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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke coos to Ridge that it’s just the two of them. Surely he hasn’t forgotten. He puts his hands on her waist and says no, he hasn’t forgotten anything. She gives him a choice –out to the pool or up to their bedroom. She gives him a hug when he says he remembers it all and he is in love……and she has been amazing since she got back from Italy, so full of energy. But he has changed too. She asks how. He says when he said he was in love, he did not mean her. He is in love with Caroline. She says no, she will not believe that. That is Rick’s wife and she is half Ridge’s age. She reminds him that he was under a lot of stress so she understands Caroline helping him. He says no, it wasn’t just that. It sounds weird but it is almost like they are of one mind; it’s nice. He assures her that he never meant to hurt her but he is now committed to Caroline. She accuses him of payback by being with Bill’s niece. Ridge admits that Brooke being with Bill made his stomach turn but that is not what led him to Caroline. Brooke goes on and on about their long history and Caroline is young and inexperienced and can not understand Ridge like she does. This seems more like a mid life crisis. And Caroline helped him get his drawing back so he feels like he owes her. But that is not love; that is dependency. Ridge tells her that he is sorry. Whatever magic they had all those years is gone and he is moving on and thinks she should do the same. He says he will always love her and be there for her and their son but he just wants to start a new chapter in his life. And he wants to do that with Caroline. Pam chides Donna for being late back from lunch. Just as Caroline walks by the door and hears them and stops she hears Donna say she was at Brooke’s…and get this Brooke wants Ridge back. She walks on in and says she does not believe for a moment that Ridge is going to leave her for Brooke. They share something no matter how many other young girls have been in love with the great Ridge Forrester. Both try to tell Caroline that Ridge and Brooke may have their silly little escapades but eventually they do get back together. It’s inevitable and is going to happen again so she better prepare herself.

Quinn bemoans to Deacon that there is no work at FC since Ivy stole her job. She asks how he spent his day and he replies the same old. She inquires even with Brooke back in town. He reminds her that he is not interested in Brooke. She is nothing like strong and independent like Quinn. She says Brooke is about two steps away from the nuthouse and she has been there too but Brooke rises above it and conquers it whereas Quinn can’t. He hugs her when she complains the fact that Wyatt wants nothing to do with her and Hope outright hates her and the baby they lost because of her. Deacon changes his mind and tells Quinn that he won’t play poker with the guys tonight and he will stay in with her. She says she is not in a funk but she wants him to know that he does bring a lot to the table, more than he knows. Pam and Donna tell Caroline to go home and she will feel better in the morning. Ridge calls as she is leaving and asks her to meet him at the loft. She arrives and says the real thing is here. He tells her about Brooke wanting him back but he’s made a commitment to another. She muses only if that is what he truly wants. He kisses her. Brooke wanders around and heads to the bar and pours herself a glass of vodka and lets it soothe her throat. She pours another and flops down in the comfy chair by the fireplace thinking about the men in her life and silently cries.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope listened to Meredith’s message.  Meredith said that Aiden tried to kill her. She also said that no matter what he told anyone don’t believe him.  Abe wanted to question Sonny about what happened to him.  JJ and Eve made love.  Cole told Paige that he knew who JJ was sleeping with.  Cole warned her that she wouldn’t like it.  Meredith warned anyone watching her message not to let Aiden know that they knew the truth or he would go after them.  Clyde was in the chapel with Victor while he was praying for Sonny.  Kate questioned Lucas about Adrienne.  Sonny asked Will where he was when he was attacked.  Will wanted to know why Sonny was in the town square.  Sonny didn’t remember what happened to him.  Clyde implied that he stabbed Sonny.  Aiden talked to Hope about Meredith.  Paige wanted Cole to tell her who JJ was with. Cole blamed Daphne for being with JJ.  Aiden wanted to go for a walk on the beach.  Hope hesitated, but she finally gave in and decided to go with him.  When she went in the closet, he closed the door.  Clyde threatened to go after Victor’s family if he went after him again.  Before he left the chapel, Clyde dropped Sonny’s ring.  

Aiden gave Hope his coat so she wouldn’t have to go in the closet.  JJ opened up to Eve about not wanting to be with anyone else.  He didn’t want Paige to see him with another woman.  Eve tried to talk him into moving on with his life.  Paige confronted Daphne about being with JJ.  Daphne let her know that she wasn’t the one with JJ.  Adrienne let Paul know how Sonny was doing.  Sonny questioned Will about the assignment he had.  Clyde thought about what happened after he was shot.  Paige showed up at home while JJ was still in Eve’s room.  Paige wanted to know who Eve was with because she had two bottles of water in her hands.  Hope snuck back downstairs to check the closet, but it was locked.  Aiden wanted to know why she was downstairs.  Victor talked to Roman and Abe about Sonny’s attack.  When Roman and Abe left, Victor dropped Sonny’s ring on the ground.  Eve lied about why she had two bottles of water.  When Eve wanted Paige to stay, it started an argument.  When Paige left, JJ came out of Eve’s room.  He let Eve know he heard their argument.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nathan tells Maxie about his search for Johnny. He discovers that her car is gone. She acts surprised but then when he says he is going to have a police team dust for prints, she admits that she helped Johnny. Kiki tells Delia that the police called off the search for Ava. Kiki can’t accept Sonny taking Avery away from her. She doesn’t believe that Sonny tried to save Ava from falling from that bridge and she doesn’t feel right handing Ava’s baby over to him. She tells Morgan that she wants things to stay the way they are. He wonders if she is planning to sue for custody.

