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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam says good God what they have been through so they will always love each other. Steffy says she is IN love with him. She can not be in this unless they are in this together. He says they will but not like that. She says she will not be part of it. She will not sell our her family just so he can play hero for his new girlfriend. Aly shows Oliver her shoe designs. He quips to let her make him a pair in size 12 and that will get Rick’s attention. Ivy starts to go upstairs and Aly stops her by saying Maya and Rick are upstairs so probably needs some privacy. Eric calls and Rick lies to him and says everything is fine and he has everything under control. Rick and Maya both laugh when Rick calls down and cons Aly into bringing them some ice cream. They laugh at her again when Rick makes Aly come into the room with them in bed to hand them the ice cream. Then Rick dismisses her when she wants to show him the shoe sketch saying he will do it later. She wants to hurl. Caroline tells Ridge to show her more when he says how beautiful she is. They clasp hands and she looks down at her wedding ring and takes if off and says it is time.

Liam tells Steffy that he came to her because he can not imagine him running FC without her. They argue. He says she will run the company but he will be there to support her. He reminds her that FC is falling apart at the seams and someone needs to get in there and stitch it back together. She can inspire them with her attitude, her energy and talent. And she’s a fighter so just please say yes. They can make it happen. She will be the most bad-ass this industry has ever seen. She says she wants that more than anything but she can not do that after the future they had planned and now he has moved on not only from Hope but is with Ivy now. Yet her love has not stopped. Caroline tells Ridge that she likes the sketch of her but she thought he wanted to paint her. She drops her towel. He takes his brush and some of his fingers and dips them in the paint and does make bold lines over her neck and upper torso. He kisses her. Then he lays her on the couch and she finger-paints his neck and chest. He says all his life he wanted to paint beauty and now he just wants to appreciate it. He says she is fantastical. Liam muses to Steffy that all those memories are just as important to him and he will not forget them. It’s good to remember. She says yes but that is not why he called her. And for her it seemed like all of this happened yesterday. He is glad she was honest with him. They hug and she wishes him good luck. She walks out and silently cries.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope noticed that Aiden wasnít happy about her being at the beach house.  Adrienne stopped Paul from going to see Sonny.  She wanted to talk to him.  Eve wanted to know what Theresa said to Paige.  Theresa said she told Paige that true love didnít exist.  Brady told Melanie that he was in love with her.  Aiden told Hope he was glad she was there, but she didnít believe him.  Paige wanted to know who JJ was seeing, but he didnít want to tell her.  Adrienne wanted Paul to stay away because Sonny was with his husband.  Hope understood why Aiden wasnít comfortable with her being there.  When Aiden left Hope at the beach house, Bree showed up.  Eve didnít approve of Theresa seeing Clint.  Adrienne was thrilled with Paul when she found out his blood saved Sonnyís life.

JJ talked to Will about cheating on Paige.  Will felt guilty for cheating on Sonny.  Bree wanted to find proof that Aiden killed his wife.  Paul wanted Adrienne to call him when everything was okay and left the hospital.  Hope wanted Bree to leave, but Bree tried to tell her that Meredith was afraid of Aiden.  Bree told Hope there was a tape recorder in the beach house.  Bree thought everyone would know the truth once they found the recorder.  Hope tried to sympathize with Bree, but it upset her.  Hope called Aiden to tell him that Bree was there, but he couldnít hear her.  Hope stopped Bree from looking for the recorder and threw her out.  When Eve met Paige, things didnít go the way Eve wanted them to.  Paige blamed Eve for losing JJ.  Paige told Eve that she was moving out.  Hope found the recorder Bree was looking for.  Sonny woke up and was upset to see Will.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

The governor commutes Sonny’s sentence and issues a full pardon. Michael is not happy about it. Morgan comforts Kiki about her missing mother’s presumed death. Sonny goes to Kiki’s apartment to see his daughter.

