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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Deacon that it is Valentine’s Day and she is sure Quinn is waiting so he should go. He says he has a little time. She says she tried to convince herself that it is any other day but couples are together and out kissing and hugging and yet here she is alone. Quinn knocks on Wyatt’s door and asks if she can come in. He says that depends on what she has behind her back. She brings out a huge red Valentine heart shaped box of candy. Bill tells Liam despite what women say, it is jewelry they crave and he has already had his jeweler by this morning and picked something out for Katie. He wonders Liam’s plans with Ivy considering Steffy is back in town. Liam confesses he told Ivy about their plans. Bill says he is out of his mind. Steffy is surprised to hear Ivy say she is along with their plan to take over FC. Steffy says she still has her dad to consider. He might want to still run FC. Ivy says he seems happy with just designing with Caroline. Maybe there is another reason that Steffy is hesitating….and they end up discussing Liam. Wyatt enjoys the chocolates but says he has no choice in his life but to move on. And he is sure she did not stop by just to bring him some candy. Brooke tells Deacon that after all these years she did not think she would be alone. He turns down a drink since he is driving….she says he can stay here if he’d like, plenty of room. He tries to get her to make this her last drink but she grabs another. Deacon tells her that Ridge is a fool so forget him…and if she wants to talk about family, they have one. Quinn tells Wyatt that she does not trust Brooke and that is where Deacon is. Wyatt reminds her that she can trust Deacon though. She admits yes that she does trust him, more than she does any other man.

Deacon gets Brooke to sit down and offers her coffee or some water which he trades off for her drink. He tells her that she can always count on him. She calls him her drinking buddy, then says she has always had a man to come home to and share a bed with. She does not want to need that, but she is so lonely. She leans on his shoulder. Liam tells Bill that there is an emotional price for Steffy to pay and he is not sure she is ready for that yet. Bill guesses that she is still in love with Liam and if he were with her that she would sell them their shares. Maybe it is time to forget that “plant” (Ivy). He’s got to do it if there is any chance. Ivy says she thinks Steffy can make a difference and she and Liam can run the company together. Steffy says she has no idea what this might do to her father. And she would think Ivy would feel threatened for them to work such long hours. Ivy says no, she would not feel threatened at all as she trusts Liam, so please come back and run FC. Steffy is impressed with Ivy’s confidence but she doesn’t think Ivy understands the depth of her and Liam’s feelings. She says she will not work all day with Liam and then watch him go home with Ivy. If she comes back she will come back to all of it. Bill tries to convince Liam that he needs to be back with Steffy, the woman he was supposed to be with. She will thank him so do not give up on this. Get control of FC and all the Spencer’s will benefit. Deacon gives Brooke some aspirin and says she will sleep better now. He tells her to get a good night’s sleep and she can always call him or her sisters. The drink will only help for the moment. She gives him a hug and convinces him to go back to Quinn and have a good evening. When he leaves, she puts down the aspirin and water and goes for the booze again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

GH Recap Written by Brenda

ADA Natalia Rodriguez asks Nathan to fill her in on what he knows about John Zacchara. She finds it interesting that Nathan’s report about Johnny breaking into Maxie’s apartment doesn’t mention any forced entry. Spinelli arrives at Maxie’s door with Georgie. Maxie tells Spinelli that Nathan just stormed out because she helped Johnny escape from the law. Spinelli assures her that it can’t be so bad that Nathan would break up with her. Maxie says she doesn’t have as perfect a relationship as Spinelli has with Ellie. Spinelli reveals that Ellie dumped him because of Maxie. Natalia tells Nathan to go spend Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend.

Sam and Julian give Lucas a hard time about taking days to respond to Brad’s declaration of love. Brad swoons over a hot doctor named Derek. Patrick has to do a consultation so he has to delay his date with Sam. Derek offers to escort Sam to the Metro Court to keep each other company while they wait for their dates to arrive. Derek gets a text from his date saying she has to work late. Sam tells Derek to go surprise his date at work instead of spending Valentine’s Day apart. Patrick arrives just as Sam is getting up to leave. Julian tells Lucas that if he returns Brad’s feelings, he needs to let him know, and in a meaningful way. Brad talks to Felix about how different he has become since falling for Lucas. Felix doesn’t think he is the best person for Brad to talk to about it since Lucas chose Brad over him. Brad misses Britt because he used to talk to her about that sort of thing. Lucas goes to the triage, stands on the desk, and announces to everyone that he loves Brad. He accepts Brad’s invitation to move in with him.

