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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge wakes up alone the next morning and finds Caroline bringing him coffee and a kiss in bed. Donna asks Brooke if she is missing something. The last she heard Ridge was with Caroline and yet Brooke is saying this big old house won’t be that big before long. She is getting Ridge back today. Bill says he just hopes Wyatt can talk Rick into giving his job back, they need him on the inside. Wyatt goes to see Rick who is very dismissive. He tells Wyatt that he does not work there any more and he has no time for quitters. Wyatt says he was not thinking the other day and he really needs to stay here. He is coming to him man to man to ask for another chance. Rick says no, he should not have respected him. Then Rick asks how badly does he want this job……he can prove it by getting down on his knees and begging. Brooke says she would hardly call this relationship with Caroline and Ridge a relationship, more like a fling. And yes she would like to show her a thing or two. Brooke comes down in a sexy pool outfit and Donna says WOW, it’s obvious she is not going to work. Brooke says it is for tall, dark and handsome. She calls Ridge and says it is not urgent but it is important and she’d like to see him at the house right away. He tells Caroline he doesn’t think this will take long. Bill says even if Wyatt comes through there is still Ridge. He does not think there is any way Steffy will go behind her father’s back. They discuss Steffy being CEO and running the show but she does not want to do this with Liam involved. And what is Caroline thinking getting all fluttery by Forrester. Bill says it is weird that both Katie and Caroline were sucked in by Ridge. Bill says no one is going to fire at a Spencer woman and get away with it so their target is still Rick.

Wyatt repeats it – Rick wants him on his knees and beg for his job. Rick chuckles and says he is not that sadistic and he was only kidding. Wyatt says every word he said the other day was true and Rick is CEO so he had every right to call him out on it. He even over-reacted and lost his cool and he is sorry. He will now prove to him his loyalty and he gives him his word……please give him another shot. Ridge takes notice of what Brooke is wearing as she invites him in and says they don’t have to be in any hurry as she knows he has nothing planned today and he will have so much fun he won’t want to leave. Rick asks if he lets Wyatt back in, what will he get out of it. Wyatt says he has a lot of contacts all over the world with his PR, but if he wants him to be in janitorial or shipping that will be fine. He will never disrespect Rick again. Rick says he can not have his employees against him, but he is re-hired. But if he is ever subordinate with him again he will be cleaning every bathroom in this place. Caroline stops in and sees Liam. He asks about Ridge and she says it is very good, they are officially a couple. Brooke tells Ridge just to hear her out about this whole Rick and Maya mess and him and Caroline. Ridge says he does not need another lecture. She states that they all just need to function as a team and it could start with her and Ridge. This thing with Caroline is just an infatuation and it won’t last. Brooke says she and Ridge will find themselves back together. She proposes they go down by the pool and relax. Liam questions Caroline if she thinks being with Ridge is a good thing. He lists a long list of things why not…like being married previously to her aunt, a long history with Brooke and then hooked up with Katie. She gets it that he is not a fan. Liam says he comes with baggage. She says she is a big girl and she won’t be hurt. She’s curious but she is not concerned except that Ridge is over at Brooke’s now. Brooke says this is not about Caroline; somehow they got off track and that should not have happened. He had feelings for her and she is ready to move on with her life so he can stay today as long as he likes. Wyatt drops back in on Liam and Caroline seems suspicious but she leaves. Wyatt says Rick did not make it easy but he is in. He wanted to knock him out of his CEO office but as long as he behaves they are back in business. He says Rick looked so smug that he can’t wait to see his face when they bring him down.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden called Hope after she found the recording.  Eve didnít believe Paige was moving out.  Paige said she is living with Daphne.  When Sonny woke up, the monitor went off.  When Aiden hung up, Hope was curious about the recording.  Kayla went to check on Sonny.  Aiden came back to the beach house before she could hear the recording.  She let him know he wasnít okay.  Victor was worried about Sonny and wanted to know what Will did to upset him.

Eve called JJ and told him to go to her place.  Kayla told everyone that Sonny was doing better.  Kate took Will to another room to talk to him about his affair.  Will told Kate that he was with Paul when Sonny was attacked.  Hope told Aiden that Bree was at the beach house.  He told Hope not to believe anything Bree says about Meredith.  Eve told JJ that he ruined her life.  Aiden was upset that Bree showed up at the beach house.  Cole called Paige so she could meet him.  He wanted to talk about JJ.  Kate advised Will to lie about his affair.  Aiden wanted Hope to sleep in the guest room.  Eve told JJ that Paige went to the dorm and that she hates her.  He comforted her when she cried over Paige.  They ended up making love.  Hope played Meredithís message saying she thought Aiden was trying to kill her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

The doctor won’t let Nina see Franco and tells her that there may be nothing left of the man she knew. Nina wants to just how Heather got access to a large dose of LSD in a supposedly secure facility. The doctor lets her go in. Franco says he remembers her, but then he tells an elaborate story that never happened. He thinks he cut off his arm. She convinces him that he still has his arm. Then he thinks they cohosted the Oscars. She says she is going to be there for him until he remembers her.

Sabrina is having a difficult time reconciling the fact that she is helping a mobster who killed a woman. Nathan goes to Sabrina’s apartment and finds Carlos. Carlos tells Nathan that Sabrina isn’t an accomplice; she is a hostage. Carlo is arrested. Johnny goes out the window and to Maxie’s apartment to ask her to help him skip town. She says she can’t knowingly help a criminal. She empties her purse onto the table and leaves the room. He takes her cash and keys and leaves.

Sonny goes to visit Avery. Morgan is happy to learn that Sonny was pardoned. Kiki doesn’t want to let Sonny hold Avery to punish him for letting her mother die. He swears that he did everything in his power to try to save Ava. He plays with Avery for a while and then tells Kiki that he is going to be back tomorrow to take Avery home with him. Michael is incensed about Sonny getting away with murdering AJ. Olivia tries to empathize. Michael says he isn’t going to let it go. Ned goes to the hospital to spy on Alexis. Olivia tells him that she wants to be friends again. Alexis tells Julian that the authorities have called off the search for Ava. He resigns himself to the reality that Ava is dead. Alexis tells him that she has decided to represent him. She tells him that there was never a Luke imposter, but that Fluke was Luke all along. Michael finds Alexis to ask her to file a motion to overturn the governor’s pardon. She tells him that there is nothing she can do. She offers to file a civil suit, but Michael doesn’t want money; he wants justice. Julian says Michael is an ungrateful bastard. Michael tells Olivia that he is going to go outside the law to get justice for AJ.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Summer and Austin tell Nick that the building inspector wants to see him and that Austin forgot to tell Nick. Nick fixes everything and says he won't fire him, but Austin quits. Dylan apologizes to Avery and Joe shows up, upsets Dylan. Dylan punches Joe and leaves. Avery nurses Joe and they reminisce about old times. Chelsea apologizes to Sharon for advising her to be aggressive at the child custody hearing. Sharon says it wasn't her fault. Sharon runs into Dylan, and they go to her house. Sharon explains the mess on the floor. Dylan warns her about keeping her head and admits he should take his own advice. Sage is unhappy that Chelsea and Gabriel picked out furniture together. Gabriel asks Chelsea questions about Adam, making her cry, which makes Billy angry.

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