understand why Victor called a truce with Clyde.

Marlena tried to get Paul to open up to her.  He told her how his mother reacted to the news of him coming out.  Sonny imagined Will and Paul having sex and it gave him pain.  Justinís phone went off and Adrienne read it.  She saw texts from a woman named Elsa.  Paul opened up to Marlena about coming out to his mother and grandfather.  Will noticed something was wrong with Sonny.  Lucas noticed how upset Adrienne was and wanted to check on her.  Will questioned why Sonny was acting strange.  Sonny told Will he was going to see him at Paulís hotel room.  While Lucas was comforting Adrienne, they kissed each other.  Paul told Marlena that he slept with Will and was in love with Sonny.  Sonny told Will that Derrick told him that Will and Paul were together.  Sonny also told Will that Derrick told him that Will was having an affair with Paul.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Sonny asks Duke to keep heading his mob organization until Avery's custody is resolved. While Michael and Sabrina discuss his reason for seeking custody of Ava's baby, Sonny arrives at the Quartermaine Mansion to confront him. Michael insists that he doesn't want his baby sister to live her life in danger like he was forced to and orders Sonny out of his house. Anna runs into Sloane at Kelly's and informs him that she's now a special agent investigating his association with Mayor Lomax's crooked election. When the angry commissioner grabs her arm, Duke defends her. While waiting at the hospital, Sam comforts Carly as she cries about losing Michael. As Jason is going under anesthesia, he mumbles to Elizabeth that he knows who he is. Despite some complications, Patrick is able to remove the device from Jason's brain. After Helena informs Nikolas that Jake is really Jason, he wants to tell everyone close to him, but she threatens to turn him in for his illegal maneuverings, then shows him how they can take over ELQ. Olivia admits she's pregnant, but Ned pretends to be her baby's father to keep Julian from knowing the truth.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ashley walks into Crimson Lights and calls Jack to see if he has made it home alright. Michael and Lauren join her and lets her know that there are traffic accidents all over. Paul also arrives along with some officers. Paul lets Ben and Victoria know that there was a building collapse at the Underground. Sage tells Nick that she hopes someone finds them before it is too late. Sage lets Nick know that she didn’t save him from the bear trap just for him to die now. Avery urges Joe to stay still and not move around too much and cause another collapse. Joe tells Avery that the worst time in his life was their divorce. Faith is asleep on the sofa at Sharon’s. Dylan urges Sharon to go to the hospital but she refuses. Chelsea worries over Billy being inside the building and it on fire. Gabriel checks on Billy but still cannot revive him. Victor tells Nikki and Phyllis that Jack isn’t breathing. Dylan comes up with another solution to call Ben and have him to meet them at Crimson Lights to treat her. Sharon agrees. Avery lets Joe know that she doesn’t believe in signs, fate, etc. Avery asks Joe as to why he came back into her life. Nick yells for help. Nick notices Sage being so calm and wonders as to how she does it. Sage tells him that it is because of Constance. Victor does CPR on Jack and gets him to breathing. Nikki and Phyllis watch frantically. Paul has a check run on every car at the Underground. Sharon, Faith and Dylan arrive at the coffeehouse and find the police there. Paul fills Dylan in on what is going on at the Underground. Dylan offers his help. Lauren tells Paul that there is a fire at the Lakeview Towers. Gabriel tries to revive Billy but finally manages to wake him up. Victor revives Jack. Phyllis tells him how much she loves him and needs him.

Victoria arrives at the Lakeview and finds out that the children are safe but Billy is still inside. Jack mentions Adam to Victor. Victor begins to question him about Adam. Nikki and Phyllis yell for help. Dylan manages to find Nick and Sage. Nick stays behind with Dylan to help him find Avery and the others. Dylan finds out that Avery is also trapped. Joe asks Avery about the gift he gave her and if she really wanted him out of her life. Dylan finds Avery and Joe. Ben doctors Sharon’s head. Faith asks about Nick. Gabriel gets Billy out of the burning building. Outside, Billy is reunited with Chelsea. Billy questions Gabriel about the remark he made about not coming back just to be killed like this. The EMT’s see the gunshot wound on Gabriel’s side. Billy also overhears this. Lauren finds out that a plane went down outside of Chicago and Jill was on board.

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