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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Carter welcomes the guests to Katie and Bill’s wedding. Brooke is obvious when she cutely waves to the crowd and then tells herself that here they go again. Quinn comes in from the workshop and Deacon hands her a cup of coffee. He says he could get jealous that she is spending so much time down there. She quips someone has to pay the bills as his pretty face sure isn’t. They end up talking about Bill and Katie’s wedding and Brooke being alone now. Quinn wonders if she came on to Deacon. Deacon is not sure she can handle being alone right now. Quinn points out that Brooke went to Milan to give Bill and Katie a chance so it’s too late for her to boo-hoo now. He also tells Quinn that it seems Brooke is drinking more now and is teetering right there on the edge. Quinn says she knows about being on the outside looking in. Deacon says but it is different with Brooke. She has always had two things going for her – her men and her family and right now she has neither.

At the wedding Liam and Wyatt give two readings. Wyatt’s is about forgiveness by Ghandi and he thanks Bill and Katie for teaching all of them how to forgive and says their strength inspires all. A couple of times during the ceremony Brooke speaks to herself out loud. Katie and Bill say their I do’s and exchanges rings. Carter pronounces them husband and wife and Bill kisses his bride. Quinn walks back into the living room in her sexy sleek black leather outfit with whip. Deacon chuckles so this is his punishment. She says he reminded her not to worry what other people think and this is his reward. Brooke is happy for Bill and Katie and she grabs another two flutes of champagne but Katie thinks one is for her and takes it. Actually she realizes Brooke is celebrating a little too much and hopes she is not just numbing herself. Brooke declares that no, she is just happy for Katie. RJ is away at school so she is allowed to have a drink every now and then. Katie and Bill feed each other cake and then dance. Wyatt and Liam have something to say on Will’s behalf. Today was a special day that his family got back together. Brooke wants to make a toast as well but needs another drink. She drinks to her beautiful sister and knows this is going to be a great year. She giggles that she will have one too. Katie can’t help but look a little worried.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden wanted to know what Hope was going to do about Chase killing Meredith.  Hope wanted to know everything that happened.  Sonny was upset that Paul was with Will.  Hope wanted to know why Meredith thought Aiden was trying to kill her.  Sonny told Paul that he slept with his husband.  Aiden denied trying to kill Meredith.  Hope kept questioning him about it.  Paul told Sonny that he didnít know Will was married to him, but Sonny didnít believe him.  Sonny threw him out of his room.  Aiden told hope what happened to Meredith.  Jennifer and JJ argued over the woman he was with.  Melanie and Serena talked about Dr. Mandrake.  Paul apologized to Sonny before he left Sonnyís room.  Abe wanted to question Sonny.

Hope told Aiden that Chase could blame him for what happened when Meredith died.  Serena told Melanie about Dr. Mandrake.  Abe questioned Sonny just as Will walked in his room.  Aiden asked Hope no to tell anyone that Chase killed Meredith.  Melanie wanted Serena to find more information on Mandrake.  Serena warned her to stay out of it.  Hope assured Aiden that he is a wonderful father.  She decided to keep Chaseís secret.  Paul went to see Marlena to get advice.  Will tried to give Sonny back his wedding ring.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Julian is upset that Alexis still hasn't broken up with Ned until she informs him that she's been using her time to set him free by convincing Scott Baldwin not to prosecute. Meanwhile, Olivia finally admits to Ned that she's pregnant with Julian's baby. Since abortion is not an option for her, Olivia decides to get away from Port Charles so Julian doesn't find out. Ned advises her not to leave her family and offers to take her to the hospital to see her obstetrician. There, they bump into Julian and Alexis. Jake decides that he'd rather die than continue being controlled by Helena Cassadine, so he insists on Patrick removing the chip implanted in his brain. As he's being wheeled into surgery, Jake has a flashback and tells Sam that there was only one ring. As he begins to go under anesthesia, Jake remembers Helena telling him that his name is Jason Morgan.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas pushes his grandmother to inform Lulu and Tracy what's going on with Luke. She speaks of Luke having split personalities from a traumatic event in his childhood home. Once alone again, Nikolas demands that Helena tell him who Jake really is. She hands him a small wooden box which will give him the answer. Inside is Alan Quartermaine's wedding ring which Monica gave to Sam who then gave it to her husband, Jason. At the jail, Bobbie rails against her brother for his violent actions against his own family. Her tearful rant finally gets to Luke who asks what he's doing in jail. Unfortunately, Bobbie thinks it's another one of his performances and takes off while her brother screams for someone to help him. Bobbie informs Lulu and Tracy that Luke acted like two different people. At the jail, Luke shouts that he's innocent until his alter ego, Fluke, makes him see that they're the same person.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Underground, Joe asks Avery why she went after Dylan. Victor and Nikki argue over Dylan but when she staggers, Victor realizes she's drunk. Sage warns Gabriel that he is acting like Adam and that he will be found out. Chelsea and Billy are home with the boys when they smell smoke. Upon going into the hallway, they realize that the building is on fire. Summer holds the murder weapon as she realizes that she killed Austin. Ashley confronts Jack about making love to Kelly after he is engaged to Phyllis. Hilary wants to tell Neil something, but he doesn’t want her to talk and use up her energy. Devon and Neil panic when they find Hilary has no pulse. Chelsea bundles up the baby and gets out of the building, leaving Billy alone with Connor. Sharon and Faith start to get bundled up to go back to the car when Dylan interrupts them. The beam at the Underground begins to crack more. Ashley warns Jack about what he's doing. She asks him if he is on drugs again. Victor wonders why Nikki didn't tell him she's drinking again so he could have helped her. Phyllis interrupts them to go home. Nick urges Sage to go home. Ashley warns Jack that what he's doing is cruel and heartless. After the lights go out at the Underground, Nick and Sage go to find the circuit breaker box and manage to get the lights back on when the whole roof caves in on them. Courtney takes the bookend and tags it as evidence in a murder investigation. When Abby asks Summer if she killed Austin, she confesses. Mariah blames Fenmore for spiking the punch and causing Austin's death. Billy starts to leave with Connor, but the smoke is too strong in the corridor so he has to go back into the condo.

Sparks fly everywhere after the cave-in at the Underground. Nick and Sage are trapped in the rubble but manage to get to their feet. Dylan makes Sharon and Faith a fire to keep them warm. Kevin and Noah ask Fenmore how he spiked the punch. Courtney tells everyone that the bookend is the murder weapon. Everyone except Courtney agrees to make the murder look as though it was an accident, so Summer would not be arrested for murder. Jill tells Neil that he saved Hilary. Cane finds Lily and brings her back to camp. When she wakes up, she tells Cane to stay away from her as she apologizes to Neil. Gabriel arrives back at the condo and finds out that Billy is upstairs with Connor, so he rushes in. Sage tells Nick that he has people who love him but she has no one. Nick wants to get to know her, and she returns the sentiment, then they kiss. Victor, Nikki, Phyllis, Avery, and Joe are also trapped in the rubble. They all take Austin outside and make it look as though he'd hit his head on a rock. Mariah kneels down and tells Austin how much Summer loved him, and they will keep her safe. Dylan notices the cut on Sharon’s head and wants to take her to the doctor. Gabriel takes Connor back to Chelsea, but then goes back for Billy. Mariah has a flashback of Austin and Abby kissing.

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