Olivia’s friend from Bensonhurst stops by the Port Charles on her way to Niagara Falls. Olivia tells Mel about her feelings for Ned. Mel tells her that she needs to tell Ned how she feels before it is too late. Alexis arrives late to Valentine’s Day dinner at Ned’s house. They argue about Julian. Mel goes to meet her son Chef JL at the Quartermaine estate and meets Ned. She tells him that they need to talk about their mutual friend Olivia. She tells him that if he had the real thing with Alexis then she wouldn’t have left or he would have gone after her, but he didn’t do that. She suggests that Ned is pining over Olivia. Mel stashes some of the Quartermaine silver into her purse while she is talking to JL (Jean Luc). Alexis goes to see Julian and tells him that Ned was right when he said she’d rather be with Julian. Ned goes to the Metro Court to find Olivia. Olivia talks to a nurse about her flu. The nurse tells her that she and her baby are both fine.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Coffeehouse, Nick and Faith discuss a certain boy that she likes. Noah joins them and tells Faith to go and get her a Valentine cookie at the counter. Nick gets a text that the babysitter cannot watch Faith tonight. Noah has a date but suggests Sharon watching Faith. Sharon looks at a Valentine and remembers a happier Valentine’s Day with Nick. Summer and Austin join Kevin and Mariah at the cabin. Abby comes out of the kitchen. They still wonder who invited them here. Mariah remarks all they need is there to be a knock on the door. There is a knock on the door which startles everyone. Victoria and Ben arrive at Chelsea’s with baby Katie. When Victoria finds out that Billy is gone, she has second thoughts about leaving Katie there. Chelsea assures her that it's fine and mentions Billy visiting Delia’s grave. Billy wishes Delia a Happy Birthday. At the Athletic Club, Cane and Lily prepare to leave on their weekend. Jill assures Devon that Colin will have nothing to do with Chancellor Industries. Hilary joins Devon in the foyer but is still upset over the way things are between herself, Devon, and Neil. Neil walks in, pretending to be blind, and looks around the room at his family around the bar. Cane and Lily join Neil. Neil tells everyone how much he appreciates this trip. Adam watches Billy as he talks to Delia. Billy shows her a plaque that was at the playhouse in her honor for everyone to see. Billy begins to cry when he talks about Katie never taking Delia’s place. Billy hears someone behind him and asks who is there. Adam is perfectly quiet as he hides behind the boulder. Billy relives memories with Delia and promises to make Adam pay for killing her. Delia appears to Billy and tells him that Adam isn’t gone. In the hallway of his building, Adam urges Sage to go out and enjoy herself while he'll drown his sorrow in the bottle in his hand. Adam visits Chelsea to talk to Billy about a layout that he is working on but he's gone. Adam tells her to enjoy the bottle and starts to leave but Chelsea stops him.

Delia states that Adam is not dead, but she urges Billy to be happy with what he has and to forgive Adam. Chelsea tells Gabriel that she is having second thoughts about Victoria’s children being there without Billy. Chelsea looks at the bottle and invites Gabriel to have a drink with her. Victoria and Ben arrive at the Underground to spend their first Valentine’s Day as a couple. Nick tells them to sit down while he brings them a drink. They sit in Avery’s booth and remember that this is where it all started. Sage joins Nick at the bar and thanks him for the flowers. The airplane takes off carrying Neil, Hilary, Cane, Lily, Jill, and Colin. Neil tells Colin that Jill is adjusting to being CEO of Chancellor. Hilary joins Neil and Colin. Colin warns Devon not to squeeze him out of Chancellor. Colin tells Devon that he still may hold all the cards to get what he wants. Neil reminds Hilary of their first flight together. After she gets up, Neil looks around the room and wonders what everyone will think when they find out what Devon and Hilary have done. He wants it all to end today. Austin and Summer argue over Kyle. Abby and the others come in with drinks. Austin offers Summer a drink. Spending Valentine’s Day with Sharon, Faith changes a card to make it look as though it's from Nick. Sharon tells her that lying is wrong. Nick gives Sage a job at the Underground which she reluctantly accepts. Later, he sees her undressing. Chelsea shows Gabriel what she got Billy to celebrate Delia but she'll wait until the next day to give it to him. When Chelsea sees how much it upsets Gabriel about not having children, she hugs him. Billy walks in and sees them. The ceiling begins to fall on a table at the Underground. Neil reveals to everyone that he can see.

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