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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke wakes up disheveled on the couch beside her bottle. Bill looks at Katie in her robe and says that is a sight he will never get tired of. And tomorrow she will be Mrs. Bill Spencer again. Katie states she will ask Brooke to be her matron of honor and Bill is gonna talk to his best man. Rick puts Ivy down by saying her pieces look like something a soccer mom would buy at some outlet, they are not FC material. Then he scolds her for loaning out some pieces for Katie’s wedding tomorrow. Aly says they just found out about the wedding so there was no time for Katie to get her own. He assures them he and Maya will not be going. And it has nothing to do with Caroline. Katie walks in on Brooke who quickly hides her bottle. Katie says she has some news – she and Bill are gonna get married tomorrow. With some hesitation, Brooke hugs her and says she is happy for her. Donna joins them and is also excited. Katie says it will be a very simple, lovely ceremony at the house. She thanks Brooke for giving her and Bill the chance to find each other again and although it is probably too much to ask she’d like Brooke to stand up for her as her matron of honor. Liam asks Wyatt if he is still in as they still need him on the inside of FC to get shares for the takeover. Wyatt asks if there is any other option if Steffy is the lynchpin and that doesn’t happen. Bill bursts in and tells them to drop everything they are doing tomorrow as they are coming to a wedding between him and Katie. He announces that unfortunately he can only have one best man. He knows Wyatt has been sort of lost lately but he wants him to know he always has a family here. He would consider it an honor if Wyatt would be his best man. Wyatt looks at Liam and Liam gives him thumbs up, bro.

Brooke is hesitant until Katie begs her, they need this as a family to mend; Brooke says yes. Aly is confident that Rick liked her shoe line if Ivy saw the smile on Rick and Maya’s faces. What they didn’t know is they were inwardly laughing at her. Wyatt asks Liam if he is really okay with Wyatt being the best man since their dad was his dad first. Liam says absolutely. Now they need to get out of here and get that bad scotch taste out of their mouth and get a burger. Wyatt says now he is talking his language. Bill tells Katie that the world kept turning while Brooke was gone and he does not want to spend the day talking about her in that big old house without a man. Donna tells Brooke that she can not believe she is going to be matron of honor when she is still in love with the groom. She also notices Brooke pouring more drinks. Brooke says she is over Bill and he will be her brother-in-law. She can not stare into his eyes and have that same seduction again. Donna asks if her drinking is how she will get him out of her system. Brooke says yes and she is not interested in what Donna has to say about that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny couldn’t remember what happened to him when he was stabbed.  He also couldn’t remember where he was going.  Melanie did a search on Clint.  Theresa and Brady got into an argument.  Aiden wanted to know what Hope was doing.  She lied to him.  When he got closer to her, she backed away.  Sonny kept thinking of Sonny.  Paul went to see Marlena.  John talked to Daniel about Brady and Melanie.  When Aiden left the room, she noticed the tablet missing.  She knew that he knew saw it.  Paul told Marlena that he’s gay.  Daniel suggested that John talk to Brady.  When Aiden gave Hope something to drink, she thought about what Meredith said about him poisoning her drink.  When Aiden left, Hope tried to leave.  He was there to stop her.

John went to see Brady.  When Marlena questioned him, Paul got upset.  He didn’t want to talk to her anymore.  Hope told Aiden she wanted to be alone, but he wanted to talk.  Melanie went to see Serena to talk about Clint and Dr. Mandrake.  Melanie needed Serena’s help to get information on Mandrake.  Hope tried to get away from Aiden, but he caught her.  John told Brady that he was happy for him and Melanie.  Brady told John about the adoption papers he got.  Theresa was upset when Clint dumped her.  Aiden kept saying that Meredith was a liar.  Hope grabbed a letter opener and warned Aiden not to come near her.  Derrick told Paul that Sonny was in love with him.  Serena found information on Dr. Mandrake.  Brady was thankful that Kristen was out of his life.  Hope told Aiden to stay away from her.  He managed to get the letter opener from her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nathan tells Dante that Johnny didn’t really break into Maxie’s apartment and steal her money and car keys. He reveals that Maxie willingly gave them to Johnny. Dante asks Nathan if he thinks he and Maxie can get past it. Spinelli tells Maxie that Ellie broke up with him because she thinks he is still in love with Maxie. Maxie tells him to sit Ellie down and tell her that he isn’t. He says he can’t do that because he does wonder if he, Maxie, and Georgie could be a family. Nathan arrives and wonders why Ellie isn’t there.

