Tuesday 2/17/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 2/17/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On his wedding day, Bill hugs his boys and says he is fit to be tied. Donna asks and wants to make sure this is what Katie wants. Ridge tells Caroline that Brooke is Katie’s matron of honor and it’s going to be a difficult day for her. Brooke gets dressed and in rushing about the last thing she sees and goes to get is a glass of vodka and wolfs it down. Carter says between the Spencer’s and the Forrester’s he could have a second career. He and Wyatt start talking office and Bill says no such talk today. He spies Brooke as she comes in and he goes to her. She says today has turned out just as it is supposed to be. She spies a waiter with champagne and says she needs one. Aly asks Ivy how she feels about double weddings. Ivy quips they would have to wait for Liam to propose first. And she also thinks Steffy might have something to say about that. Bill tells Brooke that Caroline will be coming but he doesn’t want Ridge there to make a scene. At that moment Ridge and Caroline come in. He goes to Brooke and tells her she looks lovely. She asks if he came alone. Caroline walks up and she says she has to get to Katie with her needs if she can leave the kiddies along. She walks off chuckling. She bursts in on Katie and Donna and shows them the bottle of bubbly she brought along and wants to celebrate now. Katie says she will give cheer to their boyfriends they will have someday….she refuses to be the only happy Logan sister. Donna is a bit nervous so Brooke offers to help Katie with her dress. She gives her a locket with their pix as kids inside. As Brooke puts it around her neck, Katie says she is so grateful that Brooke is in her life again and they can be close.

Wyatt tells Bill to chill out about Caroline and Ridge. He will not want anything to spoil this day. Caroline gives her Uncle Bill a kiss and Bill finally sticks out his hand to shake with Ridge and says his niece is very special so take care of her. Katie reads a text to Brooke that her dad forgot his flu shot this year so now he is paying the price. He will make it up to her later. Brooke tells Katie they need to go get her married. The music starts as Donna walks down the aisle and takes her seat. Finally Brooke makes a late appearance with a glass in her hand. She quickly takes a drink and sits it down, almost stumbling as she approaches. Katie marches in looking lovely. Bill smiles.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne confided in Lucas about Justin.  Derrick told Paul that Sonny was jealous of Paul being with the writer.  Justin interrupted before Will showed Sonny the article.  Aiden got the letter opener from Hope and didnt want anyone knowing about him. Derrick told Paul that Sonny was in love with him.  Aiden wanted to know why Hope tried to get away from him.  She accused him of killing Meredith.  Victor offered to call a truce with Clyde.  Marlena questioned Kate about what was going on between Will and Sonny.  Lucas continued to comfort Adrienne.  Aiden was shocked that Hope believed he killed his wife.  She told him her suspicious for why she believed he was a killer.  Sonny questioned Justin about the woman hes working with.  Adrienne walked in on them.  Hope figured out that Chase was the one who killed Meredith.  Aiden was scared and wanted her out.

Clyde was surprised that Victor wanted to call a truce.  Hope questioned Aiden about what was behind the wall.  He gave up and chopped down the wall with the ax.  Lucas overheard Justin and Adrienne arguing.  When Adrienne left, Lucas ripped into him about the way he has been treating Adrienne.  Paul went to see Sonny.  Paul reminded Sonny that he was on his way to see him.  Sonny remembered what Derrick told him about Paul.  Paul wanted to start over with Sonny.  Paul said it was a mistake to be with the other guy. Aiden pulled out clothes from the wall.  Aiden told Hope how Chase killed Meredith.  He wanted to know what Hope was going to do.  Justin implied that Lucas was too close to Adrienne.  Sonny accused Paul of sleeping with Will.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Helena teaches Spencer how to waltz in preparation for his ultimate birthday party. Nikolas questions why Helena targeted Jake. In adjoining jail cells, Luke and Jake chat about being Cassadine robots controlled by Helena. After performing MRIs on Jake and Luke, Patrick informs Tracy, Lulu, and Elizabeth that there is evidence that Jake has a device implanted in his brain but not Luke. Elizabeth rushes to give Jake the good news. He wants surgery right away, but Patrick thinks it may kill him. Tracy visits Luke who insists he wanted to instill fear in the citizens of Port Charles and take all of Sonny's power, respect, and legacy. Tracy doesn't buy it and is determined to find out exactly what's going on. Livid that Michael is suing Sonny for custody of his daughter, Avery, Carly marches into the Quartermaine mansion to beg her son not to take Sonny's baby away from him. Michael, however, believes that growing up a Corinthos is too dangerous, so he wants to make Avery a Quartermaine like himself. Meanwhile, Morgan assures Sonny that he supports him and wants to go tell his brother to back off, but Sonny stops him. He knows that Michael won't stop until he sees him suffer. While having breakfast at Kelly's, Josslyn admits that she loves Cameron who can't believe that Emma has known since Thanksgiving. Spencer makes final preparations for his birthday party. Nikolas urges his grandmother to tell Lulu the truth about her father.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