Sonny wonders why Carly is keeping him at arm’s length. She reminds him that he pushed her away. He says he didn’t want her to waste her life on him because he expected to be in prison for the rest of his life. He says he wanted her to go on with her life. She says she did go on with her life and that she met someone that she likes, named Jake. She tells Sonny that she vented to Jake about Sonny and Michael and that she wouldn’t have needed Jake if Sony hadn’t shut her out in the first place. He says he is alive, free, and loves her and asks her why that is never enough. She asks him what kind of relationship it is if she is only allowed to love him when he is on top of the world. He says he loves her and she loves him. They kiss.

Ric goes to see Jake and tells him that he is going to be his attorney. He advises him to plead guilty to all charges. He says Jake will get a lighter sentence if he pleads guilty. He says that if he were to manage to get Jake off because of his mind control defense, nothing would stop Helena from continuing to give him orders and endangering the community. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Helena has been using mind control to force Jake to do terrible things and that Nikolas has to get Helena to confess. Lulu asks Scott for immunity for Helena Cassadine because that is the only way to get her to release Luke from her mind control. Scott refuses. Lulu goes to see Nikolas and tells him that Tracy believes Helena is behind Luke’s strange behavior. He tells her that he has already heard about Helena’s possible mind controlling activities from Elizabeth. He says he will do what he can to make things right for Luke and Jake. Jake and Ric go into the courtroom for the arraignment. Elizabeth goes too. Jake pleads not guilty.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In the living room of the Newman ranch, Victor and Phyllis discuss how it is to be locked up. Victor remembers when he was tied to a bed in an insane asylum. At the Coffeehouse, Jack tells Summer about Phyllis being at Victor’s. Summer doesn't blame Jack for what's going on. She thinks that Phyllis should stay away from him for the time being. Christine walks into Avery’s office and hands her the medical report from the psychiatrist which states that Phyllis is able to stand trial. At the condo, Billy prepares for a special Valentine’s Day celebration with Chelsea with Connor's help. Chelsea is next door inviting Gabriel and Sage to dinner to celebrate falling in love and getting married. Gabriel assures her that he will get Sage on board with the idea. Once Chelsea leaves, Sage walks up to Gabriel and confronts him about talking to Chelsea. At the condo, Billy, hurries downstairs with Connor in his arms dressed up as “Cupid” which impresses Chelsea. Billy has plans for an early Valentine’s Day celebration, but Chelsea disappoints him by saying she has plans with Gabriel. Kevin and Mariah are at the Underground and they discuss the problems they encounter while living together. Mariah sees on the bar a Valentine’s Day card which holds an invitation to a party. Avery tells Jack that Phyllis is stable enough to stand trial. Victor and Dr. Barrett discuss Kelly. Phyllis walks in and accuses Victor of plotting against her. Victor tries to assure her that he's totally on her side. Sage gives Gabriel sound advice concerning being with Chelsea and Connor. Billy is against having dinner with Gabriel and Sage. Chelsea tells him that she will call them and cancel but Billy gives in and agrees to the dinner. Christine tells Paul the good news about Phyllis being able to stand trial. Paul tells her to stop it. Jack calls Dr. Barrett a “quack” and thinks that someone must be paying him off. Phyllis asks Victor why he cares so much about her and her predicament. Phyllis puts all the blame on Kelly for turning everyone against her.

Chelsea and Billy have drinks with Gabriel and Sage. Gabriel marvels at Connor while Sage hides a stuffed animal behind her back. Billy notices her doing this. Kevin looks at the invitation to the party and wonders who it's from. Austin comes in and tells Mariah that he quit. Mariah is quite put out that Austin is leaving her with all the work. Victor and Phyllis discuss a plan to get back at Kelly. Summer joins them to find out how Phyllis is. Phyllis assures her that she's fine. Jack visits Fairview and finds out that Dr. Barrett talked to Kelly. He wonders how he came up with his diagnosis. Paul and Avery discuss how to keep this from blowing up in everyone’s face. Summer tells Phyllis how much she loves her. Phyllis returns the sentiment. Phyllis tells Summer that she is innocent of all these charges. Jack lashes out at Kelly for talking to Dr. Barrett about Phyllis. He's determined to get Phyllis back. Jack accuses Kelly of wanting Phyllis to suffer. She doesn't want to be his “consolation prize.” Jack orders Kelly to stay away from him and Phyllis. Victor joins Kelly in her office and tells her that Jack is not worth her tears. In talking to Sage, Adam realizes how much she's hurting over not being able to have a child. Adam puts his arm around her shoulders and consoles her. Sage asks where that came from. Billy tells Chelsea about Sage not being able to have children. Summer and Austin discuss their plans for Valentine’s Day. They join Kevin and Mariah to look at the party invitation.

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