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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke continues to drink. Deacon wants to go do something and Quinn asks what are her choices. Anything out that door and it’s cold. She says it is so much nicer with her man here. He says she may scare others but she does not scare him. They drink to peace of mind. She muses that Wyatt is right. He blames her for all that has happened to him and he is right. Deacon says but he is her son and he will eventually come around. Deacon admits he has not heard from Hope despite texting her. Quinn says her too, she is going to take his advice and stay clear until Hope decides to be in touch. Meantime they have each other’s backs. Pam tells Rick that she needs to announce someone. He says he is too busy and she needs to be a better gatekeeper. Steffy barges past and says she pulled rank. She sits in his chair and says a person could get used to sitting there. He asks if she is in town for long. She is not sure, depends. He wants her to meet and go to lunch with Maya. She could use some friends. Ivy tells Liam that she thinks she may have walked in on something the other night with him and Steffy. He says she is right and it is a game changer. He discusses the hostile takeover of FC….and his hopes of combining the shares to give them enough. Ivy doesn’t like it since it is Eric’s company and it’s always been about family. He finally gets her to say she will give him her support. Maybe two heads like his and Steffy will be better than one. Liam says he is over Steffy but she does not seem to be. He says his challenge is to get her out of the personal mode into a business one.

Brooke calls Rick’s office but Pam tells her that he is busy at the moment so she dare not interrupt. Brooke goes back to her drink. Rick explains to Steffy that he has one year to prove himself and he has done that before so this will be no different. He asks how does she feel about her old man romancing Rick’s wife. Of course she mentions the age difference and how disgusting it is. She conveys to him that some day she might like to be CEO. He says she will have to rip it out of his hands. She tells him not to get too comfortable as she kind of likes that chair. Rick calls Ivy back into the office after hours and then snaps at her that he wants to see her designs ASAP. She sees Steffy and says she just saw Liam and she wants Steffy to join forces with him. Deacon asks Quinn if she minds that he goes and sees Brooke. Maybe she can shed more light on Hope’s future. Brooke invites Deacon in but says she was not exactly expecting anyone. He notices the glass by the booze and realizes she has been drinking. He asks about Hope and why should he not jump on the next plane and go see her. Brooke suggests he just back off and wait on Hope. She talks a bit about being back and all her relationships with men – they have moved on with their lives and here she is in her house all alone. He approaches her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel talked to Eric about Nicole.  Nicole went to see Serena.  Nicole apologized to Serena.  Aiden told Hope that the bridge wasn’t going to be ready for a couple of days.  Hope offered to help him with the things he wanted done.  While they were talking, he noticed something wrong with her.  Serena didn’t believe Nicole wanted to apologize.  Serena ended up accepting Nicole’s apology before slamming the door in her face.  Paige talked to Kayla about her problems with JJ.

When Aiden left, Hope finished watching Meredith’s message.  Nicole went to see Brady.  When JJ got home, Jennifer questioned where he was last night.  Nicole talked to Brady and Melanie about what she did to Serena.  Hope found the antifreeze that Meredith mentioned in the recording.  JJ lied about where he was.  Abby didn’t believe him and confronted him when Jennifer left.  She wanted to know where he was.  She asked if he was with the person he hooked up with.  He said he was.  Hope didn’t think the antifreeze proved anything and continued watching the message.  JJ talked to Abby about the person he was with until he was tired of talking to her about it.  Paige told Kayla about a guy that Eve was with in the past.  When Serena tried to switch Eric’s elephant with the one she had, she tripped.  Nicole was there when Serena fell.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly and Sonny kiss. He brings up her kiss with Jake. She tells him that Jake is just a friend and that he is probably going to spend the rest of his life in jail. Jake pleads not guilty to all charges. The judge denies bail. Elizabeth argues with Ric about his recommendation that Jake plead guilty. He says there is no jury on earth that would let Jake walk after everything he has done so a plea bargain is his only hope. Elizabeth asks him if the real reason he wants Jake to go to jail is that he wants Jake out of the picture. He slips and mentions that he convinced Jake to move out of her house. She says she isn’t sure she knows him at all.

Nikolas confronts Helena in front of the commissioner. He tells her that she needs to come clean about her mind control tactics on Luke and Jake. She won’t say anything unless she gets full immunity from prosecution. Scott refuses. Nikolas threatens Scott’s career. Scott draws up the document. Nikolas won’t let Helena leave until she reveals what she has done to Luke and Jake and how to undo it. She writes out a document and then goes free. Lulu goes to confront Luke in jail. She informs him that after saving everyone from Luke’s bomb, Sonny has been pardoned and isn’t going back to Pentonville. Jake is brought to a nearby cell. Lulu questions him about Helena. Luke tells Lulu that her theory about Helena and mind control doesn’t take into account the fact that Julian claims to have been working for him for years, since he was in witness protection. Lulu leaves, more confused than when she arrived. Jake tells Luke that he deserves whatever the legal system has in store for him. The commissioner comes down and tells a guard to chain Luke and Jake together to go on a field trip.