An aerial view of the skyline shows snow softly falling and the downed aircraft with Lily, Cane, Devon, Hilary, Colin, Jill, and Neil aboard. Everyone is gathered around Austin’s lifeless body when Summer awakens and finds out that he's dead. At the Underground, Ashley begs Kelly not to follow Jack. Jack and Victor have managed to get Phyllis back inside after their argument. Victor reminds Jack of all the things he did to Phyllis in the past. Summer kneels beside Austin and begs him to wake up. He has blood on the back of his head. In the airplane, Cane opens his eyes and then closes them again. Summer begs Austin not to be dead. Someone calls 9-1-1. Phyllis blasts Jack for trying to make her look “crazy” in public. She orders him to leave. Jack enters the Underground and tells Ashley he's leaving. Gabriel introduces Sage to Ashley. When Gabriel sees Victor, he tells Sage that he is going to have a word with the old man. Jill and Neil survive as does Devon but they find Hilary pinned under some of the aircraft. Everyone begins to yell for Lily but cannot find her. Cane looks in the rubble of the plane and finds the pilot dead. Dylan and Avery sit in a booth talking when Joe interrupts them. Phyllis accuses Avery and Jack of planning it all to make her look crazy so she would go back to Fairview.

Someone starts to move Austin but Summer forbids them to touch him. Noah consoles her. Summer keeps mumbling to herself that she cannot believe that Austin is dead. By looking in the garbage, Noah finds a vial. Courtney takes it out and asks if anyone knows anything about it. In a back room, Jack tells Kelly that anyone would have to be out of their mind not to want her. Kelly asks him why the change of heart. Dylan finds out that Joe is leaving town. Joe tells Dylan that he and Avery were “hot” together. Dylan hits Joe which results in a fight. Neil asks for a blanket for Hilary and tries to get her to hang on. Devon urges Hilary not to go to sleep. In looking for Lily, Colin finds Neil’s briefcase. Neil watches Devon with Hilary. Colin shows Jill Neil’s briefcase and wonders what's inside. Jill reveals that it's pictures of him and Hilary plus their marriage license. Neil tells them to burn everything except the picture of him and Hilary. Fenmore confesses that he spiked the punch so it would liven up the party. Courtney asks him where he got the stuff and if he drank any of it. Jack tells Kelly that he wants her as they begin to kiss and make love. Dylan is upset about hitting Avery that he leaves the Underground despite Nikki's pleas. Victor and Nikki argue over him bringing Phyllis there and Victor ignoring her. After watching Victor and Nikki, Gabriel approaches them wanting to say something. Mariah tells the group that this is just like a story she was reading on the internet but she didn’t know who would want to reenact the murder. Kevin admits that he read the story. They all begin to wonder if he murdered Austin. Kevin confesses that he wrote the story. Nikki and Avery discuss Dylan hitting her and the anger in his eyes. Joe apologizes to Avery for what happened. Nikki blasts him for all the things he did while he was in Genoa City. Gabriel tells Victor about him taking over his father's business. Victor looks him straight in the eye and tells him that it was only business and warns Gabriel to be careful. Sage joins him and tells him that he has the actions of Adam and he needs to keep it under check or someone will find out who he is. Nick calls Sharon to find out where they are and for her to call him when they get to a motel. Summer has a flashback of the murder weapon and where it was hidden. Looking under the sofa cushion, she finds it and then screams. Lily still cannot be found. They manage to release Hilary who wants to tell Neil something important. Ashley sees Jack and Hilary together before she rejoins the others. A beam in the bar begins to crack.

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