Elizabeth goes to see Jake to confront him about lying to her about job hunting instead of aiding Faison. She demands an explanation. He tries to explain that Helena Cassadine was controlling him. Elizabeth says she believes him and tells him about Lucky’s mind control ordeal. She determines that they need to enlist Nikolas to help get Helena to confess to what she did to Jake. Sam and Patrick discuss Jake’s failure to kill her. She reveals that Jake said he saw himself in bed with Sam and that he had a memory of her giving him the phoenix figurine. She wonders if Helena somehow planted Jason’s memories into Jake. She and Patrick don’t want to find out if it means talking to Helena.

Nikolas tells Spencer that Helena is in jail. Nathan tells Lulu and Tracy that the man in custody is the real Luke Spencer. Lulu refuses to believe that her father tried to blow up his entire family. Tracy thinks the person with the answers is Helena Cassadine. Tracy and Lulu wonder if Helena is using mind control on Luke the way she did with Lucky. Tracy goes to the jail to confront Helena. She tells Helena to undo whatever she has done to Luke. Helena says she will only do it if she gets full immunity.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Neil gets his sight back and sees Devon and Hilary in bed together. He leaves without them seeing him. Jack visits Fairview and finds that Phyllis was released. At the Newman ranch, Phyllis asks Victor if she can stay there for awhile because she cannot go back to Jackís. Nikki comes in and wants to know what is going on. Victor says that Phyllis is staying with them. Neil goes back downstairs and finds Cane and Lily at the bar. He informs them that he got turned around. They discuss how Devon would know where Hilary was. Cane gets a call from Jill and leaves Neil and Lily alone. Lily notices how sad Neil is and wonders what's going on with him. When Lily tells him that she will go look for Hilary, Neil asks her not to. He also wonders if she knows about his eye appointment and being dropped from the program. He thinks he's been foolish but assures Lily that he's fine. In bed together, Devon and Hilary discuss telling Neil about them on Valentine’s Day so he won’t plan a big dinner for them. Hilary warns Devon that everyone will be turning against him. Devon thinks that as long as he has her, it won't matter. Paul and Christine visit Dr. Barrett and find out that Phyllis was released. Christine asks him if Phyllis is competent to stand trial. Jack visits Kelly to see if Phyllis notified her upon her release. Checking her messages, Kelly tells him there's nothing from Phyllis. Jack informs Kelly that he will never give up on Phyllis, so they don't have a future together. He leaves in a hurry asking Kelly to notify him if she hears from Phyllis. Nikki asks to speak to Victor alone. Phyllis goes upstairs. Nikki blasts him for putting everyone else first before their marriage. She thinks he's only doing this so he can stick it to Jack. Cane asks Lily how Neil is doing. Lily says that Neil’s heart is broken, and she asks Cane what is the secret that he's keeping from her and wonders if she's losing him. Cane assures her that she is not losing him. Devon goes downstairs and joins Neil at his table. Neil asks if Hilary confided anything to him about what's troubling her. He recalls that Hilary started to tell him something but became upset and ran out. Dr. Barrett tells Christine that he is examining Phyllis’ case and will let them know something when his report is done.

Nikki accuses Victor of betraying her and accuses him of hating Jack. Phyllis returns downstairs and thanks Nikki for letting her stay there. When Jack arrives, Phyllis agrees to talk to him. Cane lies to Lily and tells her that he stepped away from Chancellor so he could spend more time with his family. He tells her how much he loves her. Neil remarks, “Poor Hilary," then sees her in the foyer and tells Devon that they both have good women in their lives. Christine fears that Phyllis will get off on a "temporary Insanity" charge. Paul tries to get her to take care of herself and the baby. Jack asks if he can speak to Phyllis alone. Nikki is all for leaving them alone, but Victor has his reservations. Jack urges Phyllis to come home with him. Apologizing for not being there for her, Jack promises to make it up to her. Paul and Christine take a walk in the park and drink hot chocolate. He reminds her of all the good things they have to look forward to. Neil sees Nikki in a bar and tells her to have a drink. They discuss Victor and how he betrayed her. After Neil lets her know that he caught Hilary in bed with Devon, Nikki wonders what he will do. Neil decides to make them pay. Cane tells Lily that Jill is moving the Chancellor office to Chicago. She agrees to join him for a short vacation. Phyllis gives Jack his ring back, but he insists that he will win her back.

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