Kiki asks Alexis about keeping Avery instead of letting her go with Sonny. Alexis explains that Kiki can’t stop Sonny from taking Avery, but that Kiki can sue for custody. Sonny and Carly take Avery. Nathan can’t believe Maxie helped Johnny to flee the jurisdiction. He tells her that she has made herself an accessory to all of Johnny’s crimes and that he will have to arrest her. He asks her how it will look if she isn’t able to welcome her daughter to town because she is in a cell. She accuses him of calling her a bad mother. He tells her that to protect her, he is going to have to lie and say Johnny broke in and stole her keys and money. He tells her that if the truth ever comes out, they will all be in trouble. He reveals that he is falling in love with her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Avery visits with Phyllis at the Newman ranch to discuss her trial and their options. Jack finds Ashley in his office at Jabot. They discuss how the new fragrance will make her CEO of Jabot again. Thanks to a text she receives, she finds out that Victor has stolen her fragrance “Hex” and is marketing it before she can. Victor tells Kelly that he doesn’t want Jack with Phyllis or in Summer’s life. He wants her to have a life with Jack, but Kelly wonders why. At the Athletic Club bar, Lily asks Devon his plans for Valentine’s Day. Neil remembers Hilary being in bed with Devon. He sees her at the offices at Jabot but acts as though he can't. Neil asks if that is Hilary, but she doesn’t answer. Neil apologizes and tells her that he thought he smelled Hilary’s perfume. When he starts to walk off, she admits it is her. Neil and Hilary discuss what happened yesterday and how devastated he felt afterwards. Neil tells Hilary that he appreciates her and wants to take her out for a big elaborate dinner for Valentine’s Day. Jack tells Ashley about Victor moving Phyllis into the ranch. Ashley becomes angry with Victor and tells Jack that she has had it with him. As Ashley rushes out, Jack calls after her. Kelly asks Victor if he and Phyllis have something going. Victor denies the accusation and reminds Kelly of all Sharon did to their family in the past. Kelly reminds Victor of all the things Phyllis did. Victor tells Kelly to consider his offer. Nikki allows Avery to see Phyllis. They discuss Jack wanting to help. Phyllis doesn't think Jack is an “ally.” Avery thinks their only option is a “plea deal” but Phyllis angrily refuses. Victor walks in on them arguing and tells Avery that Phyllis no longer requires her services. Phyllis tells her to go away. Nikki comes in laughing and confronts Phyllis about her trusting Victor. Nikki warns her that Victor never does anything for anyone unless there is something in it for him. Nikki leaves. Phyllis asks Victor if he is going to deny it. Victor says “No.” Devon finds out from Cane that the Chancellor offices are now in Chicago and that Colin is there with Jill. Devon tells them that a condition of him giving Jill the money was that Colin would not be around Chancellor Industries. Hilary tells Devon Neil’s plans for Valentine’s Day.

At the bar, Neil tells Nikki his plans for Hilary and that he almost confronted her about her affair with Devon. Nikki lets Neil know that Phyllis is living at her home. Hilary and Devon come up with a plan to spend part of Valentine’s Day together. Devon suggests a family trip. Victor tells Phyllis that he is thinking of his family and especially Summer. Avery tells Jack that Phyllis refused to plea bargain. Avery wants to come up with a plan to discredit Phyllis in public. Jack absolutely refuses to go along with it. Ashley confronts Victor about him stealing her fragrance idea before she could market it herself. Ashley gives Phyllis advice concerning Victor. Kelly and Lily wonder if she has a chance with Jack. Kelly lets her know that someone thinks she does. Ashley tells Phyllis how Jack grieved over her when she was in the coma. Phyllis doesn’t believe her. At the Athletic Club bar, Avery tells Kelly that she wants Phyllis locked away. Through very humiliating remarks from Avery aimed at her, Kelly pulls out a knife on Avery. Avery tells her that she must have hit a raw nerve. Nikki confronts Jack and tells him that she wants Phyllis out of her home. Neil sees Devon and Hilary hugging at the Athletic Club. Devon steps aside when Neil enters. When Hilary tells Neil her plans for Valentine’s Day, he agrees. Hilary looks in the direction of Devon, who is standing in the foyer, and nods her head that it is a “go” on the trip. Neil wonders who she is nodding to. Jack agrees to Avery's plan to discredit Phyllis in public, so the judge will rule her incompetent to stand trial and send her back to Fairview instead of jail.

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