Sabrina apologizes to Michael for Carlos not warning her or anyone else that there was something strange going on with Luke. She says everyone is safe thanks to Michael and Sonny. Since the justice system failed him, Michael tells Sabrina that he is planning to take away Sonny’s power by shutting down his coffee business. Sabrina doesn’t want to see Michael lose himself in revenge the way that she did. Sonny and Carly enjoy Valentine’s Day together. Sonny says eh is going to dedicate his life to being a better father. Kiki visits Franco. Franco thinks Kiki is a daughter that he raised. She tells him that she didn’t grow up with him and that her mother is dead. Kiki wishes Franco were lucid enough to advise her on whether to sue Sonny for custody if her little sister. Franco is adamant that no court should ever keep a father from his daughter.

Ned goes to the Metro Court to see Olivia. He sees that she is troubled and tells her that she can tell him anything. She says she is just surprised to see him there on Valentine’s day. He tells her that Alexis stormed out of their date and is no doubt with Julian now. Alexis and Julian are back together. She insists on breaking up with Ned before she has sex with Julian. Ned tells Olivia that her friend Melissa thinks Ned and Olivia belong together. Olivia picks up her phone to call Melissa and demand an apology. Ned stops her and tells her that Melissa was right. Alexis goes to the Quartermaine mansion looking for Ned. Michael overhears Alexis’ phone conversation with Kiki about Avery’s custody.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the cabin, Kevin tells everyone that he never committed murder. Austin gets up and leaves. Summer goes after him. Abby wonders what that was all about and if Austin committed murder. Billy walks in and sees Chelsea consoling Gabriel. Chelsea explains that they were discussing Delia. While Sage tends bar at the Underground, Nikki walks in and welcomes Dylan. At the Athletic Club, Jack and Avery discuss a way to get Phyllis to lose her cool in public so the judge would rule her incompetent to stand trial. They also discuss how Phyllis changed when she came home. At the Newman ranch, Phyllis receives a bouquet of red roses from Jack and a note saying that he will never give up on her. Phyllis wants to call Jack and thank him for the roses, but Victor stops her and reminds her of all Jack did to her. Billy apologizes to Gabriel for all he is going through with not being able to have any children with Sage. Nikki and Dylan discuss how Avery is helping Phyllis to get off from facing these charges against her. Joe interrupts them and tells Nikki about a new project he is working on. Joe wants to share Valentine’s Day with Ashley until he sees Jack and Avery walk in.

On the airplane, Neil reveals to everyone that he can see everything that's going on. He confronts Devon and Hilary about their sleeping together behind his back. Hilary admits that she wanted to tell him so many times but just couldn’t. Lily goes all to pieces at the news and wants to attack Hilary, but Cane stops her. Jill angrily confronts Devon about his betrayal of his father. Devon tells Jill that he and Hilary love each other. Neil states matter of factly that he and Hilary will never be together. Neil orders them to tell him how long this has been going on. Neil begins to put all the pieces together and finds out that Devon was with Hilary when he heard the cell phone ring and recognized it as Devon’s ringtone. Devon begs Neil to stop this. Lily attacks Hilary again and once again Cane has to pull her off. Lily finds out that Cane knew all along about their affair and didn’t tell her. She confronts Cane about all his lies. Jill finds out that Colin was blackmailing Devon. Hilary tries to apologize to Neil but he will not accept it. Neil takes a drink despite everyone’s warning. Neil tells Devon that he has no right to happiness. Colin asks what's in the briefcase. Neil holds it close to him. The plane hits turbulence.

Austin apologizes for storming out but he explains that his mother had been murdered. Courtney tells them that no one is going anywhere that the storm is getting worse. Someone spikes the bowl of punch. Victor arrives at the Underground with Phyllis. Nikki takes a drink. Joe tells Avery how beautiful she is but she goes to join Dylan. Jack asks for a word alone with Phyllis. Phyllis tells Jack that she knows Victor is using her, but she also is using him. She knows that Victor will not take advantage of the situation. Ashley confronts Victor on his win in stealing her formula. Nick introduces Sage to Nikki. Gabriel walks into the Underground and Nick immediately joins him. Billy and Chelsea discuss Adam and Billy’s hatred for him. Billy tells Chelsea that he made a decision. Chelsea asks what it is. Fenmore and Summer discuss Austin. Billy tells Chelsea that he cannot forgive Adam, but he has decided to move on with his life and he surprises Chelsea with a diamond necklace for Valentine’s Day. Chelsea also surprises Billy with a tea rose which was Delia’s favorite. Sage joins Gabriel and Nick. Nikki staggers but Dylan sees her and asks her what's wrong. Ashley and Jack discuss the new product line and getting it to market before Victor. Joe offers Avery a Valentine’s Day gift to which she refuses. Phyllis and Jack argue. Phyllis accuses him of trying to set her up. Dylan watches Avery and Joe together. Everyone at the cabin wakes up and realizes they were drugged. Summer is extremely hard to wake up. They all look for Austin and cannot find him. He's not outside. Kevin opens the closet door and Austin falls out.

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